Solstice-Eclipse Meditation Tonight! Why it matters (Hint: Luciferian marches on June 21st)

Summer Solstice & Anular Eclipse !

There’s a profound reason why Magenta Pixie … Sandra Walter … and others in-the-know are all-but-screaming  about the importance of showing up for the Eclipse/Solstice Mass Meditation this Sat night (US) – Sunday (rest of the world).

And it also explains why the Luciferians are taking the unprecedented setup of going public, in large numbers … demanding [invoking] a One World Gov’t.

It’s because anything you focus on this Solstice-Eclipse … will be intensified in terms of manifestation!

The dark ones will pass themselves off as ‘misunderstood’ when they get interviewed by the Cabal media, during their highly public & promoted marches in a dozen US cities.

And they will say the OWG will help save lives & prevent wars.

So I don’t know about you … but a can’t say I have much appetite for this !

The Cabal media feigning benevolence every day is bad & stomach churning enough.

And to top-it-all-off … how well we do 11 hrs from now will influence whether Starseeds around the planet can reach critical-mass on the June 30 Meditation Cobra has called for.

So … your mission … should you chose to accept it, is:

Show up in the field with me … and stand in solidarity…  

… for Truth … Freedom … Justice …  


Times & Links for the  

June 21st144K “SOLSTICE-ECLIPSE” Mass Meditation

Join Time: 1am EDT (US) June 21st – (Sat night MDT, CDT, PDT)  

Start Time: 1:10am EDT  

Eclipse Maximum: 2:40am EDT  

Your Time Zone:  

Live Guided Broadcast on Ground Crew Command Radio:  

Or if you prefer, dial in # is: 1-310-807-5232

See you there!  

Yours in Service …  

The Unknown Lightwarrior


Tectonic Shifts Occurred The Last Time We Saw The Same Planetary Conjunction That’s Coming in January…

With the multitude of:

  • profound revelations
  • secrets
  • ‘ah-ha’ moments
  • and  – not yet fully understood – opportunities that lie ahead of us

… that are all listed below.

Firstly – the 144k Solstice Mass Meditation on 21st Dec is ON!   … And so very needed…. to set-up the eclipse Meditations of Christmas day & Jan 11th/12th on the ‘highest optimum timelines’ for even further IMPACT.

That’s the way the 144k rolls!

Join time: 10pm EST this coming Saturday – Start time: 10:10pm

Links & times for your timezone & to join the live broadcast will be sent to you this Friday. So watch your inbox. It’ll soon be time to swing into action.

So … There’s been a further unearthing of wider & deeper nuanced ‘holy-crap’ realizations …

… just uncovered by my discussion with researcher, writer & speaker Justin Deschamps of

So you’ll certainly NOT want to miss out on the deeper understanding of what’s coming, by tuning in to this investigative & partially intuitive talk with Justin … to get real & deeper clarity on:

