Are Middle East Wars a Cover for Soldiers fighting Extraterrestrials?

A March 9 Zero Hedge article presents nine signs why the Biden administration is moving towards increased US military intervention in Syria and against Iran. In this Exopolitics Today Podcast, Dr Michael Salla examines how these looming Middle East wars are a cover not only for Deep State activities such as searching for extraterrestrial artifacts and to fund a CIA black budget supporting secret space programs, but also for human soldiers to fight extraterrestrials in conflict zones. The podcast discusses extraterrestrial agreements dating back over a millennia, and the need for the Deep State to fulfill quotas of soldiers that are regularly sacrificed through wars contrived by the Deep State.

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Healing with the 13 Ascended Master and Stellar Rays – Followed by 144k Mass Meditation on the Lunar Eclipse!

PFC TAIWAN & PFC JAPAN will be offering a FREE healing for EVERYONE with the 13 Ascended Master and Stellar Rays!



First Day:July 26th at 22:00~22:30 p.m. (CST in Taipei = UTC+8)

Second Day:July 27th at 22:00~22:30 p.m. (CST in Taipei = UTC+8)

You can find the time for this healing session for 2 days in your time zone here:

The First Day:

The Second Day:

P.S. 10:00p.m. of CST in Taipei (UTC+8) equals:

7:00 am PDT in Los Angeles,

9:00 am CDT in Chicago,

10:00 am EDT in New York,

3:00 pm BST in London,

4:00 pm CET in Paris,

4:00 pm EET in Cairo,

11:00 pm in Japan



Youtube Channel of International Golden Age Group:

(Just click the link above to receive this healing).



The healing aspects of Ascended Master Rays and Stellar Rays are as follows:


1.Sananda Ray – Sananda (Jesus) was a Master who came to Earth many times to teach mankind unconditional love. In India he is called Krishna, he is called Christ in the West. He closely cooperates with Ashtar now to send the energy of unconditional love from Sirius to the Earth. His major important mission is to teach humans unconditional love, healing their own hearts, and learning to love all people with unconditional love.

2.Kuthumi Ray – Kuthumi was a Master who spread a variety of healing technologies and medical knowledge to human beings. He combines the advantages of Western and Chinese medicine to help more people, and teaches about tachyon healing technology. He is responsible for the development of new healing technologies. Light Mandala Laser energy is one of Hut Kuthumi’s masterpieces. Even more amazing technology will be released by Master Hut Kuthumi after the Event. There are various healing technologies that the Light Forces want to release ASAP both before the Event and during the Event.

3.Ashtar Ray – Commander Ashtar brings the fifth dimension of consciousness and higher knowledge to the Earth, helping us awaken with 5-dimensional telepathic ability, positively promoting our ascension in the 5th dimension. Ashtar also helps us to know our Star Family and plan for the First Contact after the Event.

4.Saint Germain Ray – Creates an abundance of both spirituality and material wealth, brings the spiritual knowledge of the Mystery Schools to the Earth. St. Germain is playing a very important role at this time. He was born before in the 18th century in France, where he established a Mystery School in Paris, and where he also set up the Saint Germain Trust Fund. After the Event, many light workers, especially those working hard for the light, will receive funds from the Saint Germain Trust Fund. The main purpose of this money is to help Lightworkers with daily life and to fund the First Contact.

5.Serapis Bey Ray –Serapis Bey has a great degree of connection to and cooperation with the angelic realm. If a person wants to communicate with the angelic realm, he or she can connect with Master Serapis Bey.

6.Djwhal Khul Ray –Helps us to heal the etheric body.



1.Pleiades – heal the mind and heart and heals relationships.

2.Sirius – brings joy to our hearts.

3.Orion – cleanses our inner emotions, transmutes inner negativity and hatred, releases all the feelings of depression.

4.Galactic Central Sun – our light and the source of our life energy, evolution, connects to our higher selves and higher goals, helps us recall our mission on the earth.

5.Andromeda – proficient in the manipulation of the physical realm, including finances and all material things, to enhance the three-dimensional aspects of our lives, such as improving health, relationships, finances, etc.

6.Lyra – help us to enhance and strengthen our creativity.

7.Antares / Aldebaran – help us move from duality into ONENESS.





***THIS is the LONGEST LUNAR ECLIPSE OF THE CENTURY….and MARS (considered the planet of WAR)…….

……is at its CLOSEST point to EARTH right on this eclipse.***


144k Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation

(Just 8.5 hours after the second healing session with the Ascended Master and Stellar Rays)

144k Mass Meditation Live Broadcast Start Time: 3:30pm EDT (US time)

(actual peak of eclipse starts at 4:21pm EDT) on Fri 27th


Time in your time-zone:

Duration: 1hr

At the time shown in your time-zone in the link above, click the link below to join the live broadcast of the

144k Guided Mass Meditation for the Lunar Eclipse.


ALERT: The link to the Ground Crew Command Lunar Eclipse 144k Mass Meditation Live Broadcast had to be changed due to an attack.

Obviously we’re on the brink of something BIG. This has never happened before. So hopefully you’ll get this before the live broadcast, which starts in about 15mins.

Here’s the link to click on (at the same scheduled time).


Call in number: 1-310-807-5232



All focus needs to be on shifting our reality to where we want it to go during this upcoming eclipse. It does appear that things have all reached the physical plane, which was always the final stage of planetary liberation.

 Light Forces build-up for the Loin’s Gate on Aug the 8th


Arise Army of Light …