Solstice-Eclipse Meditation Tonight! Why it matters (Hint: Luciferian marches on June 21st)

Summer Solstice & Anular Eclipse !

There’s a profound reason why Magenta Pixie … Sandra Walter … and others in-the-know are all-but-screaming  about the importance of showing up for the Eclipse/Solstice Mass Meditation this Sat night (US) – Sunday (rest of the world).

And it also explains why the Luciferians are taking the unprecedented setup of going public, in large numbers … demanding [invoking] a One World Gov’t.

It’s because anything you focus on this Solstice-Eclipse … will be intensified in terms of manifestation!

The dark ones will pass themselves off as ‘misunderstood’ when they get interviewed by the Cabal media, during their highly public & promoted marches in a dozen US cities.

And they will say the OWG will help save lives & prevent wars.

So I don’t know about you … but a can’t say I have much appetite for this !

The Cabal media feigning benevolence every day is bad & stomach churning enough.

And to top-it-all-off … how well we do 11 hrs from now will influence whether Starseeds around the planet can reach critical-mass on the June 30 Meditation Cobra has called for.

So … your mission … should you chose to accept it, is:

Show up in the field with me … and stand in solidarity…  

… for Truth … Freedom … Justice …  


Times & Links for the  

June 21st144K “SOLSTICE-ECLIPSE” Mass Meditation

Join Time: 1am EDT (US) June 21st – (Sat night MDT, CDT, PDT)  

Start Time: 1:10am EDT  

Eclipse Maximum: 2:40am EDT  

Your Time Zone:  

Live Guided Broadcast on Ground Crew Command Radio:  

Or if you prefer, dial in # is: 1-310-807-5232

See you there!  

Yours in Service …  

The Unknown Lightwarrior


30 Day Meditation Challenge at the New Moon !

Things are going to change over the coming few months and many of the changes will be rooted in the decisions that we make now during this New Moon.

The New Moon is at 2 degrees Gemini at 1:38 PM EDT on May 22, 2020.

This event will set the month’s intention for us all, for with the unification of the Sun and Moon’s energies, we connect with our innermost power to one another, society and the Earth.

We are entering a series of eclipses as the Moon’s orbit settles into the path of the Earth around the Sun.

These are some of the most powerful times to meditate as these are the particular moments that allow us to infuse our own intention into the cycle that affects all life on Earth.

Venus is retrograde – it’s a time for collectively going back over and re-evaluating our values and what we want for our world. Venus is square to Neptune. This aspect is in the charts of spiritual seekers.

The Pisces-Gemini aspects highlight the Divine Communication of Unconditional Love of Source..

The Nodal Axis in Gemini/Saggitarius  + the Mercury Neptune aspects highlight the urge to gather clear information and get the facts – Neptune makes people less certain about what they believe – causing them to dive deeper into the layers of truth.

This is a perfect time to use our meditations to encourage the human collective to challenge the old paradigms and beliefs.

Jupiter causes a crisis in belief – people are forced to radically change their beliefs – causing seismic shifts in the collective consciousness.

This new moon is a glimpse of what we’ll see in Sept and the next 6 months – as far as the search to determine what is true and what is not.

This is a perfect time where we can CHOOSE to ENERGIZE…

…the organization of Mass Meditations

The Gemini Sun and Moon encourage ONLINE ACTIVITY.

The Sun and Moon are trine to Saturn in Aquarius – emphasizing building a sense of COMMUNITY for the LONG TERM.

Gemini is FAST – which makes it possible to quickly setup Mass Meditations…

The energy is shifting the timelines of what we were expecting to see on  Earth – and then ALL OF A SUDDEN – we see a shift – and suddenly we’re on a COMPLETELY different trajectory. 

This is our opportunity to create a better world – when everything is in flux. We’re between paradigms. We’re creating a new paradigm from which we can birth something new.

PFC Leadership is inviting YOU to participate in our 30 Day Meditation Challenge

What’s involved?

Pick a time each day to do this 20 minute exercise. (Guided Meditation to follow).

Some people will be doing this at 11:11 their local time but it really doesn’t matter WHEN you do it. Just do this 30 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE at a time of day when you can get half an hour to yourself.

The goal is to enhance your meditation skills… to become a much more powerful meditator during the coming Global Mass Meditation Events!