  • what the dark ones plan to achieve through their rituals & possible false flags, with the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction … with Saturn being all about universal law … structure & karma … and Pluto being the ‘gate-keeper & reformer’ of consciousness – And what the combination of these two planets mean, let alone their coming impact on us & planetary liberation
  • why it’s beyond crucial for you to now invoke … harness … & combine … the archetypal hero energy of Sagittarius WITH the profound astrological events coming – including HOW to do it – to accelerate or actualize transformation within yourself … your life … and WHY this will transform the planet
  • how humanity could easily end up creating just another ‘slightly better looking’ slavery system – if the above isn’t honored & applied. Hint: this is what the cabal “controllers” are aiming for!
  • get final clarity on the cabal’s precise plan & structure of “it’s idea” of the upcoming new financial system. What it would look like … how it would work … and how it would be worse than the current Babylonian debt-slavery system … and how we can stop it
  • the precise reasons why we have the best opportunities ever … at an unprecedented level … to transform the most RIGID and ALL ENCOMPASSING structures – that organize & control our social reality – to finally complete this decades long process
  • why it’s TWO nights … of January 10th & 11th … (which the dark ones know all about – and thus they plan to ritualize ‘the living daylights’ out of these configurations) that hold the key to the final watershed moment of actualized Victory of the Light.
  • the precise methods physical & non-physical darkness uses to secretly manipulate humanities’ free will (hint: it must LOOK benevolent) – and why it needs to do this to achieve its goals
  • why the general belief in the ‘spiritual community’ of “… but if it’s written in the stars, it will all happen anyway” … is deadly!
  • with Sagittarius being the Spiritual Warrior – discover & understand (& take full advantage of)
  • the profound ramifications of several key planets moving into Sagittarius
  • and how to use all the above, to strengthen and honor The Goddess … and thus LIBERATE this planet
  • how to transcend tragedy & trauma, to ‘upgrade’ the way you deal with any challenge, to put this planet on the highest optimal timelines
  • how personal transformation is key to planetary liberation – how to more easily do this – and then lead the rest of humanity to the same liberating transformation – as a 144k Member & sovereign Being

… and folks, all that is still only the half-way point of this breakthrough discussion with Justin!

We still have:

  • why mass meditations on Jan 10 at the Lunar Eclipse … Jan 11 at 12:11am CST … Jan 12 at 10am CST… are needed – and how these three moments are impacted by Uranus going direct, thus ‘releasing suppressed planetary kundalini energy’  
  • why the ‘bad moods, pessimism & polarized thinking’ triggered by the cancer full moon/Lunar Eclipse of Jan 10 needs clearing, and how it will influence the Jan 11 & 12 Energetic/Astrological Events
  • … and as Cobra said – we’re facing a Mass-Grand-Conjunction that can ‘crack the financial system wide open’. Find out precisely how – and why ‘finances & money’ has everything to do with spirituality!
  • learn about the ‘Papal Bull’ the Cabal simply made up … to justify their claim of ownership over our souls, minds & bodies … and ability to ascend   
  • and discover the shocking … little-known … history altering … planet-changing financial events, the last time these major planetary/astrological conjunctions occurred. Except we weren’t in charge of the energies back then …

… BUT NOW WE ARE – IF WE SHOW UP for these Mass Meditations!

… and we’re still only at the 46min mark of a 1hr & 20min talk with Justin.

So hold-on-tight to your sacred stones & pendants, and click the 144k Member’s link below to listen in or download the recording. HUGE stuff coming your way, and this is crucial preparation for the upcoming 144k Mass Meditations & Astrological Events.

So listening in is a must & obligation for total alignment with soul path! (link below)

… and as if all that wasn’t enough, we still have:


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

Tune in to this week’s show to also learn about:

  • the one thing about the US President Fulford still isn’t able to distinguish
  • the fundamental misunderstanding & resulting anger Lucifer had with Source (‘God’), and why Lucifer crossed over to the Light in 2014 – something that Prince Harry & man Luciferians need to wake up to
  • control over the disclosure narrative war intensifies, as both positive & negative factions release more UFO & Secret Space program footage … files … & announcements. Will the 144k alter the timelines & energies enough to end the partial disclosure narrative by the Cabal, in time?
  • earthquake under the Philippines confirmed to be another ‘hostile military underground base’, likely Chimera controlled, as another sign they are being removed
  • did positive Chinese factions/Dragon families have anything to do with bringing more harmony between China & the US with the recent trade war breakthrough?
  • tune in to also discover the very nasty lower octave equivalent of a trade war with China, which we have stopped
  • learn about the latest developments in the UK, that go beyond just the huge victory of the positive faction there, that are behind anti-cabal PM Boris Johnson’s election victory
  • and what the above tells us about the City State of London Corporation’s degree of control over the United States
  • discover the single biggest influencing factor of the huge summit meeting likely to occur in mid January … between the biggest power groups, both positive, neutral & negative … to discuss the biggest topics, like debt jubilee, disclosure of the secret space program, financial reset, free energy release, etc.  

