30 Day Meditation Challenge at the New Moon !

Things are going to change over the coming few months and many of the changes will be rooted in the decisions that we make now during this New Moon.

The New Moon is at 2 degrees Gemini at 1:38 PM EDT on May 22, 2020.

This event will set the month’s intention for us all, for with the unification of the Sun and Moon’s energies, we connect with our innermost power to one another, society and the Earth.

We are entering a series of eclipses as the Moon’s orbit settles into the path of the Earth around the Sun.

These are some of the most powerful times to meditate as these are the particular moments that allow us to infuse our own intention into the cycle that affects all life on Earth.

Venus is retrograde – it’s a time for collectively going back over and re-evaluating our values and what we want for our world. Venus is square to Neptune. This aspect is in the charts of spiritual seekers.

The Pisces-Gemini aspects highlight the Divine Communication of Unconditional Love of Source..

The Nodal Axis in Gemini/Saggitarius  + the Mercury Neptune aspects highlight the urge to gather clear information and get the facts – Neptune makes people less certain about what they believe – causing them to dive deeper into the layers of truth.

This is a perfect time to use our meditations to encourage the human collective to challenge the old paradigms and beliefs.

Jupiter causes a crisis in belief – people are forced to radically change their beliefs – causing seismic shifts in the collective consciousness.

This new moon is a glimpse of what we’ll see in Sept and the next 6 months – as far as the search to determine what is true and what is not.

This is a perfect time where we can CHOOSE to ENERGIZE…

…the organization of Mass Meditations

The Gemini Sun and Moon encourage ONLINE ACTIVITY.

The Sun and Moon are trine to Saturn in Aquarius – emphasizing building a sense of COMMUNITY for the LONG TERM.

Gemini is FAST – which makes it possible to quickly setup Mass Meditations…

The energy is shifting the timelines of what we were expecting to see on  Earth – and then ALL OF A SUDDEN – we see a shift – and suddenly we’re on a COMPLETELY different trajectory. 

This is our opportunity to create a better world – when everything is in flux. We’re between paradigms. We’re creating a new paradigm from which we can birth something new.

PFC Leadership is inviting YOU to participate in our 30 Day Meditation Challenge

What’s involved?

Pick a time each day to do this 20 minute exercise. (Guided Meditation to follow).

Some people will be doing this at 11:11 their local time but it really doesn’t matter WHEN you do it. Just do this 30 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE at a time of day when you can get half an hour to yourself.

The goal is to enhance your meditation skills… to become a much more powerful meditator during the coming Global Mass Meditation Events!

Here’s what to do:

Take 5-10 minutes (or more) each day to be outside in nature.

Hold the frequencies of Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love for the Earth.

This is how you pull those qualities towards you – and how you begin to bring them into your personal experience.

The more you get used to doing this – even for a few minutes each day – the more you start to step into your power and begin to have a much greater sense of being a CREATOR – an EMPOWERED creator – rather than being blown around moment by moment by whatever is happening in your world.

***If for some reason it’s too cold or the weather prevents you from going outside, just crack open a window and gaze out at the beauty before you and observe what sounds you hear***

Then follow along with this Guided Meditation:


  1. Turn your focus inwards.
  2. Shut your eyes.
  3. Turn your focus to your breath.
  4. Imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart, as if your heart was your lungs.
  5. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.
  6. As you really focus on doing just this and nothing else, just focusing on your breath…
  7. Feel the biomarkers in your blood begin to change.
  8. Feel how your cortisol levels are reduced.
  9. Feel your stress begin to vanish and disappear.
  10. Drop into the stillness of the present moment…
  11. … where nothing exists outside of you.
  12. As you stay focused on your breath…
  13. Notice how you can’t be anywhere else but where you are… right here…  right now.
  14. You are in the present moment…
  15. …and you’re going deeper and deeper into stillness.
  16. Drop an anchor from the center of your being….
  17. …into the core of Gaia. 
  18. And then set your intention for this day…
  19. …this month…
  20. …and this year.

More on this very special Mass Meditation opportunity from Pam Gregory

On June 5th there will be a full moon lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius, and on June 21st there will be an annular solar eclipse, followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse on July 5th.

PFC Leadership will be announcing Mass Meditations for each of these transits.

Stay tuned.

