jain ling



6 weeks is all that is needed for someone to become totally programmed.  Have you been?  Without your knowledge?

You need to be forewarned about some of this raw exposure of the MK-ULTRA programs and of the torture and abuse and and how they work.  This will tie together the financial industry – Secret Space programs – Satanists – Military abductions, medical industry, medical testing, FBI, law enforcement, etc etc.  It’s a very sobering traumatic story that needs to be told.  We have heard similar stories, but not stories that link this dark web so succinctly as Jian does.

“Through my never-ending efforts to seek freedom, I have tried many methods to free myself from targeting and mind slavery. The most important is to pray. During my three years of struggling with all kinds of failures, I found that sincere prayers do work wonders.”

by Jian Liang in her book

Absolute Mind and Soul Control
In Government, Wall Street,
And The Secret Space Program