… so brace yourself, for another blockbuster episode of Ground Crew Command Radio (click link below to listen or download)

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The Portal to 5D. But we must raise her TO IT

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The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: and/or and/or de-hypnosis audio and/or

plasma wave

Today is the BIG MEDITATION – Happy Solstice!


Can you feel the LOVE streaming in from the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN today?
In just a few short hours….
2:23 PM (California)
5:23 PM (New York)
10:23 PM (London)
11:23 PM (Paris, Berlin)
…we will experience the exact moment of the December Solstice…..
It has been said that a huge plasma wave is expected to come through our SUN streaming from the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN at the exact moment of the SOLSTICE…..

WHAT will YOU be doing at the EXACT MOMENT  of the SOLSTICE?


Set your intentions…..and lets anchor MAXIMUM LIGHT onto the planet during this beautiful window of opportunity!!!


If you’re considering joining the MASS MEDITATION with the 144K Army of Light, here’s how you can participate:


Time to log on to the live broadcast: 4pm EST (New York time zone)

Solstice peak: 5:23pm EST (New York time zone)

Click HERE to Join the Meditation

Victory of the Light!


More Ways to Celebrate this Solstice:


ONLY 3 Days Left Until the SOLSTICE!

snow queen

Today is the SOLSTICE…maximum connection with the Galactic Central Sun!

We are in the middle of a Powerful Portal  between 12/12 and the Solstice on 12/21 in which we have an incredible opportunity….


….to shift to much more positive timelines for our beloved Planet Earth ….

……through our collective MEDITATIONS on the WINTER SOLSTICE!


The Sun and Moon are both at a zero degree null point….

… OPPOSITION to each other….

…which means they are open to…

OUR influence


…..on deciding which course and direction to take during the most powerful Solstice Alignment in Recent History……




Let’s MEDITATE to Trigger the Event !



Make sure to take time out to mark this  SOLSTICE 


Take Advantage of our alignment with the Galactic Central Sun

To send out Your Intentions to the Cosmos!



Even if you are at work….don’t miss this pivotal moment!!!



Ways you can Celebrate the Solstice



1) Light a WHITE CANDLE at your desk at the moment of the Solstice and visualize the Return of the Light to PLANET EARTH.


2) Listen to your favorite winter (or summer) solstice music….and take a moment to write out your intentions for:













3) Join the 144K Army of Light for a Planetary Clearing to Set the stage for The Event to finally take place….




The 144K Mass Meditation starts a little earlier to give us enough time to clear the energetics BEFORE the moment of the Solstice:





You will receive further information about start times and how to join in via email.



4) Do this 15 minute Guided Meditation:









144K Solstice Meditation: The Countdown Begins + Learn The Kind of Soul Fragment Retrieval – that’s CENTRAL To Internal Healing + Planetary Liberation News Analysis

Ground Crew Command was definitely the place to be last week. Wow … what a blockbuster interview we had last episode with

Randy Cramer USMCss!

From hostile forces on Mars actually fighting in ‘phalanx’ formation like the Ancient Greeks … to the ‘FIY’ of the SSP Alliance (that’s US … the modern Terran, in space) winning the war in space & in control of the solar system, with the Galactic Confederation & Sphere Beings playing a more supporting role through a loose alliance.

So despite 26,000 years of slavery (give or take), the modern human has risen from the ashes of the catastrophe & genetic & implant manipulation & planetary occupation in Atlantis … to take the fight to the hostile forces with some help from our genetic cousins, to bring us all to the verge of victory!

… and now they need us to do something.

For those of you who follow 144k HQ closely, you know that Cobra explicitly confirmed what I’ve been saying & advocating for over a year now, almost on every show. It is WE, who literally have beyond Superman type powers when we project our consciousness FROM the physical … to any non-physical realm.