Here’s what to do:

Take 5-10 minutes (or more) each day to be outside in nature.

Hold the frequencies of Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love for the Earth.

This is how you pull those qualities towards you – and how you begin to bring them into your personal experience.

The more you get used to doing this – even for a few minutes each day – the more you start to step into your power and begin to have a much greater sense of being a CREATOR – an EMPOWERED creator – rather than being blown around moment by moment by whatever is happening in your world.

***If for some reason it’s too cold or the weather prevents you from going outside, just crack open a window and gaze out at the beauty before you and observe what sounds you hear***

Then follow along with this Guided Meditation:


  1. Turn your focus inwards.
  2. Shut your eyes.
  3. Turn your focus to your breath.
  4. Imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart, as if your heart was your lungs.
  5. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.
  6. As you really focus on doing just this and nothing else, just focusing on your breath…
  7. Feel the biomarkers in your blood begin to change.
  8. Feel how your cortisol levels are reduced.
  9. Feel your stress begin to vanish and disappear.
  10. Drop into the stillness of the present moment…
  11. … where nothing exists outside of you.
  12. As you stay focused on your breath…
  13. Notice how you can’t be anywhere else but where you are… right here…  right now.
  14. You are in the present moment…
  15. …and you’re going deeper and deeper into stillness.
  16. Drop an anchor from the center of your being….
  17. …into the core of Gaia. 
  18. And then set your intention for this day…
  19. …this month…
  20. …and this year.

More on this very special Mass Meditation opportunity from Pam Gregory

On June 5th there will be a full moon lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius, and on June 21st there will be an annular solar eclipse, followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse on July 5th.

PFC Leadership will be announcing Mass Meditations for each of these transits.

Stay tuned.


Tectonic Shifts Occurred The Last Time We Saw The Same Planetary Conjunction That’s Coming in January…

With the multitude of:

  • profound revelations
  • secrets
  • ‘ah-ha’ moments
  • and  – not yet fully understood – opportunities that lie ahead of us

… that are all listed below.

Firstly – the 144k Solstice Mass Meditation on 21st Dec is ON!   … And so very needed…. to set-up the eclipse Meditations of Christmas day & Jan 11th/12th on the ‘highest optimum timelines’ for even further IMPACT.

That’s the way the 144k rolls!

Join time: 10pm EST this coming Saturday – Start time: 10:10pm

Links & times for your timezone & to join the live broadcast will be sent to you this Friday. So watch your inbox. It’ll soon be time to swing into action.

So … There’s been a further unearthing of wider & deeper nuanced ‘holy-crap’ realizations …

… just uncovered by my discussion with researcher, writer & speaker Justin Deschamps of

So you’ll certainly NOT want to miss out on the deeper understanding of what’s coming, by tuning in to this investigative & partially intuitive talk with Justin … to get real & deeper clarity on:

  • what the dark ones plan to achieve through their rituals & possible false flags, with the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction … with Saturn being all about universal law … structure & karma … and Pluto being the ‘gate-keeper & reformer’ of consciousness – And what the combination of these two planets mean, let alone their coming impact on us & planetary liberation
  • why it’s beyond crucial for you to now invoke … harness … & combine … the archetypal hero energy of Sagittarius WITH the profound astrological events coming – including HOW to do it – to accelerate or actualize transformation within yourself … your life … and WHY this will transform the planet
  • how humanity could easily end up creating just another ‘slightly better looking’ slavery system – if the above isn’t honored & applied. Hint: this is what the cabal “controllers” are aiming for!
  • get final clarity on the cabal’s precise plan & structure of “it’s idea” of the upcoming new financial system. What it would look like … how it would work … and how it would be worse than the current Babylonian debt-slavery system … and how we can stop it
  • the precise reasons why we have the best opportunities ever … at an unprecedented level … to transform the most RIGID and ALL ENCOMPASSING structures – that organize & control our social reality – to finally complete this decades long process
  • why it’s TWO nights … of January 10th & 11th … (which the dark ones know all about – and thus they plan to ritualize ‘the living daylights’ out of these configurations) that hold the key to the final watershed moment of actualized Victory of the Light.
  • the precise methods physical & non-physical darkness uses to secretly manipulate humanities’ free will (hint: it must LOOK benevolent) – and why it needs to do this to achieve its goals
  • why the general belief in the ‘spiritual community’ of “… but if it’s written in the stars, it will all happen anyway” … is deadly!
  • with Sagittarius being the Spiritual Warrior – discover & understand (& take full advantage of)
  • the profound ramifications of several key planets moving into Sagittarius
  • and how to use all the above, to strengthen and honor The Goddess … and thus LIBERATE this planet
  • how to transcend tragedy & trauma, to ‘upgrade’ the way you deal with any challenge, to put this planet on the highest optimal timelines
  • how personal transformation is key to planetary liberation – how to more easily do this – and then lead the rest of humanity to the same liberating transformation – as a 144k Member & sovereign Being