Lightbody 1

26,000 years later … we’re still standing. Jan 5th 144k New-Moon-Solar-Eclipse Mass Meditation + Thomas Williams on Ground Crew Command Radio

The intensities behind the scenes … both physical & non-physical, are now completely off the charts. To us, this means we’re entering a period (hint: a year) where:

You have to stay glued to your inbox to receive any sudden Mass Meditation alerts.

We MUST unlock much deeper layers of our still largely dormant abilities.

To put it another way … Both tonight & last night (yes … right up to New Year’s Eve) the Unknown Lightwarrior just completed a total of 8 hours of internal & external Mass Planetary Clearing work.

Many of us are getting hammered by beams from physical & non-physical satellites. Many of these satellites were protected by plasma toplet bombs …

… and then you have the unmanned drones, in the form of small disks that do these non-Newtonian zig-zag type moves. Generally at very high altitude, much like flying saucers, projecting these beams too. Yes, they were worked on.

This increase in intensities is a sure sign that the proverbial loud crescendo is really building up to the mass-arrests. I’ll share much more with you on this week’s show. Too much to go into right now … but tomorrow on the show I’ll go into it all in much greater detail.


144k Mass Meditation on Jan 5th, 2019


New Moon/Solar Eclipse Meditation


Soul duty calls.


This Saturday/Sunday let’s take further control over the liberation process, and show them who’s now in charge!


New Moons are optimum for setting intentions….so that the manifestation has time to grow and culminate at the FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse coming up later this month.


Let’s DO THIS!


Be a part of the most advanced Mass Meditation currently on the surface of this planet.


Join time (log on at): 6pm EST (US)

Start time: 6:20pm EST

New Moon Solar Eclipse maximum: 6:34pm



For your time zone:


Link to click to join the live guided broadcast:


Time to SET THINGS UP for a massive breakthrough at the Total Lunar Eclipse Meditation on the 20th of Jan!!


Skillful and advanced meditators are ESPECIALLY NEEDED at the intention setting phase…the NEW MOON when we also have a partial solar eclipse.


See you on the non-physical.


Thomas Williams Joins us for …

… new information about the real power hierachy…who’s in control and who’s not!


We spoke with Thomas briefly online two days ago … and the guy has so much information for us that I’ll have to devote the almost 2 hrs of the show to this discussion with him.


Here’s just a tiny taste of what he has to say:


  • how the Vrill girls are very much alive, and have been held hostage since the 40s.


  • the four year ‘time-loop’ of 2014 to 2018.


  • who really is ‘Marduk’ … and how did this entity gain control of all trusts on this planet?


  • the exact, still largely untold hierarchy of physical darkness on this planet, and how much of it is left.


  • the document showing the ‘circles within circles’ of groups that made up the control structure of the planet, that also largely untold.


  • some important specifics about what is done to the children of Cabal members, that will help us gain an awareness & level of consciousness and understanding of why & how the Cabal do what the do (or have always done, and why in certain respects … they need more help than even we do.


  • (warning … truth bombs coming your way, this is ultimately for our empowerment & to carry out planetary liberation)


  • the final truth about the RV, and why it’s not needed.


  • what was done to CERN in 2015, that finally stopped it’s highest (negative) purpose.


  • did Thomas’s insider contact, ‘Kim Possible’ , really change the Cabal banking codes that stopped the harvesting system of humanity’s energy?


  • … how has this affected the Cabal & non-physical darkness’ ability to wage war on us, and keep us suppressed?


  • what needs to happen, and what do wee need to do to actualize all this change & receive the benefits in our day to day physical existence?


  • … and we’re going to start it all off with the ‘5 main tribes of the Atlantean Period” 16,000 years ago … to make things nice & interesting for ya :- )


( … seriously, it’s all about consciousness raising upliftment & EMPOWERMENT for you … to

RE-IGNITE your imagination & in-SPIR-ation … the precursor to the activation of your dormant powers)



And just to show how crazy busy & ‘on-for-young-&-old’ it has been here … I almost forgot to say:


“Happy Artificial Chronological New Year”


… that’s right, the New Year doesn’t really start until the energetic new year, which is in February. 2018 is still in the process of completing itself.


That completion process started on 11/11…..


The Chinese have it right. The earth doesn’t orbit the Sun in that perfect – always the same – elliptical loop (of course … although fans of Nassim Haramein might already know this).


That’s your first little taste of the truth bombs coming your way on this week’s episode of … Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EST) … YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –



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The Unknown Lightwarrior






The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to:


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