All thanks to the uniquely set-up mechanics of energy fundamentals, which not only created physicality itself (which is unique to this Universe btw) … but also created physicality for the purpose of finally figuring out how to transmute and/or corral darkness back into the Light …

… which when combined with the energetic effects of being born on the physical, and therefore calibrated in certain ways to the physical … enables consciousness when projected to the non-physical, to ‘clean house’ in a perfectly divinely intended way.

In case you’re missing the biggest point ever made since physicality was even conceived …

It’s WE, here in the physical, who are doing the transmuting. NOT the “beautiful Light Beings” in the heavenly realms. They only support, mentor & transmute – through us –  … when needed…and asked.

It’s Us …

It’s all about Us …  

… using the privileged position of being in the physical to project our consciousness from the physical … and be the mass-transmutation stations as Cobra once put it … to transmute the darkness that has been drawn to the one planet that the Light Forces knew darkness would most love to hold on to & occupy.

Yes … the physical & non-physical off-world ETs/EDs (Extra Dimensionals) can use technology for reducing the primary anomaly … engage in combat with darkness … and take negative entities to the central sun … But they can’t transmute an entity on the spot, like we can.

When it comes to transmutation EN-MASS:

we’re it!

Yeah … not kidding.

They’re ALL looking at us.

Hoping & praying & cheering us on to band together a lot more, to fulfill the whole & original point of creating physicality in the first place.

And on this week’s episode, I’m going to get into the short yet fascinating story behind why the group of beings who created this Universe, did so in the first place.


So start preparing for the Solstice Mass Meditation, where many groups from all sides will be doing their thing.


It’s going to be massive.

And to make it all that much more intense….


You can learn the most central aspect to internal healing & liberation.

Soul fragment retrieval!

Knowing soul fragment retrieval, is every bit as critical as knowing how to transmute!

Without knowing this, you’re condemning yourself to face the same situation in different guises over and over again…

Time to take charge of your own energy system, and therefore your life! Learn how to free yourself from these karmic loops.

Join me on this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command … to easily learn this simple yet crucial & CENTRAL technique to healing, so that past negative events from this & previous life-times don’t keep on happening!

I’ll explain what soul fragment retrieval is … and why it’s a central aspect to the liberation of both yourself … and this planet.

This crucial training will only take about 20mins, and it’s prefect for the ‘manifesting magic’ period between 12-12 to 12-21 of this highly spiritually charged month of Dec, when the “Sun travels through Sagittarius & will contact the Galactic Center – emphasizing the transpersonal spiritual realm” … and Gaia aligns with zero point energy in the Galactic Center”…. According to Meg Benedicte at

Meg will be doing a global energy event (mass Meditation) broadcast at 12pm PST on 12/12

(USA time), to activate the sacred geometry of Metatron. Join if you can:


What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week

In the midst of the build-up to the 144k Solstice Mass Meditation, let’s get a much higher perspective on:

  • Why the Earth Alliance/White Hats need our backing … as the final battle between them & the highest echelons of the Cabal (13 Bloodlines) moves into full swing.

  • why it’s no surprise that the military tribunals won’t start till early January, and how this ‘seeming delay’  implicates us.

  • what it is exactly that the central sun alignment between 12/12 and 12/21 holds the most ideal opportunity for, (hint, it involves DNA).  

  • why it’s best to only ‘glance at the headlines’ during the central-sun-charged period of 12/12 – 12/21

BIG stuff going on, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t have a higher perspective & thus the ability to bring clarity to the table … all of that is right here waiting for you on Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) … YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –

Click here for the reminder & to listen in-

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Call in #: (310) 807-5232. Or connect from your browser with the link above.

p.s. If you haven’t joined the 144,000 Army of Light that’s being built … and you feel the calling or desire, watch the short video at this link & click to join! Let’s take charge & Liberate This Planet!

See you there!

   –     The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: … hit the Share button below first. This must go viral..