HCQ -Important for all Lightworkers – please share widely!

If you’re really pressed for time, you’ll get the point in the first 6-10 minutes of this video, but please watch it….

America’s Frontline Doctors went to the Supreme Court to testify about a drug that they are successfully using to treat the virus which is being used to terrorize the world’s population.
It’s amazing to hear these doctors talk about the “SPIDERWEB OF FEAR” that is terrorizing their patients, and all of humanity.
It’s equally fascinating to hear one of them announce “We need to bring LIGHT into this situation.”
This video had 14 million views in 24 hours and then it was pulled off of YouTube/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram …
…and the America’s Frontline Doctors website was also pulled off of Squarespace on the same day.
The first amendment to the US Constitution guarantees free speech, which is why it is shocking that this video was censored. It is simply board certified doctors talking about successful treatment of the virus in their clinics.
.Here’s an additional clip where the doctors went back to the steps of the US Supreme Court to testify for a second day.

The Covid Test image below, explains what some people are experiencing with the deep swab tests, which is why we are asking all lightworkers to avoid the vaccine (and the swab test). There are alternate tests available.
Hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug which is allowed in 3rd world countries. The picture attached below shows that those countries are handling the virus much better than 1st world countries which have banned its use.