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The Origin of the Malawi Orphan Project

By Angel Eyes

I began with the Malawi orphan project long ago. Even before Prepare for Change voted to take on this project, even before we arrive at The Event and everything will change. Cobra said some time ago that we should begin to take action NOW. That we aren’t meant to be waiting around for changes to happen around us. We are to BE the change! It is with this attitude that I began communicating with the 2 Non-denominational Christian ministers in Malawi, Africa.

This story began long before I even entered the picture. Years back, I had a roommate who was lovingly called “Buzz”. He was an older gentleman who after retiring from his job, became a non-denominational Christian minister. He did several overseas mission duties to The Philippians, India and Africa. Buzz was a friendly and lovable guy. Any new person he met, he seemed to maintain contact with them. Buzz was way ahead of his time! While living with me he would spend much time on his iPhone: reading and corresponding by email, educating himself with news articles of the day and Facebook……much Facebook! He was known as Mr. NESARA. Buzz proudly wore a baseball style hat that had embroidered in bold letters: NESARA. People would approach him daily and ask: What is NESARA? He was more than happy to explain and he knew what he was talking about! I wish he could have lived to see this come about. I know however that he is working now from the other side of life……probably up on a galactic ship perhaps with Ashtar or some other commander of the Light Forces. He was well loved by his PFC family.

With frequent communications from 2 of the young teenage boys from his last trip in 2000, Buzz began telling me about their struggles in Malawi. We began taking up collections of change on Sunday at our local Prepare for Change meetings. The first time I sent money, we sent about $227. This was a lot from our poor community! It was not the amount that was so important but the well wishes of all the people that contributed to help them. It was selfless generosity! This is how it will be in our future…..service to others.

Fast forward to now….

One of these teenagers from the year 2000 is now a grown man with a family of his own. Keyason never forgot what is was like to be an orphan: no mother, no father, no brothers or sisters….no family at all. How alone he was. How homesick for his home village of Chikwawa, Malawi. At the beginning of this year he made a break from the orphanage where he taught school to a new generation of orphans and made the move back to Chikwawa.

This must have been a very hard decision to make as this village had nothing. Not even a water well. The local women would get up very early in the morning to take a very long trip to the nearest well for the day’s supply of water.

There are no nearby schools for the children and the orphans with no means of support, could not go to school as they could not pay tuition. The orphans would beg to be taken in by anyone in the village just so that they could eat. Many times these children are abused and treated as little slaves by others.

Keyason was quickly looked upon as the “one who helps orphans”. He has a big heart and even though he doesn’t have adequate income, he will take in these little, defenseless children. He has found children as young as 2 or 3 wandering around without a place to go. This year I dedicated the funds to go to Keyason only as we are too small yet to be able to support 2 villages.

Keyason has a good relationship with the village “headman”. With the help of a very generous donor, we were able to facilitate the digging of a well in Chikwawa. Do to this huge feat, the village “headman” gave Keyason 4 hectares of land. Prepare for Change has been sending Keyason money every week this year to feed these orphan children. One dorm building has been built which will house 10 children and one caretaker. Keyason is now in the process of building a second dorm building. With over 200 children under his care he is needing much greater funding than just the money sent weekly for food.

Keyason has recently purchased chickens & ducks which will help produce eggs that will provide needed protein for their diet. The vegetable farming continues with the various pest problems to deal with on the side.

There will be periodic updates on the progress of the Chikwawa orphan project. I ask that any and all readers of this section, please use the PayPal button on this page to help support these orphans. When donated here on this page 100% of the donations collected will be sent to help the Chikwawa orphan project.

Letter from Keyason to PFC

Mums first of I want to thank you of the great work that you have done in the this year of 2017. To me you are blessing because without your support I couldn’t have managed to support assists and help the people that I am taking care. All is happening because of your support. Once again thank you so much please continues.

Another thing that I want to share with you. I know that you are very old and retired. What ever support you are supporting is just have the compassion heart ♥. And love ❤. I also know that you are facing problem in getting the support. . Even all this is happening to you. Are not tired ???? but still going ahead with support. To make fundraising it’s not easy. All this I know. Please Mums understand me. What you are doing it is great and good
I would like to thank you. And I don’t know how to say and thank because I am speechless. The situation that I was in before was not thinking that this can happen to me because I was thinking that. This can only happen to people who have parents but not me. Thank you so much for opening my eyes ???? and letting world know that God loves every body. My request to you. I have this

