Critical Intel from FM144: Starseed Support for Terra Ground Crew



Major operations of the Light Forces are underway. For safety reasons, not much information can be given in detail, although some of the effects may be visible on latest news reports.

However, what can be said is that the Chimera had prepared a last timeline to keep humanity captive.

If one imagines timelines as a path leading through an empty space, then the Chimera has the technology to encase such paths with their artificial constructions.

On the non-physical plains, such a construction would look like a gigantic railway bridge, on whose girders and cables countless energetic spider entities are romping about, constantly monitoring and eagerly readjusting. Within these Chimera “Guide Rails”, humanity should be kept in slavery for further millennia.

The emphasis is on the word “should” as this timeline has recently been cut by the Light Forces.

Of course, the Chimera is anything but enthusiastic about this action, and the stronger the Light becomes on the planet, the more panicky and aggressive the plasma spiders inside the Grid become.

This is currently leading to these non-physical spider/tentacle beings trying to cling unnoticed to Key Lightworkers or their homes in order to suppress them. Once hooked up, these entities release negative energies into the person or premises, which looks like an octopus secreting ink (on non-physical level).

These energies cause affected Starseeds to become either extremely aggressive, depressed (with suicidal thoughts), passive, exhausted/tired, or to have massive anxiety attacks (sometimes all at once). Additionally, it can cause sleeplessness  or extremely bad sleep with disturbing nightmares.

So, these attacks are intended to eliminate or at least immobilize important Lightworkers so that they are no longer able to participate in the Ascension Process.

Because the vast majority of the people on this planet has lost the ability of clairvoyance, most humans are not aware of these processes, attacks and manipulations, which are happening on the non-physical realms (another reason why the Grid was able to last such a long time):

Thankfully most of the time, physical signs are appearing which indicate something’s wrong:

For example, if you have an increasing number of physical spiders nesting in your home or you feel that you are walking through spider threads several times a day, then this is a sign that there are energetic spiders in your environment or even attached to you, because such things manifest themselves in the physical realms as well.

The good thing is that because of these signs one can react right away, both physically and non-physically.

As soon as you spot physical spiders in your home, you should remove them immediately. You don’t have to kill them, it’s enough to catch them and carry them out.
Then you should encase yourself as well as your entire home in a White Pillar of Light and clean everything with the White Fire of AN, room by room, until you feel that all possible ethereal spiders or tentacle entities as well as poisonous energies have been sucked off and neutralized (these can be tentacle entities that cling to the aura or large plasma spiders that sit on the entire house – just suck everything off, even if it should be tough at first and could take a while, at some point the entities will let go).

Maybe you can smoke with incense or sage for a short time too, if there are still vermin hiding somewhere in your home – they can’t stand it.

After cleaning, let yourself and the premises be energetically protected. 

Maybe you should also check (for example, inside the Temple of the Maries) whether energetic implants were installed unnoticed. It often happens during such attacks, that, for example, energetic electrodes are placed near the heart chakra in order to introduce a kind of energetic electric shock into it. A method the Dark Ones like to use on (but not only on) women, in order to attack the Goddess.

Speaking of Goddess, the Golden Goddess of Abundance, Abundantia, has been in the spheres around the Earth for some time now and all Starseeds are invited to connect with her in order to be healed, nourished and recharged:

You can call her or travel to her during meditation any time (but be sure to protect yourself energetically beforehand, also in general, because Full Moon is coming, so this means increased attacks from the Dark Ones).

A worldwide meditation takes place too during the Lunar Eclipse, which occurs this special Full Moon again: 

As always, all Starseeds, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are welcome to participate:


You are invited join a very powerful mass meditation at the Lunar Eclipse, tomorrow July 16th, either by joining the longer 144k mass meditation or – if you are working or don’t have much time – just by joining us right at the eclipse maximum for the guided meditation version:



SSP Dark Fleet Operative META Joins GROUND CREW COMMAND RADIO & More on the ‘The Autumn Offensive’


This week, we’ll kick-back & enjoy some phenomenology again … partly as a break from what was probably the most important 3 part series of episodes on Ground Crew Command that focused on the most crucial … most critical … and undoubtedly ‘do or die’ aspect to planetary liberation, which is;


… your internal state

… the game of your inner world, that must be won … because Gaia NEEDS your True Identity to ‘come back’ and RISE to the surface of your current false incarnational perona/personality.

You are NOT your face …

Your NOT your body …

You are NOT your incarnational(s) history & story …

The sooner you accept that, and get over the incarnational’s false-self ‘fear of death’ … the more your higher self get come more into you. To truly accelerate your return to freedom … abundance & power.

So if you missed last week’s show … centered around growing back to your power, finding peace & being happy BEFPORE The Event … and liberating yourself from the highly DIS-empowering ‘waiting game’ …  you definitely want to listen/download it right here.

Survivor of SSP Dark Fleet Faction & SSP Alliance Contactee META, Joins Us

There have been several SSP members that have come out of hiding in recent years. From Randy Kramer, Tony Rodrigues & Elena Kapulnik to Penny Bradley … Lindsey Hooper … and James Rink.

The interesting thing about Meta … is that he was in the Dark Fleet faction. And managed to get out – and he survived getting out.

We’ll be getting into:

  • his ‘almost’ twenty years in the Dark Fleet faction

  • what he knows about The Event … Antarctica … positive and negative ETs

  • mind-blowing “special abilities” (something I’ve been more than hinting at on Ground Crew Command, in terms of what we’re capable of.

  • the effect of meditation on the Compression Breakthrough…and META’s own special meditation technique.

  • what time travelers can and can’t do to change timelines…and how dimensions and timelines relate to each other.

  • and thanks to his ability to astral project, we’ll talk about his visit to Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. Specifically how the situation before the fall Atlantis is almost identical to the situation here & now, and the best way for us to handle it … to insure things don’t repeat themselves.

  • … and yes, I’ll ask him how he got his memories back.

It’s going to be quite a talk … so don’t miss out.


What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week

In the news analysis segment:

  • Pentagon confirms enough US Officials have been removed to where the ‘next phase of the revolution’ can begin.

  • Insider sources also say a Cabal underwater base off the island of Lombok (near Bali, Indonesia) & in Northern Alaska has been taken out.

  • 10 F-15s (US Air Force) destroyed the Cabal’s submarine that tried to take out Air Force 1 – as Trump was flying to Singapore in June for the North Korean peace summit.

  • Arrest of thousands of pedophiles continue unabated … with the US Justice Dept announcing this too, publicly … and all these lower level arrests have exposed or lead to some big names such as Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Les Moonves (CBS Chief) and Oprah.

  • Senator McCain’s death was an execution by the White Hats, and part of the ‘wrapping up’ process of removing the US based Cabal completely, and liberating the US.

  • How the Lightworker world must prepare & respond to the looming Autumn Offensive of the Earth Alliance against the remaining Eurasian Cabal factions … after the US is cleared/liberated.

  • How the up-coming mid-term elections in the US are the Cabal’s last hope for recovering their power in the US … and how they hope to remove the White Hats (Trump) from power.

  • … plus the necessary response from Lightworkers (and the 144K) to make sure they fail.

  • Pentagon sources insist that there is an esoteric & extraterrestrial dimension of the battle to free the planet, and as part of this … the last of the underwater & underground bases are being destroyed.

… all this and much more, on:


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