Sweeten Your Life With Honey

Sweeten Your Life With Honey

Learn how to replace sugar with wholesome, nutrient-packed honey in ANY recipe

Written by Beatrice Lamarck , Sept 22nd, 2017

You’ve heard it a million times:sugar is everywhere.

It’s hiding in yogurt, spaghetti sauce… heck, even soups and ‘wholesome’ granola are loaded with it!

And this isn’t just brown or cane sugar. It’s potent, processed, corn-syrupy sugar with zero nutritional benefit.

Added sugar is as far from “whole food” as you can get. Some would argue that you shouldn’t even call sugar a food.

Aside from weight gain, sugar causes all sorts of problems you wouldn’t expect:

  • Volatile blood sugar
  • Carb cravings that you just can’t resist
  • Low energy
  • Brain fog in the mornings
  • Rising cholesterol – possibly worse than fatty foods!

What if I told you there was another way? A way to satisfy your sweet tooth, while avoiding processed sugar, just by using something so common that they give it to you for FREE at the coffee shop:


Honey is a type of sugar, but it’s as far as you can get from factory-made “white sugar.”

It’s a whole food. A complex mix of compounds that delivers the sweetness of sugar, wrapped in vitamins and health-promoting enzymes.

Not only does honey have a lower effect on blood sugar than the processed stuff… it’s been shown by modern research to fight infections, act as an antioxidant, and even help moisturize skin!

The Secret That Makes Natural Honey So Potent

Believe it or not, honey is loaded with natural enzymes that don’t appear in many other foods.

When you prepare and take honey in specific ways, these enzymes are preserved and go into your body to help fight off bacteria and other invaders.

These enzymes also reduce the glycemic effect of the sugar in honey. That’s why it’s the preferred sweetener for millions of diabetics.

And when you load up on these helpful enzymes, a lot more things can happen:

  • You start metabolizing more energy, which boosts mind and body
  • You promote higher levels of antioxidants in your blood
  • You sleep deeply and wake up refreshed more often

Which Honey Will Give Me the Boost I Need?

Not all honeys are created equal. For example, manuka honey from New Zealand is packed with antimicrobial enzymes and is great for infections – especially if you put it on an open wound!

Yep, open wounds. The FDA has even approved it for use in bandages.

But there are so many types of honey, and they ALL have different benefits you can take advantage of.

Once you get the right honey in your hands, the ways you can use it to cleanse your life are endlessAll you need is the right information.

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