The Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project on GROUND CREW COMMAND RADIO: Taking The Dismantling Of The Veil To The Next Level …

The Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project: Taking The Dismantling Of The Veil To The Next Level …

Cabal Planning To Control Cryptos Through Blockchain Tech, Resistance Says ‘Hell-No’ + 144k BIG Jan 31st Supermoon/Blue Moon/Lunar Eclipse Combo Mass Meditation to Thwart Same Cabal Plans.

Only a brief update on the 144k Activation Campaign this week, as renewed focus is over-due on the Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project … to accelerate the piercing – thus, breakdown of the Veil for final freedom.

We want our freedom, and we want it now. Yet no freedom can be reclaimed & bestowed to us by our Higher Selves, if we don’t take charge … do the mass meditations … invest our time & effort into personal healing & things like the Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project for increased Light channeling through the Veil.

So we’ll be getting into some detail about the Global Tachyon Chamber Gridwork Project, and how you can be a part of it, per your soul path & purpose.

It’s up to us to accelerate the process of whittling away at the Veil, to accelerate the Mass Arrests plan, let alone the Solar Flash event, which will bring us into the 5D.

And of course … we prepare the big build-up to the 144k mass meditation & energy work for the Super Moon … Blue Moon … and Lunar Eclipse combo on the 31st of January.

And you can bet the Cabal/Lucifarians will be doing everything they can with their rituals, to try to take advantage of thus huge date too.

WE … will be there to stand between them & humanity!



What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On This Week.

This week, we dissect & discuss:

  • further exposure of Erik Prince & his Knights of Malta cohorts working for the Jesuits/Archon Incarnated bloodlines. They’re trying to start a war between Shia & Sunni Muslims in the Middle East. And how much influence does Prince really have on Trump?

  • can or will the White Hats make a move against Prince & his Jesuit bosses once the(Bush/Rockefeller/Clinton) faction in the US is ‘cleaned out’?

  • yep … protests in Iran prove to be another Cabal (Rothschild/Jesuit/Bloodlines faction) fake-out … Just like in Syria, Ukraine & the USA (the failed Nov 4 2017 & onwards, campaign).

  • despite the usual geo-political fiascos continuing with only incremental breakthroughs, Cobra all but guarantees that “breakthroughs will come once Mjolnir hits the ground.”

  • the White Hat’s true target with Zuma (EMP satellite) is the Swiss Central bankers, not North Korea

  • more on White Hats already shifting focus from US Cabal (Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton network) to the European Cabal factions (Rothschild, Bloodlines, Jesuit controlled network) to shut down their operations, beginning with human (child) trafficking operations.

  • … but are the Positive Military & Agencies free enough of Knights of Malta/Jesuit agents, to do this successfully?

  • more success as 10,000 sealed indictments result from election fraud investigations in the US.

  • more signs the Cabal is losing power in their long-time ancient bastion, Europe, with Cabal members in Italy & Switzerland disappearing.

… and of course, lots more.

… tune-in because it’s all happening here on Ground Crew Command Radio … your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week”.

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Mega Intel Update from David Wilcock

David Wilcock released an EPIC intel release today (a wonderful X-Mas present for sure) which I will be sharing parts of below. This is has to be one of his best articles yet, not that I have read all of them of course. But we are at the end stage and the information being given is truly spectacular. I know many of you can literally FEEL and SENSE these changes happening in your bodies.

Firstly David went on Coast to Coast a couple days ago as of the time of this writing with Jimmy hosting this time. David Icke came on a bit later..

And here are some excerpts from David’s newest intel drop:

(Divine Cosmos) (Archived Version HereStunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure

[UPDATE: The Deep State is attacking the s–t out of this with hacks. Best bet is to use a Mac and stay away from Google browsers and/or Android phones.]

On 12/21, we received remarkable high-level briefings about the takedown of the Deep State now in process.

Hours later we called the now-legendary 4Chan insider Mega Anon, who confirmed almost everything we heard in the briefings as being true.

She added much more detail we had never heard before, almost all of which is included in the second section of this report. I am very glad she reached out and made personal contact with us.

Mass indictments of arch-criminals are already happening. We can prove that 4,289 sealed indictments have appeared just between October 30 and November 22, 2017.