… and folks, all that is still only the half-way point of this breakthrough discussion with Justin!

We still have:

  • why mass meditations on Jan 10 at the Lunar Eclipse … Jan 11 at 12:11am CST … Jan 12 at 10am CST… are needed – and how these three moments are impacted by Uranus going direct, thus ‘releasing suppressed planetary kundalini energy’  
  • why the ‘bad moods, pessimism & polarized thinking’ triggered by the cancer full moon/Lunar Eclipse of Jan 10 needs clearing, and how it will influence the Jan 11 & 12 Energetic/Astrological Events
  • … and as Cobra said – we’re facing a Mass-Grand-Conjunction that can ‘crack the financial system wide open’. Find out precisely how – and why ‘finances & money’ has everything to do with spirituality!
  • learn about the ‘Papal Bull’ the Cabal simply made up … to justify their claim of ownership over our souls, minds & bodies … and ability to ascend   
  • and discover the shocking … little-known … history altering … planet-changing financial events, the last time these major planetary/astrological conjunctions occurred. Except we weren’t in charge of the energies back then …

… BUT NOW WE ARE – IF WE SHOW UP for these Mass Meditations!

… and we’re still only at the 46min mark of a 1hr & 20min talk with Justin.

So hold-on-tight to your sacred stones & pendants, and click the 144k Member’s link below to listen in or download the recording. HUGE stuff coming your way, and this is crucial preparation for the upcoming 144k Mass Meditations & Astrological Events.

So listening in is a must & obligation for total alignment with soul path! (link below)

… and as if all that wasn’t enough, we still have:


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

Tune in to this week’s show to also learn about:

  • the one thing about the US President Fulford still isn’t able to distinguish
  • the fundamental misunderstanding & resulting anger Lucifer had with Source (‘God’), and why Lucifer crossed over to the Light in 2014 – something that Prince Harry & man Luciferians need to wake up to
  • control over the disclosure narrative war intensifies, as both positive & negative factions release more UFO & Secret Space program footage … files … & announcements. Will the 144k alter the timelines & energies enough to end the partial disclosure narrative by the Cabal, in time?
  • earthquake under the Philippines confirmed to be another ‘hostile military underground base’, likely Chimera controlled, as another sign they are being removed
  • did positive Chinese factions/Dragon families have anything to do with bringing more harmony between China & the US with the recent trade war breakthrough?
  • tune in to also discover the very nasty lower octave equivalent of a trade war with China, which we have stopped
  • learn about the latest developments in the UK, that go beyond just the huge victory of the positive faction there, that are behind anti-cabal PM Boris Johnson’s election victory
  • and what the above tells us about the City State of London Corporation’s degree of control over the United States
  • discover the single biggest influencing factor of the huge summit meeting likely to occur in mid January … between the biggest power groups, both positive, neutral & negative … to discuss the biggest topics, like debt jubilee, disclosure of the secret space program, financial reset, free energy release, etc.  

… so brace yourself, for another blockbuster episode of Ground Crew Command Radio (click link below to listen or download)

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The Portal to 5D. But we must raise her TO IT

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The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: and/or and/or de-hypnosis audio and/or


Return of Light Activation – January 20/21, 2019

It is more important than ever to set our intentions on the NEW MOON when we have a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE:

This way the meditation on the 20th/21st at the FULL MOON (SUPER MOON) LUNAR ECLIPSE will have much greater effect.



Join the 144K Army of Light


for a critical meditation on JANUARY 5th to set our intention….


…to anchor MAXIMUM LIGHT !!!



