We are all Leaders!

In every aspect of our work and lives we are leading those around us to the Light, and here we acknowledge and embrace that role.
As the Event approaches, daily tasks seems more difficult than ever before. You can’t identify exactly what it is, things seem normal but the feeling that something is about to happen will not go away.

A certain tension tells you of the coming changes, and others have it as well.

Optimism is our best medicine for this, it turns the anxiety into a positive moment filled with promise, and it is only an idea away. Knowing everything you can about the positive changes we are about to embrace gives you the ability to share your positive, optimistic point of view with everyone you know. It is a great gift, perhaps the nicest one you can have.

For us, this is what Leadership is about, realizing we have a positive direction to lead everyone toward. Leadership is within each of us. Optimism, enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious, and those who lead give it to everyone around them.

Leadership is about leading those we love and care about toward the New Society. Positive messages now, no longer are we telling them what is wrong, how bad the Cabal is and what they have done or want to do. The details no longer matter to us because at this stage our most powerful tool to end their rule is being positive and optimistic, so we lead with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

The rising frequencies bring a new state of mind, a transparency of motive, of all our actions and desires. We are here to heal, educate, lead and meditate with our friends, family and communities. Together we are the New Society.

Our Action Plan

The core of our effort is regular Leadership Forums using Zoom and Streaming YouTube. The Forums will be hosted and a guest will present on a topic  with a discussion after the presentation which combined will take two hours. The meeting will be recorded and published on YouTube.  After the presentation everyone who was invited will receive a newsletter  with a copy of the minutes, and links to the slideshow and the video. On the web page created for that presentation we will have a form for feedback on it, plus a comments section, so we can continually improve our efforts.

This information will enable Leaders to share it at meetings of their local groups and assist the growth of their area’s programs.
New Society Programs being supported with Leadership Forums will focus on health, education, leadership and regular meditations. Everything we are doing has a leadership and education components and most will work with technology and media as well, so these will be embedded in the program and those members with specific skill related to these will have separate opportunities to learn and share regarding those skills.

We have an ongoing Meditation Program that is the same as Cobra’s announced on his blog, and others that are integrated with global efforts by many other groups, and our own programs seek to harmonize with them as much as possible. We will announce these meditations in our Newsletter.

The programs being planned at this time include:

• Personal Practices for Health and Life Extension (Healing)
• Technological Resources for Health, Education, Food, Energy and local production of Necessities for Living. (Healing, Leadership)
• Strategies for Social Action to enable the New Society (Leadership, Education)
• Spiritual Action to facilitate Global Peace and Cooperation. (Meditation)
• Local organizing tools and programs (Leadership)
• Internet Technology and Media  to coordinate and support change. (Leadership, Education)

Each of these is an umbrella for related topics addressed by the Leadership Forums.
Some of these programs are about life extension and other healing modalities that are life changing. Education is about to receive a number of advanced technologies as well, for our ability to absorb information will increase greatly after the Event, so learning will be everyones new pastime.

Our local groups will need to organize to receive what they want and need. Each participant will spend time defining their needs and prioritizing them. Technology to heal, provide energy, communicate and even produce food will need to be introduced to all the people on the planet, and this introduction will require Leaders to organize it, and share the benefits of the changes.

So if you would like to gather those around you, in your area to prepare for change, the change that lifts everyones spirits, heals and solves the everyday problems of living, please join us. We are Prepare for Change Leadership, the next phase of preparing for change!

Complete the Volunteer Form

Prepare for Change Leadership has four main programs and you are invited to participate in all of them, but each needs special attention to be as successful, so we would like you to focus on one as primary and the others as secondary.  The form below asks you for a limited amount of information, but has fields to enable you to connect with others who are participating from your area. Each area is a gathering of like minded members, whose intention is to establish a connecting point to serve your area. It is designed to help by creating local groups to organize around connecting with these programs to fully understand them and facilitate adoption if that is your groups choice.

Volunteers are needed at all levels to build the New Society. If you can spare three hours a week to help your community, please complete the form and indicate on it what you can do to help.

Join Us

PFC Leadership Volunteers

PFC Leadership is forming a new organization to meet the needs of the global populations adopting newly released technologies and methods being released after the Event. Our Global HELM Initiatives have numerous new functions and programs that will need an hour a week or more from talented and skilled members to move forward. If you can help, PLEASE VOLUNTEER! The form below explains each field, so choose the ones that reflect your intentions.
  • Please put your name here. We do not sell or share this list so put the name you want us to use when we contact you.
  • Here are 8 choices of a primary role to participate with the HELM Initiative. This choice will be used to connect with others with the same intention, but does not limit your participation with other aspects of the Initiative. The HELM Initiative seeks to connect consumers, producers and funders together so that the New Society can grow quickly to meet the needs of the our planet's people. Participate at the level that suits your interests and will enable you to contribute in a way that is fulfilling.
  • Choose the HELM group that is your primary interest, Healing, Education, Leadership or Meditation. The questions below offer a variety of Volunteer work needed to make a difference in our worldwide effort. It is extensive, because we are seeking to do many Forums and organize thousands of Local HELM Groups worldwide. It is a big job and will need a lot of help.
  • This should be your regular email account that you check everyday and use for normal communications.
  • This email is for use with your volunteer work with PFC Leadership. It can be a new email or your regular email.
  • PFC Leadership is standardized on WhatsApp because it is global and works really well. It has voice and text and you can edit and post photos and videos to send. It is free and can be downloaded at WhatsApp.com.
  • This information is used to help connect you with others who are also volunteering with PFC Leadership.
  • Choose Yes or No that you want to participate in the Discussion Groups regarding proposed technologies and methods for implementation. You will be invited to the main Introduction List, and from there more focused lists will emerge.
  • Choose the type of assistance you can provide to help manage the regular Leadership Forums hosted on Zoom with Youtube live streaming. The choices are divided by preproduction, production and postproduction
  • Local HELM Groups are needed everywhere. Every region, nation, state, city and the neighborhood of those cities will need access and connectivity to the worldwide advance we will experience, The HELM Leadership Volunteer Role is asking you to assist at a level between the Local HELM Groups and the Global Forums. The Forum Level is the primary information distribution source and produces teaching materials to be used by all the levels down to Local HELM Groups. Since the website communicates in English, the Forums and the Regional Presenters will use English and supervise the production of Presentation Materials in local languages and support the Local HELM Groups with their implementation efforts
  • Because of Internet-style communications Local HELM Groups will be able to access the central information resources and be aware of what is available, but will need direct assistance to implement new methods and technologies. This role defaults to the City level, where every one interested can travel to a central point as a day trip. From these meetings Local Groups can learn and help each other with the many issues that will need to resolved. The HELM roles are the primary division of tasks, and guidance will be localized for these tasks. As we move into the higher densities, the role of Meditation will be pivotal since learning to implement conscious control required by some of the newer technologies will require practice and coaching.
  • Use this field to add any details about what you can do to help the HELM Initiative, make suggestions or ask for clarifications regarding the content of this form.