1 Problem of transportation; if you could manage to find me means to be assisted with manpower support of this it would be good
2 Number of people that I am taking care has increased up to 300 orphan this number is only orphan but we have widows street kids old aged people and people living with other diseases. Is not counting but the support is send is only of food for orphan. So I would like to ask if the support would be increased to support all the mentioned above people as well as support of school fees both orphan as well as assistance of clothes
3 Another thing is the work of Churches that I am taking care currently no body is working with me. I would like to ask if you in this year of 2018 would help in search and find me some possible people who may come and cover me with this work in praying supporting and assisting us as well as visiting me. And assistance of visiting churches in Malawi and Mozambique country. This is my request please to you as parents. Mums and Dad I know that this is big problem and work you too. But I am to share with you because my support comes from you only. This is not command please but request plead. Orphan widows street kids old aged people and people living with other diseases need support all are under my care and churches too need support. Please understand me I know that in every country money is problem support is also problem. It’s not all people who can support because people have problem in their family payment for water bills electricity bill and many more. All this I know. Please I appreciated your support and you have enabled me to be in position of supporting many people. Please people in my country see me but I do told them that their are people who are supporting you. With your names. I am just representing them one day God wills you will see them. Because they know me that I am poorly and orphan. My believe this and through the support have made people to believe and trust me. Thank you once again of your continues supporting. May almighty God bless you so much. People are speechless I am speechless. Thank you. God knows this

Son Keyason Manjolo

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Cintamani Gridwork Project

Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from the Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after a long journey through interstellar space.

In the last 25,000 years, the positive Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones. Throughout the history, they have given pieces of Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. King Solomon, Alexander the Great and Akbar were in possession of a piece of Cintamani stone.

One piece of Cintamani, previously in Templar possession, was given to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who revealed the existence of Agartha to humanity in his famous novel The Coming Race.

Cintamani is the sacred stone of the Brotherhood of the Star, the last true remnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors belong to the mandala of 144,000 star beings of Light who came to planet Earth many incarnations ago to assist in the liberation of this planet and the Shift of the Ages.

Since December 2014, Light is flowing from the Galactic Central Sun, steered through the facets of the Moldavite chalice of the Holy Grail which is serving as a lens, directed to the 144,000 to trigger their awakening.

Cintamani stones are the next step in this energetic process. Since the start of the Multidimensional Operations Solar System, we have started to spread pieces of Cintamani stone among the most awakened Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

Selected pieces of Cintamani stone were put into many dozens of most important key grid vortex points of the planetary energy grid to stabilize the transformation process towards the Event.

At the Event, the Galactic pulse will flow through Cintamani stones. Each holder of a Cintamani stone will serve as an energy conduit, transmitting energies of the compression breakthrough into the planetary energy grid.

Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy cannot be misused. They help dissolve implants and they also help strengthen your inner guidance and they connect you with your higher purpose in this lifetime. But be aware that they are strong amplifiers and serve as magnifying lens to show you what is inside of you, in order for you to transform it, and make you more ready for your mission so that you can play your part in the planetary liberation process.

Cobra has said that it is still very important that we keep strengthening the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet with cintamani stones and meditations:

Cobra, September 5, 2017:

Prepare For Change Leadership is working to get cintamani stones into parts of the Earth grids that are not yet fortified with cintamani stones. If you can donate funds to pay for someone to put a stone in one of these areas – or if you are available to help place cintamani stones withinin the Earth grids yourself, please contact:

Tachyon Chamber Project

Piercing the Veil through placing Tachyon Chambers at Key Points on Gaia’s Grids.

What are “Tachyons” and how do they assist in healing, rejuvenation & longevity? According to documentation in the field of quantum physics – tachyons are sub-atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light and beyond time, unlike electrons … neutrons & protons. Because tachyons are the highest frequency particles that can be combined with matter, nothing negative, unhealthy or unnatural can co-exist with them.

As a result, when combined with human tissue & electrical system, any diseased … aged … or damaged cells are entrained with the extreme high frequency of tachyon particles and thus restored to their optimum state of health. It’s documented that not even damaging electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) from things like cell towers & WiFi can even exists with tachyons around.

Why has such a breakthrough not been applied in healing, medicine & wellness before?
Apart from their extreme high frequency vibration, which has prevented scientists from even being able to measure tachyons… tachyons are scattered throughout outer space and very few of them reach the earth’s surface. This explains astronauts’ reports of experiences of ‘euphoria’ once they leave earth’s atmosphere, (citation links are below).

Utilizing a quartz oscillator crystal, located aboard a spacecraft, a hyper-dimensional wormhole is created, which bypasses earth’s magnetic field & funnels tachyons into a healing chamber, thus facilitating their transfer from outer space into the physical & electro-magnetic matter of the clients’ body, while in the Tachyon Chamber.

A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of one’s being. Amazing experiences have been reported, including spontaneous emotional, physical & psychological healing. Furthermore, because tachyons decrease the entropy of physical matter, the aging process is reversed and the immune system strengthened.

Astronauts Describe Encounters with Tachyons

Encounter 1
Encounter 2
Encounter 3

So What Are Tachyons? And Why Are They So Powerful?

This 4 min interview with Dr Joseph McNamara explains:

More in depth explanation (52 mins) provided by Dr Joseph here:

Tachyon Chamber Testimonials

testimonials shortcut

The tachyon chamber affords an opportunity to tap into our potential outside of space and time. Blessings on your exciting journey of rejuvenation.

-Dr. Joseph MacNamara

My sessions in the Tachyon Chamber last May have helped me in a true process of rejuvenation. I do not need a walking stick any more, have much more energy and feel much younger. The pains I had in my legs and injured hip have disappeared. I find life extremely interesting, knowing that we are getting help from higher dimensions. Thank you so very much, Dr. Joe. Your valuable work is greatly appreciated.


Just wanted to say that I feel amazing after doing three sessions. Before I went to the Tachyon Counseling Place, I was told that I need a hip replacement. I was on a cane and the only relief that I could get was to lie in bed. Thankfully, after three sessions, which were over this past weekend, I am no longer in pain and even took my dogs on a 1.5 mile walk today as well as did 9 loads of laundry, made dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and took some things down two flights of stairs to the basement for storage. This Tachyon Chamber was great and I am so, so thrilled to have found it as well as Dr. Joe.

-Dale Marie Walton

Try it! I really urge everyone to try this amazingly intelligent technology. I have had radical healings in body, mind, spirit and deep emotions. During multiple sessions, deep energetic currents brought healing to my joints, brain, eyes, and digestive system. I also had a major heart healing in which I am certain heart disease was prevented. How can words ever express my deepest gratitude. Let’s open our minds to new possibilities not known my medicine, new mysteries not understood by science, and personal miracles never before dreamed. There is a mighty healing power in the universe and the Tachyon Healing Chamber focuses it exactly on you. Thank you!


I and my son experienced the chambers for 5 sessions in October, 2017. My son has a chronic condition related to vaccine injury; he was the motivation for attending the chamber. It is notable that he felt the effects of the chamber’s energies specifically at points on his body related to the immune system: thymus, appendix, thyroid and spleen; this is significant in that immune system compromise is the root of his issues. In addition, he reported that he felt very relaxed, which can be difficult for him to achieve given the nature of the discomforts that he experiences on a regular basis. Is he cured of his imbalances and damage? No. However, I believe the chambers confirmed the source of his issues, and helped kick start a process. I also entered the chamber for 3 sessions, and had what can only be called profound spiritual experiences related to chakra balancing. Also, my ability to enter into a deep relaxation was interesting; it was if the chamber took me into my inner being with little effort. I also noted that my mind was active on a third dimensional level as if I was watching the higher dimensional events from the 3D perspective. The only comparable experience is lucid dreaming in which one seems to step away from the dreaming self and watch events unfold while experiencing the effects of the events simultaneously. I have experienced this in a waking, meditative states; however, it requires intense focus to reach this state – within the chamber it occurred with ease. The experience, overall, was amazing and worth the trip!


I recently completed 5 sessions in the chamber. I have been diagnosed with PTSD (from Iraq) & Fibromyalgia for over a decade. I tried the traditional medical route for quite a few years, only compounding my initial problems. I began as an active man in my early-twenties, regularly running/hiking/weightlifting/etc. Over time, I deteriorated physically, eventually becoming confined to my bedroom for stretches of time. I got to where I needed a cane to stand up and walk about my living space. My energy level was incredibly low, my emotions/moods all over the place.

A few years ago, I hit an even lower rock-bottom (physically & otherwise) than I had ever previously. This caused me to enact a wholesale lifestyle change. I tried various herbs/vitamins/supplements/magnesium/nutrigenomic protocols/dietary changes/etc, as well as a lot of therapy (emotional & physical). I did improve a great deal from all that. I still had to watch myself though, ‘count my spoons’ aka budget my limited energy levels. While less obvious to someone who did not know me, I still had major limitations compared to the average healthy man in their ‘peak years’.

After the chamber: In the morning, following my fourth session, I found myself on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, and 1.5 hrs later, I had hiked up & back down the “strenuous 700+ ft climb” to the top of Humpback Rocks. If possible, the view from the summit is incredible! It was not an easy hike, but it would have been impossible before the chamber! Praise the One from whom all blessings flow!

It’s been a week, and since the 5 sessions, I’ve had much higher energy levels, and my body-wide network of solid muscle knots has been loosening up & healing! I cannot describe in words how grateful I am to have finally made, not only some progress, but such incredible results! Blessings to Dr. Joe for simply being Who he IS, for bringing healing to so many, including myself! Let us never forget to Thank & Praise the Source of all Light!

-Anon Soldier

My partner and I just had 5 treatments over 3 days during spring break. It was our only vacation in 2 years, I was suffering from a sinus infection but we found a house sitter and left. We drove from 2 states away and arrived at 4:30 after an 8 hr drive and had our first session, I used my first session as a meditative time, off I floated into a totally relaxing reverie. I certainly was not expecting after the drive to be so energized afterward and uplifted with total peace of mind and laughing while we left, I suddenly realized an epiphany about myself, I had an ah-ha moment that explained one of my character defects that suddenly no longer haunted me.

Driving back to the hotel I realized I could make a fist in both hands with no pain and I could breathe and Sinus headaches were gone and at the time of writing this 5 days later still no pain. The next 4 sessions were even better. Our visit on Sunday was very special because we all did the World Meditation together.

So in conclusion my treatments made me aware of my triggers, helped me spiritually purge,I can now remember my dreams better and they are more lucid, I feel plugged into the Quantum field nearer to Prime Creator, keep my phone and wifi turned OFF much more (seems short term info does not interest me that much anymore) where as even though I have always been an animal and nature lover, I am more so now.


-Marco from Ohio

If would like to be a part of the global leylines tachyon chamber project, please contact: