DANE ARR of PREPARE FOR CHANGE LEADERSHIP.ORG to teach new course on Pleiadian Science!


Learn about Dane Arr’s new course…offered exclusively through the PrepareForChangeLeadership.org website to find out about….

……the SCIENCE behind The Event!

Dane Arr is a Pleiadian geneticist who was a member of a certain Pleiadian Lodge who visited Earth to observe the progress of the genetic experiments there. He has full recall of his past lives. He realized a certain sector of the Reptilian Race developed genetically so as to be able to use their own psychic abilities for the mind control (and torture) of humans. When he realized that the fact that humans had such short lifetimes meant they were much more connected to Source than other races, he understood that the consequences of traumatizing these people was far greater because they were so close to Source…..

….and he made the decision to go into the reincarnation cycle to help humans through Pleiadian science….

This ALL NEW course will delve into:


  • How our nervous system has a frequency above and beyond the electromagnetic frequencies which affect consciousness.


  • How Rhodium and Iridium are used by the PINEAL GLAND to create a superconductor portal field, which – when fully activated – allows us to travel through time and space.




  • How we can summon tachyons throughout the galaxy by the power of our own consciousness to trigger THE EVENT!


  • How the inter-dimensional and trans-temporal nature of consciousness makes REMOTE VIEWING a scientific reality.


Dane explains what Corey Goode has revealed about Anshar Science to explain the mechanics of……


  • The Anshar temporal bubble…


  • The Portal technology where 2 activated columns become and torsion field and you get smaller as you enter it….


Using TWO DIFFERENT PLEIADIAN MATHMATICAL MODELS, Dane’s model of the universe is based in BLACK HOLES and EVENT HORIZONS. Certain things exist in space for only a moment – and they don’t exist again afterwards. When you move forward, everything around you adjusts….you are creating a VOID.


Many mysteries are then explained. Such as….


  • Why the phi ratio is so important throughout the universe and what it is all about.


  • Why the Great Pyramid at Giza is a focal lens for gravitational effect.


  • The truth about the power of attraction…how it works scientifically and what are the pitfalls that we may not have been aware of….and how ASTROLOGY actually works – according to Pleiadian scientific principles.


  • How the human Merkaba Field is the result of the Conscious Organization of the causal layer values surrounding that person….and how to activate it.


  • How the human consciousness grids and the Earth’s consciousness grids work together….and why it was so devasting for humanity when the Temple Network was shut down.







Learn about all this and more through the ALL NEW course in Pleiadian scientific principles offered at PrepareForChangeLeadership.org

SCIET DYNAMICS: Mastering the Holographic Universe”

The INTRO COURSE will be offered FREE OF CHARGE on August, 4th 2018

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White Lotus

Consciousness & Healing

Quantum Entanglement & Consciousness

Corporations, communities, businesses and other related grouping of conscious minds are all like invisible conscious deities or small g’s. We praise and support them by eating their food, using their services, tools or materials; both sub-consciously & consciously (quantum & materialistically) support them and share our energies with them, from thought to material. We all have the power to vote without paper. If we eat, think, comment, view a web page or attend a business or community event, etc…, we all choose to support that entity too which is. For anything to thrive, it needs WE and before any thing or idea becomes reality, it needs thought.

Keshe Foundation (KFSSI)

From my understanding, experimentation and consensus within the Keshe Foundation as a student. I have learned our bodies are quantum technologies. Our skin is likened to a Gas at Nano State (GANS). At the nano levels of existence, life becomes a whole new paradise. Nano technology exists naturally like that of the surface of the Earth, our skin, noses and ears, or the rusting of a nail. These layers are always forming slowly, but consistently. Within these densities, electromagnetic flux becomes quantum and through quantum understanding as our mind operates, existence propagates.



We are a Magnetic Gravitation (MAGRAV) pull (rock or stone) and we create reality to which is; we are a super conductor at room temperature. Matter is very weak in comparison to magnetic gravitation of Plasma. We all live in a world of worlds and when our reality creates an equilibrium, we are harmony at either the matter state and/or the plasma state.

Healing with Crystalline Water

For me, I drink city water from a crystal glass and spin that water CCW & CW, then from taping three times with my index finger to set intention and ‘ring‘ the crystalline glass with both Love & Light. Much like batteries and conducting metals, frequencies also travel between crystals, they need copper to copper so to speak or crystal to crystal. If we have a quartz crystal and a rose crystal, then the pure frequencies from the quartz will be filtered to the rose vibrational color levels or vice versa.

Water is very healing and the thoughts & feelings imprinted within become that water; water is a memory that absorbs its surroundings. The same thing applies to the organic food we eat, we are able to Tachyonize it by simply using meditation or prayer before or during consumption of that food; remember, all food needs water. Consuming different colours of food also has its own vibrational atomic patterns, just like that of a crystal. Now we understand why thought, sound and meditation is essential.

The water we drink from cities and towns comes from many 45 and 90 degree turns and is essentially ‘broken’ or divided unstructured water. Dr. Masuru Emoto has much science and experimentation upon the subject at hand. To learn more, please do a search online or comment below.

