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Unity in the Community on 11-11….. Let’s Make it Happen! (with the Corey Goode and Cobra teams)!!


Please accept our invitation to participate in the upcoming 11/11/18 mass meditations at 11:11 AM EST, 12:11 PM EST, and 2:00 PM EST!


For more information about these meditations please visit the following link:


Meditation #1


Guided meditation in English:


Guided Meditation Playlist:


(See Meditation Instructions Below)


Meditation #2


….for a meditation to WAKE UP humanity to their soul purpose and soul mission….


Call in #: 310-807-5232

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Meditation #3


DisclosureFest LIVESTREAM at 2 PM Eastern Time/ 7PM GMT on 11/11:


Additional Pleiadian Healing Transmission:

3:30 PM EST





You can find the automatic time zone conversions for your location at the links below:


(Cobra style Meditation) 11:11 AM EST:



(144K Meditation Livestream) 11:11 AM CST/12:11 PM EST:



 (Corey Goode Meditation Livestream) 2:00 PM EST:



(Pleiadian Healing Transmission) 3:30 PM EST



Extensive interview about the impact of this Unified Meditation on 11-11 on

Ground Crew Command Radio.

“The power of the mind has been stressed many times in my work. If one mind is powerful imagine the power of group mind – power that is not only multiplied, it is squared. The power of group mind can truly create miracles.”

-Dolores Cannon     

Let’s make something great happen on this day everyone!



1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of healing for Earth and her inhabitants, the removal of all remaining toplet bombs, and the triggering of the Event.

3. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy, and finally connecting with the Galactic Center and the Source.

5. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

6. Now visualize the heart chakras of all people meditating opening up, putting their differences aside, and connecting to one another with a pillar of pink light, creating a world-wide grid of unity and love.

7. Visualize the White Fire of AN, emanating from the Source, flowing through the Galactic Center and towards the Earth, purifying all remaining toplet bombs on the plasma plane around the Earth. Visualize the Light Forces of Galactic Command Fleet removing and dissolving all remaining toplet bombs with their advanced technologies. Visualize the White Fire of AN purifying all anomaly and reversing all entropy within the plasma shield around the Earth.

8. Visualize people of all ages, all over the earth, from all kinds of different jobs and professions, waking up and collectively activating their missions.

9. Visualize the Event happening, restoring Oneness, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity to Earth and her inhabitants. Visualize Source Light manifesting itself easily on planet Earth and bringing the quarantine to an end.



Corey Goode, Adrian Vallera, and Roger Richards on Ground Crew Command This Week to talk about “Above Majestic” and the Mass Meditation Initiative on 11-11 – And All Hands on Deck for the Halloween “Light Show” on the Higher Planes

This week….on Ground Crew Command Radio…..

DISCLOSUREFEST and the FULL DISCLOSURE PROJECT presents: The Mass Meditation Initiative in Washington, DC. Sunday 11/11/2018!

Before we start talking with Adrian Vallera, Corey Goode, and Roger Richards about this monumental event … we must briefly point your attention & give the notification about the 144k Mass Meditation next Wednesday the 31st of October, 1st of November for most of the world.

There will be intense & desperate activity (rituals) performed by the dark forces on this date, mostly in the western hemisphere … so Gaia is counting on YOU to stand between them & humanity.

You will receive the email on exact time & links, next week … for the energetic mustering of the 144k. (Once you subscribe below.)

This will ‘set things up’ MUCH more optimally for the 11/11 mass meditation, which is the next crucial & decisive energetic event on this planet.



Corey Goode, Adrian Vallera &  Roger Richards Join Us


If you’ve been listening to Ground Crew Command for a while, … you know that this is likely to be another blockbuster interview!


We’ll be speaking with Roger Richards and Adrian Vallera first, and after that we’ll be speaking with Corey Goode.

DISCLOSUREFEST.org is a community and initiative based non-profit platform, with many different projects, of which the Mass Meditation Initiative coming up on 11/11/2-18 is only one.

Check out their website for more info about  their game changing projects or to sign up to participate in this meditation online or in person by getting a free ticket.

Click here to watch the livestream at 2PM Eastern Time/ 7PM GMT on 11/11:



Roger Richards and Adrian Vallera: With Roger and Adrian, I’ll be asking them about:


  • the movie Roger’s directing with SBA Entertainment which is about to have it’s first premiere in Bolder, Colorado, and what about it is very different from other films. Plus, intimate details about the ideas & inspiration behind the desire to make this film.


  • the facts of the disclosure situation as things stand right now.


  • Roger’s personal relationship to disclosure and the goals of the Full Disclosure Project


  • the Mass Meditation Initiative on 11-11 and how it is strategized to help bring about Full Disclosure.


  • how people who can’t make it to Washington DC on 11-11 can participate online…


Corey Goode: We’ll be going deeper with Corey, into the esoteric effects of mass meditation on the higher  planes and how this shifts our reality. Corey is very knowledgeable on this subject and we’re sure he’ll share as much information with us as he’s allowed to.


We’ll be discussing:


  • the off-world perspective on how exactly they see things down here, from up there… in terms of where the liberation process is at right now. Moreover, what is it that “they’re” struggling with. What challenges are ‘they’ having that’s unique to them … in terms of trying to liberate the planet?


  • are there any specific messages they dearly want to share with us, to this effect?


  • what Corey is primarily struggling with these days


  • to his understanding … what are the White Hats struggling with most?   … What’s their situation?


  • to what degree do mass meditations & other forms of private grid-work (physical or remote) influence or help operations of the positive off-world groups?    ex; do they make their big moves during mass meditations?


  • current status of the Anshar. Ex: will they be ok? … has the planet ascended to a high enough timeline where they don’t have to disappear in to the temporal bubble?


  • does Corey know anything about Scientific American reporting, “There’s something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it.”


  • what would he like to share/say about the Mass Meditation event in DC on 11/11. Does this represent another window of opportunity for planetary liberation?


  • are the Anshar still encouraging us to participate in meditations to alter our temporal reality on Earth?


  • do our pineal glands activate during meditation? Do they become transmitters of our focused attention?


  • has intel from these new Sphere Beings that replaced the Blue Avians & Triangle Head beings gone deep-black as well?


  • how is the project to unify various meditation and planetary liberation groups on the surface of the planet going?


Of course … loose-lips-sink-ships, and suffice it to say, liberating a whole planet is no exception to that. But we’re sure Corey will share what he responsibly can.



What To Focus The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week


It’ll be a shorter geo-exo political news analysis this week, because of the importance of making the most of Corey’s appearance, and of course we also need to start focusing & building our energies up for the Halloween 144k “lightshow” next Wednesday.


This week, I’ll be covering:


  • has the giant pincer movement of the Earth Alliance closed in on the infamous B.I.S?


  • … during the same period Cobra reported there’s only 30 meters left of toplet-bombs (from the surface, up)


  • … does this mean we’re moving into the long awaited ‘check-mate’ position?


  • further confirmation arises that the whole ‘legalization of cannabis’ move is to proliferate Cabal patented GMO marijuana & cement mind control of the population. What to do?


  • “all quiet on the eastern front” … the proverbial quiet before the storm, with a full intel blackout from Russia. Is this a sign the anti-Cabal Tsarist Christians in Russia are about to make the big move and militarily kick the Cabal out of Ukraine?


… so hold on to your goggles & helmet, it’s going to be another typical roller-coaster ride on Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) … YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –


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