And stay tuned for the upcoming FORUM here at Prepare For Change Leadership on….THURSDAY, JANUARY 3rd at:



Time in your timezone HERE:


CLICK HERE to Join the Zoom Meeting on JAN 3rd…it becomes LIVE 10 minutes before the start of the FORUM:


…..learn how to connect to global grid, receive the light from it…and use your body and soul like a resonater so you are receiving and broadcasting LIGHT at the same time…











It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the total Lunar eclipse on January 20th/21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:…/studies-show-group-meditatio…/

This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light and the dark forces, finally setting humanity free. The number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The Light forces will have their focus on the whole American continent (North and South America), which will be completely covered by the eclipse:

Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful Grand Square between Moon and Lunar node conjunct, opposing Sun and Mercury, and squaring Uranus, Eris and Pallas. Multiple planets in this chart are making numerous powerful aspects (around 20 aspects in total!) with the Galactic Center, Pleiades and Sirius. This powerful configuration creates a point of maximum tension which is released in a big cosmic breakthrough.

At that point, Cosmic Central Sun will send a huge pulse of Light throughout the whole Creation. This pulse will be a trigger for the beginning of the final removal of all darkness from the Creation and a trigger for the beginning of the preparations for the new cosmic cycle.

The purpose of our meditation is to anchor as much Light as possible on the surface of the planet.


The Light Forces have a certain plan for that day and that plan will be revealed only after the meditation is completed.


We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Lunar eclipse on Monday, January 21th at 00:11 am EST in New York. This equals 2:11 pm JST in Tokyo, 1:11 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 7:11 am EET in Cairo, 6:11 am CEST in Paris, 5:11 am GMT in London. Central and western part of US will still have Sunday, January 20th , the timing will be: 11:11 pm CST in Chicago,10:11 am MST in Denver and 9:11 pm PST in Los Angeles.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:…



1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the surface of the planet.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, then going through the Sirius stargate, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness of this Universe until only Light remains. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings in the entire Universe.

5. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise.

6. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light.

7. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise.

8. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in “America” and NOT as e in “Venus”, and a is pronounced as a in “America”) so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet.

This rainbow vortex calls upon the presence of your twin souls, soulmates, soul families, your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, and other beings of Light. Visualize your twin souls, your soulmates and your soul families awakening and merging with you into One being in a mandala of Light.


Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Goddess wants Light and Light it will be!


Updates about the Return of Light Meditation:


144,000 LIGHTWORKERS NEEDED! – 15 minutes for the Victory of the Light at the “Key to Freedom Meditation” 9:11 GMT on AUGUST 11, 2018

The time is approaching for our Key to Freedom Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and
we are gaining momentum. 
The next 12 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide.
We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.
At the August 11th solar eclipse, the energy of the ELECTRIC FIRE OF LIBERATION will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and all Galactic Command Light forces, and will be channeled through Eris and Kuiper belt, then through Vesta and asteroid belt, through the Moon (especially Mersenius and Tycho lunar bases of the Light forces), though an RM2m special task force underground and then through all groups meditating on the surface of the planet. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has great potential for a breakthrough.
Let’s make this our REALITY!
Learn how to use the White Fire of AN & ATVOR conversion technology to clear all the remaining toplet bombs in the August 11th Solar Eclipse Meditation!
“The AN CONVERSION is a major process that our whole reality is going through. It is the process through which the Source, the One original creator, is bringing the whole of creation back into unity..The AN conversion is a system of direct transmission of Light that bypasses contingency filters, and therefore transmits the flow of Light in its fullness, all the way down the planes. This allows the Divine Will to be transmitted by Light, into the densest matter of all planes, transmuting, healing and reconnecting all reality back with the One. This AN conversion system progressively transforms the universe into a reality where the One is all powerful. The main anchor for the AN conversion is the AN stargate, located in the central star of the belt of Orion. The original accident that created evil happened in Orion, and therefore that constellation became the central point for transmutation of darkness. The AN stargate was always a portal of Light, and it is through this portal that many souls came down from the planes above the Buddhi Manas, down to the planes below it.These souls are the so-called star seeds, who came with the purpose of helping to anchor the Light in the lower planes, and transmute duality back into Oneness. Each star seed holds keys for the AN conversion. We can connect with the AN stargate in meditation, and also use the primordial sound AN, much like we use the sound OM, to invoke the AN conversion.”
These two techniques … the WHITE FIRE OF AN and the ATVOR CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY have a crucial role in this meditation. Star, who’s quite the expert on these two tools explains…..
… they’re related to the Orion Constellation – where the Al Nilam Stargate is opening during this Eclipse – and why they’re so powerful & ‘custom designed’ to purge the grids & make the Event happen NOW!
This is a stand-off. According to Cobra it’s our opportunity to RESOLVE “a deadlock between the Light and the dark forces – ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Which means this meditation is more critical than ever. We must do everything in our power to support the Light Forces in increasingly high stakes operations.
They’re putting themselves at EXTREME RISK to help us.
Let’s be there for them, and help clear the toplet bombs so their operation is SUCCESSFUL!
This upcoming Mass Meditation is a crucial part of a major operation to LIBERATE THIS PLANET!
This is where YOU and I and EVERYONE MEDITATING……can ALTER the FABRIC OF REALITY through the SYNCHRONIZED & COMBINED power of our consciousness.
There are a few things we need to envision specifically this time….due to the Al Nilam Stargate opening….
(1) A pillar of electric blue Light emanates from the Galactic Central Sun, then goes through the Orion Stargate (Al Nilam / Epsilon Orionis star in the Orion constellation), and then enters our Solar System.
(2) A second pillar of light goes through your body and upwards into the sky, going through the Orion Stargate and finally connects with the Galactic Center and the Source
(3) The White Fire of AN, emanates from the Source, flows through the Galactic Center and through the Orion Stargate towards the Earth, where it then purifies all remaining toplet bombs on the plasma plane around the Earth, purifies all ANOMALY and reverses all ENTROPY within the plasma shield around the Earth.
MORE about the AL NILAM STARGATE here:
“The three stars in Orion’s belt anchor what is known as “the Zone of Overlap”. The upper half of the constellation is the location of the Lords of Light, governed from its chief Star, Betelgeuse; the lower half of the constellation is the location of the Lords of Darkness, governed from its chief Star, Rigel. If you follow the outline of the main stars of each half, you will see that each zone roughly forms a triangle and where they overlap they form a combined zone, which is diamond shaped. This is called the Zone of Overlap and is overseen by Archaeon Metatron, who anchors Oneness, and the Council of the Elohim, of which many Lightworkers are members. This space represents the Sacred Union of dark and light, where they are wedded together as ONE, acknowledging that in truth we are neither all dark nor all light, but of the Greater Light that contains both dark and light. This is the true lesson underlying our existences in this Dimension – that of understanding the true nature of duality and of merging polarities into conscious Oneness. The Zone is anchored by the 3 Stars that form Orion’s belt, and which also anchor the great Star lineages of EL, AN and RA. This zone is the place that we will “travel to” as we and the planet Ascend. Within the zone and centred around AN (the Star of Al Nilam) is the Ascension Gateway, which is triangular and held in a state of constant balance by Archaeons Metatron and Michael and Lord Melchisadek – we refer to them as “the 3 Ms”! Metatron is aligned with the family of AN, comprising the two Ray groups ON and AN, which represent the Union of the Sun (Masculine polarity) and the Moon (Feminine polarity). Shamballa anchors the masculine Ray in the Himalayas, whilst AN anchors the feminine Ray in the Andes mountains.”


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of healing for Earth and its inhabitants, removal of toplet bombs and triggering the Event.

3. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through Orion stargate (Al Nilam / Epsilon Orionis star in the Orion constellation), then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy, going through the Orion stargate and finally connecting with the Galactic Center and the Source.

5. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

6. Now visualize the White Fire of AN, emanating from the Source, flowing through the Galactic Center and through the Orion stargate towards the Earth, purifying all remaining toplet bombs on plasma plane around the Earth. Visualize the Light Forces of Galactic Command Fleet removing and dissolving all remaining toplet bombs with their advanced technologies. If you feel guided you can call Archangel Metatron to assist in purification process. Visualize the White Fire of AN purifying all anomaly and reversing all entropy within the plasma shield around the Earth.

7. Visualize the Event happening, restoring Oneness, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity to Earth and her inhabitants. Visualize Source Light manifesting itself easily on planet Earth and bringing quarantine to an end.
Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes.

Global synchronized versions – which play automatically at the correct time – in many different languages: