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Where Do Your Donations Go?

The team at, began working with Cobra in late 2012 and spring of 2013 when we attended conferences he held in California. He inspired us with amazing truths and history of the world and universe and made a call to action: The Resistance Movement needs a ground crew to help organize and prepare for a peaceful transition during this planetary shift called “The Event”.

One of the first websites started was and over the years dozens of others have been added to this Prepare For Change network i.e: prepareforchange/china, or prepareforchange/france, etc.

Through steady donations over the years the original website grew and added many features and articles and information all the while being run by volunteers.

At the end of 2017 it became necessary to expand the platform from primarily intel/education/future to more active action through leadership programs and inwardly through your own personal inner work how to’s. We still hold all the intel by Cobra and other necessary Resistance Movement information that was found at but we needed a slightly different format and behind the scenes functions.

We still maintain a volunteer group of people who are committed to organizing and informing the population about the upcoming peaceful transition called The Event. We have I.T. volunteers making a website work and keeping it running. We have special meditations that are produced and translated into 20+ different languages. We have training calls for community leaders that will connect to other leaders around the world. We are making more of our information printable so you can take it to city council meetings or share with friends in your area. The cost of a working web-site is about $1,000 per month.

We support grid-work around the world, burying hundreds of cintimani stones around the planet and in the oceans to help anchor the light. There are also light workers that help clear negative energies from certain locations. This is an easy $200.00 – $500.00 per month see: grid-work link

We also love our Malawi orphanage and support this orphanage with your wonderful donations. We have committed to $500.00 per week to help feed between 200-300 orphans (& old people too) and that barely covers some basic food for them. We have had donators pay for a much-needed well to be dug for the community, send garden seeds/tools, pay for school fees, housing etc, yet the need is growing each day. We would like to increase that weekly amount with your help. See Malawi link

Please donate regularly to by using the PayPal button on our home page, or by mailing a check to: ____
Your donations are tax deductible through our PrepareForChange Leadership Foundation.

Your volunteers
Dane, Ada, Lynn and DaNell – PFC Council


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Why Your Donation Matters

The Origin of the Malawi Orphan Project

By Angel Eyes

I began with the Malawi orphan project long ago. Even before Prepare for Change voted to take on this project, even before we arrive at The Event and everything will change. Cobra said some time ago that we should begin to take action NOW. That we aren’t meant to be waiting around for changes to happen around us. We are to BE the change! It is with this attitude that I began communicating with the 2 Non-denominational Christian ministers in Malawi, Africa.

This story began long before I even entered the picture. Years back, I had a roommate who was lovingly called “Buzz”. He was an older gentleman who after retiring from his job, became a non-denominational Christian minister. He did several overseas mission duties to The Philippians, India and Africa. Buzz was a friendly and lovable guy. Any new person he met, he seemed to maintain contact with them. Buzz was way ahead of his time! While living with me he would spend much time on his iPhone: reading and corresponding by email, educating himself with news articles of the day and Facebook……much Facebook! He was known as Mr. NESARA. Buzz proudly wore a baseball style hat that had embroidered in bold letters: NESARA. People would approach him daily and ask: What is NESARA? He was more than happy to explain and he knew what he was talking about! I wish he could have lived to see this come about. I know however that he is working now from the other side of life……probably up on a galactic ship perhaps with Ashtar or some other commander of the Light Forces. He was well loved by his PFC family.

With frequent communications from 2 of the young teenage boys from his last trip in 2000, Buzz began telling me about their struggles in Malawi. We began taking up collections of change on Sunday at our local Prepare for Change meetings. The first time I sent money, we sent about $227. This was a lot from our poor community! It was not the amount that was so important but the well wishes of all the people that contributed to help them. It was selfless generosity! This is how it will be in our future…..service to others.


Fast forward to now….

One of these teenagers from the year 2000 is now a grown man with a family of his own. Keyason never forgot what is was like to be an orphan: no mother, no father, no brothers or sisters….no family at all. How alone he was. How homesick for his home village of Chikwawa, Malawi. At the beginning of this year he made a break from the orphanage where he taught school to a new generation of orphans and made the move back to Chikwawa.

This must have been a very hard decision to make as this village had nothing. Not even a water well. The local women would get up very early in the morning to take a very long trip to the nearest well for the day’s supply of water.

There are no nearby schools for the children and the orphans with no means of support, could not go to school as they could not pay tuition. The orphans would beg to be taken in by anyone in the village just so that they could eat. Many times these children are abused and treated as little slaves by others.

Keyason was quickly looked upon as the “one who helps orphans”. He has a big heart and even though he doesn’t have adequate income, he will take in these little, defenseless children. He has found children as young as 2 or 3 wandering around without a place to go. This year I dedicated the funds to go to Keyason only as we are too small yet to be able to support 2 villages.

Keyason has a good relationship with the village “headman”. With the help of a very generous donor, we were able to facilitate the digging of a well in Chikwawa. Do to this huge feat, the village “headman” gave Keyason 4 hectares of land. Prepare for Change has been sending Keyason money every week this year to feed these orphan children. One dorm building has been built which will house 10 children and one caretaker. Keyason is now in the process of building a second dorm building. With over 200 children under his care he is needing much greater funding than just the money sent weekly for food.

Keyason has recently purchased chickens & ducks which will help produce eggs that will provide needed protein for their diet. The vegetable farming continues with the various pest problems to deal with on the side.

There will be periodic updates on the progress of the Chikwawa orphan project. I ask that any and all readers of this section, please use the PayPal button on this page to help support these orphans. When donated here on this page 100% of the donations collected will be sent to help the Chikwawa orphan project.