Humanity at Crossroads

These last couple of days especially and over the weeks, alternative papers and news sources, tweets, the gab, instagram, and blogs are flooded with many pieces of the big puzzle to be absorbed by us and our common sense. This is extraordinary happening works, allowing us to get a grip on what is going on and, ideally, sharing that knowledge with our less awakened family and friends that need more convincing evidence before accepting our shouts.

For Faith and Courage

One such a fine piece with great insight is well researched and described in the link below. Make sure to read it through to the bottom, some excellent pointers to pick up.

Humanity a Crossroads: Connecting the dots to our Brave New World

Truth Honor and Integrity Show with Thomas Williams

Think Different is dedicated to the gathering and sharing of knowledge on a variety of subjects related to topics on manifesting actual freedom for Humanity in connection with the Truth, Honor & Integrity social media group. Special update: American freedom has been returned as declared Sovereign on January 27th 2018. lists their main shows – the important ones – the ones you need to spend some time listening to. Yes, there are quite a few and they are long, but you need this education.
The following two are on that list, but you can also access all the radio and interviews on youtube. Besides going over some of the “lost” history of this world, humans and the different factions that have been controlling humans, News, Current events, etc. Thomas Williams talks about solutions, common sense and truth. You can also access Thomas William’s Truth Honor and Integrity show by doing a google search or youtube search. ie: embedit v=-fkdye2ups8 /embedyt

Also at is an extensive library of articles and books for you to educate yourself. Lots of books, free book – just add your time and an open mind.