We all are empowered to magnetize things with our thoughts, words, and hands. When we are cooking or cleaning or whatever it is, we create it with love and thought.

Water is overlooked by many and essentially it is a memory and liquid crystal density which is essential for all Life.

Remember we always have our Chi or Prana or Breath of Life; we all are powerful. No one may take this away from us.

Rainbow Healing & Crystals

When we shine a pure beam of Light through a clear rigid, gaseous, or liquid crystal prism, it refracts a beautiful spectrum of rainbow colours.
We are rainbow crystals. We are a crystal stone being tossed into the symphony of Life; that same stone creates its own gravitational shifts of attractions and reflections within its own density of realities & beliefs.

If we dirty the cup or crystal, we create resistance or imperfections within that cup, creating dissonance or impurities. The Light may reflect few colours or no colors at all. Keep in mind, even natures most beautiful has imperfections. A great wise teacher & artist has taught me,

“Many times I went for perfection only to make it ruin what was good.”

The colours of the rainbow have powerful healing properties. Each ray has its purpose & frequency within the whole.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the Life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~Buddha

We understand prayer, meditation, faith, and belief is utmost important; our bodies are vessels or cups or a temple filled with mostly crystal water & empty space.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water, if you put water in the cup it becomes the cup and water can flow or it can crash.”
~Bruce Lee

The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

This documentary series is the best via the source provided from my perspective. It explains the Life of Leonardo da Vinci and shows why his stone of consciousness traveled vast distances through time/space. To this day, even Scientists, Religious leaders and/or great Philosophers still have yet to understand the beauty and reason he understood. Leonardo da Vinci was a beautiful visionary who could see through all challenges, problems and understood how to flow like water during times of distress. His mind was as large as the Universe.

Art is like that of Love and mathematics is like that of Light; both from my comprehension of the world are On3. Without one or the other, Life becomes duality or divided. The mind divides itself and from what we spoke of earlier, the ripples within the vast ocean & sea follow within that relative time/space continuum.

Remember, we are a stone and with this stone, we create a world through our thoughts, actions & experiences. We all are powerful and those without compassion, do their best to divide thee compassionate ones.


On a final note, below is a peaceful mantra. I hope you enjoyed this read and thank you for reading. I want to remind you as you already know, you are a visionary and most loved. Never forget this, never!



If this post has inspired and uplifted you, please contemplate on giving back and supporting you and me. We have a lot of wisdom & love to be shared; we need Y’our support. Even a small donation of $1.11 goes a long way and with your support, enables we to enlighten our world. If able or unable to donate, there are also options to share with others in our world. A simple share goes a long way and as stated above; we are very powerful.

Namaste. Love & Light always. Many many blessings.

above the line thinking

Above the LINE thinking

by Danell – www.prepareforchangeleadership.org and www.prepareforchange.net author
I challenge everyone to see, learn, and know where you operate from. Are you an “Above the Line thinker” (& doer) or do you function and live “below the Line”? Make any corrections. Watch your thoughts, words and actions.

I want to leave my blessing on you that actually read this information.

Dear Source of all . . . the mother/father principle that runs through all beings, space, time and infinity, Divine Goddess, Divine Creator. We, as a collective of sentient beings, request divine guidance and assistance.

We are brought here at this time and space in this 3D and beyond world to work together, to help free all from the ignorance, tyranny and control that we have been under. We are always grateful to be on this Earth plane, even with it’s difficulties. We give thanks to this Mother Earth who so selflessly gives all for us. It grieves us to know that beings are trying to harm this Earth and the land, water, seas, animals and humans. We are sorry for the many negative beliefs and experiences we encounter and that we have been led to believe and experience. Free our minds, hearts and souls to be able to experience our higher self, our divine being, that we in turn can help be that hero who loves and serves and at times, saves others and our beautiful planet and galaxy. Help us to respond willingly to good causes. Free us from the mind control implants and negative frequency generators. Increase our intuition and discernment. Let us have the clarity we need to take action on behalf of our own self and the communities we live in.

Guide us to be responsible for our self, our actions and correct and cancel any negative actions and words we have already given out. I’m sorry this world and the negative elements have taken over. I’m sorry for all the misery and darkness visited upon light beings. I Love you. Please love yourself, open your heart to love, ask to be in line with love, to feel and expand that love throughout your community, world and galaxy. Please forgive me, forgive yourself, forgive those that you feel have harmed you. Free yourself from that poison and forgive, so you can take a stand for truth, light and LOVE. Forgive so you can be a force for good. Stop wallowing in your misery and addictions. Take your power back and take action for yourself. Choose love and choose forgiveness and choose action for the light. Thank you Divine Creator/Goddess for this knowing, lessons, intrigue and solution. Thank you for lifting this earth out of the darkness, for opening our eyes, our minds and our hearts to Light and to Love. May we all bring The EVENT soon. Victory of the Light.

This or something greater.
Be it so. . .in the most benevolent outcome, Ho’oponopono

Danell Glade