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At the HELM of Change

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    Cobra 2014 All Updates and Posts

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    Cobra 2013 Planetary Mass Meditations, Activations – Intros, Updates and Reports

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    Cobra 2020 Interviews

    Cobra: “Coming from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius is a process which takes many centuries. And right now we are at the peak of that transition. This is the purpose of this meditation, to trigger that, I would say, phase transition into the New Age. This Golden Age or the Age of […]
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    Cobra 2020 Updates; Posts

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    Tachyons; Tachyon Chambers

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  • Cobra 2013 All Updates

    Cobra 2013 All Updates

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Our Mission

“The Prepare for Change World-wide Network was created in May of 2013 to support FULL DISCLOSURE and assist the peaceful change during and after the upcoming “Planetary Shift” called ‘The Event’.
We here at, formerly known as started our humble beginnings then when we attended conferences in California held by Cobra (code name).  He inspired us with amazing truths and history of the world and universe and made a call to action:  Resistance Movement needs a ground crew to help organize and prepare for a peaceful transition during this planetary shift called “The Event”.  ( is the official Resistance Movement website.)

The Event is many things, but the first part is awareness that Earth and her inhabitants have been under much negative control (a quarantine) and have not been allowed to progress, especially spiritually.  The Event will be a moment when not only the Earth but the whole Universe is liberated from that control.  Part of it will be a change in dimension, part can be described as:  a big solar wave reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central causing the activation of  “The Compression Breakthrough” (The Event).  This is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle, on the surface of the planet.  This is also known as bringing in The Golden Age or a new ‘time’.  Life will be different, from a new Financial system, new technology, spiritual advancement and blessed PEACE.  The rest of the Plan will be Restructuring (healing, education, and First Contact).  Then the information about Ascension can be taught openly.

One of the first websites started was and over the years dozens of others have been added to this Prepare For Change network i.e: prepareforchange/china, or prepareforchange/france, etc.

This website is supported by donations and staffed with an all volunteer team of web professionals and planetary liberation specialists with a mandate to build a site able to handle the influx of visitors expected at the time of the Event “.  We also provide education about our world and our inner work that we need to be doing along with projects around the world to help in the process.”

The HELM initiative

  • Healing

    Healing in the context of HELM, refers to our ability to keep not only a healthy body but also support a healthy mental attitude, knowing within yourself, that each of us has all the answers inside that we need to move forward in life in a positive manner with the knowledge that we hold the key to our new society. Know also that we have help available to us at a moment’s notice in the spiritual realm. All we need to do is ask. The answers may come in any form available to our senses (and even the senses that we are unaware that we have). This brings us to consciousness. We must stay ever alert to the answers that the universe provides to us.Our Healing initiative is here to support our members in the mind, body spiritual healing that they need to be the whole person they are meant to be by the Creator. We will have webinars to present to you various aspects of healing to support you in your journey.

  • Education

    Education is at the heart of everything.  When we acquire authentic knowledge, reasoning and experiences we make better choices as individuals and as groups collectively.  Within the HELM Initiative we are discovering advanced methods and means to learn faster and support new systems to do so.

  • Leadership

    Leadership is taking the HELM when no one else is ready or knows how. The Prepare for Change Leadership effort is based on the idea that when a job needs to be done, someone will be there to do it. Our job is support those who show up, connect them with others who are similarly motivated, create the infrastucture and maintain the flow that makes working together fulfilling and fun. We choose the right work and make it happen.

  • Meditation

    Meditation, the fourth pillar of the HELM initiative, is not only something we can do by ourselves to improve our daily lives, but as Cobra has explained, when we synchronize our global meditations by visualizing the same things at the same time, this is the fastest way to bring about the New Earth and the New Society. Here at we are experimenting with new techniques taught by the dragons in the East, as well as older techniques taught in the mystery schools to improve the quality and intensity of our global mass meditations to bring about planetary change in the most beautiful and peaceful way possible.

HELM Initiative Explained

We organize presentations to potential HELM Node organizers and invite them to participate by joining us through the completion of a basic Organizer/Member form on the website.

Recognizing that the release of advanced technology to the public needs new channels so as to avoid it becoming ensnared by the existing delivery system, which has been subverted by the “depopulation agenda”, an alternative system will be required. To this end the HELM Initiative is designed to enable self-identifying and self-organizing local groups, termed “nodes” to gather local teams with sufficient qualifications and skills to handle the release of the advanced technologies and systems meant to support the New Society.

The website will need to support numerous functions related to the Initiative, such as:
– Enabling those people forming local nodes to find others who want to be involved,
– Learn about current and future systems available to be included in their service organization,
– Participate in regular online conferences with presentations by service and technology providers
– Volunteer to be involved with.managing and administering the activities related to the Foundations goals
– Raising and managing funds for administration, grant making, and providing them to those in great need of assistance
– The Node terminology is modeled on the Internet to convey the idea that we are all connected and that each center shares knowledge and insight throughout the Node Network.

Organizationally, the four focus areas, healing, education, leadership and meditation are each treated as global specialties that each member can resource as needed. Local groups or Nodes will have teams that focus on connecting to each global area of activity and bring that awareness to the local group. With only four areas of specialty they are necessarily broad in their ability to integrate the many aspects needed for us to build a New Society.

Although we know that our greatest obligation is to heal ourselves, our society and our surrounding environment, for this is the foundation of who we will become as a new society. The ways and means to accomplish this will be gathered by us all regardless of our personal skills or preferences. So as a member of a node, you are connected to all aspects, locally and globally.

We will hold regular online conferences featuring presentations by leaders in the four focus areas of HELM and we will send newsletters invitations for each meeting to all who join the Initiative effort