The normal limit is not more than 1000 sealed indictments for the entire year. 


Just as our insiders had predicted, a limited UFO disclosure is now starting to happen as the Deep State’s back is up against the wall.

This is the last card they have left to play. They are hoping that they can throw off the ‘heat’ by getting us captivated in a magnificent new story.


A sealed indictment may be filed in a case where an organized crime syndicate is under active investigation.

This allows the authorities to nab certain individuals in the cartel, without making a public statement of who is being targeted.

Various insiders such as Mega Anon, who we are now in contact with, has said Hillary is already wearing a GPS bracelet because of this and other sealed indictments.

She is apparently hiding it by wearing a surgical boot out in public.

On December 14th, the Daily Mail and other outlets noted that Hillary was still wearing the boot two months after allegedly breaking her toe, which is unusual.


As we will explore in Section Two, also on this same day, the Winter Solstice, December 21st, another surprise attack was pulled against the Deep State.

Many operatives had their money, and all access to further money, frozen as of the wee hours of December 21st.

They woke up to find there was nothing left in their bank accounts, whether on or off the books, and no way to get more.


Also, please remember that many people are covertly fighting and dying, right now, to save us from a group of people who are as evil as you can possibly imagine.

The battle has become exceptionally lethal, and it is amazing how covert the whole thing still has been… at least up until now. Most people still have no idea.

With all that being said, never before have we seen so many visible events and headlines that point towards the same inexorable conclusion:

This is the big one.

The Deep State is losing this war on every front. The Deep State takedown we have been prognosticating for so long… is now happening.

The number of Hollywood and political elites already being exposed for sexual misconduct alone is so high that it has become very difficult to keep up with it.


With the distraction of holidays, briefings have dried up much like all other aspects in the working world.

Nonetheless, on November 15th, Corey got some stunning new updates that I haven’t shared with you until now. Here they are:

[11/15/17, 7:45:08 PM] Corey Goode: I am hearing chatter that indicates that things are looking VERY bad for the Cabal.

The Cabal has mostly acted like a crime family and has never kept its eggs in one basket.

The Clintons found a way to control a large portion of their money, and have been gathering as many of these eggs as possible into their baskets.

This was a huge risk but brilliant on the Clintons’ part. They made it so that if they were ever taken down, the Cabal went down with them.

Sessions may appoint a public investigation, but I’m told that Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are among the names already in sealed indictments.

Things are so tied into the Clintons that I was told that it is possible that she would suddenly succumb to her health issues. Then they will say that since she is dead, there is no reason to investigate further.

What would be found would be made public. It is expected that new laws would be created to make much of the unethical politics illegal.

The Alliance may agree also to a deal where all of these political cabal types would not be prosecuted, but removed from politics for life. They would be made into examples for why the new laws are needed.

I am told that some of these special operations groups monitoring the Cabal have been making covert raids to abduct other persons of interest.

These people have been identified by a cache of recent info that was made available to a few secret grand juries.


The next mega-briefing appeared very recently, on December 21st.

[12/21/17, 11:17:37 AM] Corey Goode: There are reports of MAJOR TROOP MOVEMENTS to the Korean Peninsula.

The news this morning showed US Special Forces training with South Korean troops to take nuclear sites.

The chatter on North Korea is getting pretty heavy.


I was fascinated by this part of the briefing in particular:

CG: Some of the troop movements are said to be done via underground tube train systems. Navy Seals travel on these all the time.

The Atlanta airport black out was caused by thermite grenades that took out backup/redundant power stations.


CG: This was all done to cause confusion and distractions for the Alliance to grab ONE PERSON! This was a high value target, or so I am told.

The Alliance has been making some big moves as far as grabbing people to be interrogated.

The Military is being used secretly in ways that will freak out most of the population when they find out, but it will be justified for removing the Cabal.

I am looking for confirmation on this from other sources.

The people who did these arrests were most likely ex-US Special Forces soldiers who are now corporate military types.


CG: I hear that Trump has been watching Alliance operations as they happen live at all hours of the day.

It sounds like a lot of people are being picked up, and have been for the last few days.

They “SAY” the Human Trafficking Networks have been mostly decapitated from these operations. They are basically stopping the international slave trade.

I still need confirmation on many of the VERY bold Alliance claims that are going on. It all sounds like “too good to be true”-type stuff.

[12/21/17, 4:20:01 PM] David Wilcock: Very cool!

CG: Looks like some of these sealed indictments are of DOJ and FBI Executive types.

There are SO MANY COVERT OPS going on right now… it is astounding. Far beyond the scope of what even the most forward-thinking people in our field may realize.

They have been yanking pedophile and human-trafficking-ring people from every dirty corner of the world.

DW: Fantastic.


CG: MANY key people are now finding out that they are being indicted and are trying to plea out or turn in States Evidence.

The investigations have been done so well and covertly that they don’t need very many people to testify.

There is some talk I don’t like. There is talk of not only secret grand juries, but also secret courts that may try some of the more classified crimes.

The human trafficking rings may fall under this secret court provision.

This has not actually happened yet, but is being seriously discussed in some of the Alliance think tanks that are making a lot of the US Alliance factions’ policies.

DW: Very, very interesting.


In this next excerpt, we got the Alliance’s view on what is happening through Tom DeLonge and his team, which include top CIA officials.

DW: Did anyone say whether the Tom Delonge disclosure was Cabal-related, as an attempt to throw off everything?

CG: Oh, yes… that its a frantic attempt to distract the public.

DW: No doubt. To me it is very obvious that this is what they are doing.

[DW: With that being said, I do not blame Tom DeLonge for this. He has called for transparency in disclosure and I am happy to assist him.]

CG: More of the Cabal’s disclosure narrative agenda will drop out as we move closer to taking them fully down. This we knew all along.


As we saw in the Q Anon briefings, there may be a moment where the National Guard does indeed conduct some form of mass arrests in the US.

This and other related events may lead to a temporary disruption of goods and services.

So, even though I know you are tired of hearing it, we again have been warned to keep some simple things on hand, just in case.

This is not expected to last very long, if it happens at all. Mega has also said the whole process should be relatively painless for the people.

CG: They again recommended that everyone have a minimum of two weeks of emergency food and water in case commerce shuts down temporarily.

They do feel this is unlikely, but it is still a possibility that we should be aware of.

They said there might be interruptions in our basic utilities in certain areas, such as electricity and water services.

DW: Understood.


The last part of this briefing involved a link to the executive order we mentioned before. In light of everything else we are discussing, this is very interesting.

CG: Check this out. This executive order that was passed today is very, very significant to everything we are talking about:

12/21: Declaration of National Emergency For Serious Human Rights Abuses Worldwide


DW: The first interesting thing we got from Corey’s briefings is the idea that Trump is getting a live video feed of the arrests as they happen.

MA: The first arrest like this that Trump got to see on video was four months ago.

The idea that Trump is seeing these arrests via a live video feed is true, but it is not every one. There have been three major ones and then there was some bad audio on the fourth.


MA: Here’s the other thing. This is how you can tell who has an indictment sealed. It all boils down to who does not have a deal.

Anyone wearing an ankle bracelet does not have a deal. There are articles saying Manafort paid 10M dollars for bail. He got a deal.


DW: Articles have come out about Hillary wearing the same boot for two months now and how strange that is for just a broken toe.

MA: The boot allows for stability without putting pressure on the foot. I am not denying those can’t be standard practice for older people with injuries, even for this long.

Hillary’s is not standard, nor is McCain’s.

They are going to speed up his natural causes. He is going to want them to do it. He wants to go down in history as a POW, not a criminal.

The people with ankle bracelets are on house arrest. The people with sealed indictments and no deal have ankle bracelets.

Awan didn’t get his until after he was arrested. They want to prevent flight risks. It’s the law. Huma’s was showing right through her pants leg recently.


MA: From day one of the new administration, the arrests started locally.

In the meantime, cripple the human trafficking network within the country.

Major networks have been broken in California, Florida, South Carolina and many more.

Over 40,000 people who were working in these rings have now been arrested.


MA: People are so upset about the Pizzagate stuff. Here’s the thing. It’s not just kids, older teens or adults, and prostitutes raped by pimps.

This is also the drug problem. This is the gun problem.

Whenever you say Pizzagate, you should also say gun gate, drugs gate.


MA: Today Trump signed that executive order. He cut off trafficking and how they can receive funding inside the US.

Today he signed the order saying that if you are someone outside the country, or inside the country who works with these groups we are going to identify, you will be arrested.

There are a whole lot of people who woke up this morning at 3:53 am and are now broke. Their assets have been frozen and seized.

Now they can’t even access the money they did have, and all their channels to get more are dried up.

You don’t have to be indicted or given notice. Now we are just going to come in and take it. We don’t want to give you a chance to scurry your money away.

This will trickle down to family courts and Child Protective Services. These people have already gotten the message.

By going after the local groups, you scare the f – out of people who don’t have cover.

These people are scared and the supply dried up. If you are working in Virginia and you are watching part of your network dry up, now you are scared.


DW: Are these local child trafficking groups also involved in satanic practices, such as ritual sacrifice?

MA: Mostly not. Granted, there are sick f-s in this world. If you beat, rape, buy a kid, transport, swipe, sell them off, those are sick people.

Satanists, Luciferians whatever you want to call them, they do exist.

I get people are tying this to these ritualistic sacrifices. That is a very, very, very, very small subset of what is going on.

Some people just get off on raping, beating, killing kids. Not choking them out at the neck and drinking their blood, buying up babies.


MA: Big s–t will start happening as of January 2nd. I have nothing specific on that date.

This is simply the first day that everyone is back to work and there are no big distractions left.

The entire country has been so lied to that they are at the point of breaking. The only people to worry about having war with is ourselves.


DW: Some of the briefings have suggested that Hillary had a file on the Cabal that she could use against them if they turned on her. That way, she could not be made into a scapegoat or otherwise sacrificed.

This turned out to be brilliant, because so much damning information was stored in one spot, which you are not supposed to do. Any thoughts?

MA: That is absolutely correct. Hillary has everything on the Establishment / Deep State. This was a critical mistake on her part that makes things much easier now.

Much of the Cabal have deals. Hillary has no deal. There are not even any operatives or contractors who will touch her with a ten-foot pole now.


MA: Hillary has no options. She is hiding out in NY. Huma goes and visits her all the time. Podesta has been out there three times in the last four months.

They are being quiet because they have nothing to say. Her own deep state has dried up around her.

She had a network on the side that was funded by Soros types, Rothschilds and so on.

They pushed BLM and Antifa, hoping it would just be enough to get their goals met.

Poor Soros. After investing 18 million or billion, nothing is happening with Antifa.

They aren’t showing up anywhere to do their paid protests. Half of the coordinators of these groups now have ankle bracelets on.


MA: Trump would love to tell you about the FBI, CIA. He can’t give you that get. He is going to get some of them.

Trump recently did a test for the live video feed on Periscope, which is a video app on Twitter.

It was a test run. He wanted to see how many hours they had.

They are test running many areas of communication that are going to be huge.

He wants direct access to you.

He knows he can’t really touch the public MSM [mainstream media.]


MA: January 2nd is going to feel like a new world. I am not saying anything epic is going to happen that day.

Everyone will be back to work. A new year begins. There are no breaks. No Christmas.

We are no longer finishing out the first year of these efforts.

We really got the dredge of everything – the low-hanging, dirty fruit. Now we are ready to get the bigger guns.

The only people left to grab are folks like Loretta Lynch, Holder, Obama and Hillary. THOUSANDS of people have already gone down.

Again, our friend Emery Smith is in urgent need of your help at this time. It would be wonderful if you could help him out through this crisis:

Emery’s Official Paypal Address:

Here is a text he sent me at 2:56 pm.

Emery Smith [New Whistleblower on Cosmic Disclosure]

Merry Christmas guys! PayPal is starting to ignite! Thank you thank you thank you, we’re crying!

Unbelievable response and amazing quotes and messages of sincere gratitude to you and I. Thank you David.

I really am emotionally drained and happy and never thought this miracle could happen. Fill you in later.

This report is filled to the brim with good news and I tried to pick out the best parts but I encourage everyone to read the entire thing, at least part II as that is where most of the most current intel is. Much love everyone, we are almost there!


Congo Update: What’s happening now?

US Ally Uganda Attacks Congo’s Beni Territory

The Congo crisis is now one of the greatest humanitarian emergencies in the world and the most underreported. An average of 5,500 people a day flee violence and insecurity, even more than in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Unlike Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, however, the Congo wars are undeclared and there’s no front line. There are instead many wars over many concentrations of resource wealth in this immensely resource-rich country, especially in the eastern provinces. For more than 20 years the most rapacious and destabilizing aggressors have been US allies and military partners Uganda and Rwanda. The US is the top bilateral donor to both. Uganda has been led by dictator Yoweri Museveni since 1986, Rwanda by dictator Paul Kagame since 1994.

I spoke to Boniface Musavuli, author of the book “Les Massacres de Beni” about the Ugandan army’s attack on his native corner of Congo, Beni Territory, just in time for Christmas.

Ann Garrison: Boniface, last week Uganda promised to keep its troops on the Ugandan side of the Congolese border. Then its attack aircraft crossed into Congolese territory and began bombing while its troops fired long range weapons from across the border. Should we call this an invasion in violation of international law even though Uganda claims it hasn’t sent any ground troops in yet and the Congolese army is reported to be collaborating with them in this?

Massacres in Beni Territory, North Kivu Province, DRC, OCTOBER 2014-JANUARY 2016. Certainly looks like the perpetrators were moving east to west, deeper into DRC from the Ugandan border. Not west to east, from DRC toward Uganda, as the ADF might have been if the ADF story made any sense whatsoever. If anyone has a 2017 map, please share.


Boniface Musavuli: Firstly, this intervention is a violation of the UN charter and the sovereignty of the Congo. Uganda has already been condemned by the International Court of Justice for assaulting and occupying the Congo between 1998 and 2003. We are therefore dealing with an act of recidivism.

The UN Charter prohibits states from using military force on the territory of another sovereign state unless they have a UN mandate or authorization from the government of the country concerned. Until now, however, there has been no Security Council resolution authorizing Uganda to conduct military operations on Congolese territory. Also, in the Congo, there is no official decision from either the government or parliament authorizing the Ugandan army to conduct operations on Congolese territory. Finally, President Joseph Kabila cannot make such a decision because his term in office expired in December 2016. The DRC Constitution does not allow a president whose term of office has expired to invite a foreign army into Congolese territory. So Uganda is violating international law.

AG: Uganda says they’re hunting down the Islamist ADF militia to make sure it doesn’t attack Uganda. They say they fear it will because it attacked the UN’s Tanzanian peacekeepers last week, killing 15 and wounding more than 50. What’s really going on?

BM: This argument is problematic and violates the principles of international law which makes “preventive warfare” illegal. A State cannot conduct operations on the territory of another State because it suspects that a threat will come from that State. Uganda claims to be launching a preventive war against the ADF in Congo, but we know that the attack on Tanzanian peacekeepers was not carried out by the ADF. The ADF has not even existed as a military force since April 2014. The massacres and violence that have been taking place in Beni since 2014 are carried out by certain units of the Congolese army with Rwandan officers and criminals recruited in Rwanda to cause chaos in Beni.

Like Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, Congo’s President Kabila wants the world to believe that there is Islamist terrorism in Beni and a security crisis that requires him to remain in power indefinitely. Finally, the base where the Tanzanian peacekeepers were attacked is more than 50 km from the Ugandan border, where the Ugandan army says it is conducting operations against the “ADF positions.”

AG: So the people of Beni have Rwandan officers in their own army, and now they’ve got Ugandan attack aircraft overhead dropping bombs and Ugandan troops shelling them from across their border if they haven’t already moved troops into Congo. Is this the latest phase of the de facto occupation that began when Rwanda and Uganda invaded Congo in the 1990s?

BM: Thousands of Rwandan soldiers were poured into the ranks of the Congolese army following the Goma accords of March 2009. Since 2013, thousands of Rwandans have been sent to Beni where they occupy the territories formerly occupied by the ADF and the southern part of the neighboring province of Ituri. Uganda is currently in conflict with Rwanda and certainly does not welcome the massive influx of Rwandan soldiers and people into this part of Congo bordering Uganda.

AG: Given the current tensions between Rwanda and Uganda, is it possible that the Ugandan attack is in fact an attack on the Rwandan troops wearing Congolese uniforms?

BM: The Rwandans within the Congolese army are always surrounded by real Congolese soldiers. So if the Ugandan army targets the Rwandans, it will not attack the Congolese army directly. I believe that, at first, Uganda wants to reestablish its presence on Congolese soil and try to understand how Rwanda intends to consolidate its grip on this Congolese region. The two countries will monitor each other at first. Of course, officially, it’s all about “fighting the ADF.”

AG: Earlier this week, I wrote to MONUSCO’s Public Information Director to ask what the Tanzanian peacekeepers had been doing in Beni Territory, and she wrote back to say that when the UN Security Council last renewed the Tanzanian troops mandate, they “stressed the importance of neutralizing the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) among other armed groups.” She also said that they had gone there initially to protect MONUSCO engineers and equipment sent to rebuild the bridge across the Semuliki River after it had been blown up by the “suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).” Once the bridge had been rebuilt in 2015, she said, their temporary base became a permanent operating base and they’ve been there since.

After the December 7 attack, the Congo Research Group said that it had been a battle over control of the Mbau-Kamango road that goes through the Virunga park, crosses the Semuliki River (on the bridge), and leads to the Ugandan border at Nobili.

Now the UN News, the UN’s Radio Okapi, and MONUSCO Chief Maman Sidikoua all blame the ADF for this attack on the Tanzanian peacekeepers. Your response?

BM: The UN Security Council and MONUSCO have been talking about “alleged ADF fighters” for almost three years now, but they know that the real ADF fighters no longer exist. ADF leader Jamil Mukulu was arrested in Tanzania in April 2015 and has been in prison in Uganda since May 2015. All the area once controlled by the ADF has already been recovered by the army and MONUSCO. The attack on the Tanzanian peacekeepers was carried out by a force of several hundred combatants wearing Congolese uniforms in an area under Congolese army control. The ADF, even when they were active, could not carry out such a large-scale operation. Moreover, the number of ADF who survived the 2014 operations is no more than a hundred people scattered throughout the bush without coordination or supplies. How can anyone believe that they could mobilize several hundred combatants, attack a base of 100 highly trained and well armed soldiers from four sides, and sustain the battle for more than three hours?

AG: Several days before the attack, Radio Okapi reported that “Beni civil society” objected to Uganda’s plan to cross the border to go after the ADF because they thought the Ugandans were really coming to occupy Beni Territory and would not leave. They appear to have been the only organization or amalgam of organizations stating the obvious.

BM: Yes they were, and they are the ones being massacred.

AG: Could you say something about the Tanzanian peacekeepers, fifteen of whom died during the December 7 attack?

BM: The Tanzanian peacekeepers were an anomaly. Unlike other UN peacekeepers, they had earned the confidence of Beni’s population. They were the contingent most motivated to actually protect the civilian population, and the population was therefore far more likely to confide in them than in the Congolese soldiers. It must always be kept in mind that most Congolese army units in this part of the Congo are led by Rwandan officers who are hated by the population for their crimes and atrocities.

AG: What about the Tanzanians’ offensive mandate to go after the aggressors? The Tanzanian and South African peacekeepers were the first peacekeepers that the UN ever gave an offensive mandate. That happened back in 2013 when they joined the battle to drive M23 out of North Kivu Province, and the UN Security Council has renewed their mandate every year since. Have the Tanzanians used their offensive mandate in Beni, and if so, how? It’s hard to imagine they don’t know that the real aggressors are the Rwandan officers and soldiers in the so-called Congolese army, the FARDC.

BM: Tanzanian peacekeepers are in an uncomfortable situation. When they arrived in Congo in 2013, their country had all but declared war with Rwanda. The conflict began when former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete called on the Rwandan government to negotiate with the FDLR, the armed group of Hutu refugee in eastern Congo. Kagame digested this proposal very badly and threatened to hit the Tanzanian president. The climate between the two countries became very tense, and Tanzania expelled several thousand Rwandans from its territory. Then when the Tanzanian soldiers arrived in Congo to fight the M23, they found that most of them were not Congolese rebels but Rwandan soldiers under Rwandan command.

AG: Kagame threatened to “hit” Kikwete? You mean assassinate?

BM: Kagame’s exact words were: “I’m going to wait for you in the right place and I’ll hit you!” He said that at a rally in Rwanda in 2013 as though he were speaking to the Tanzanian president.

Then the Tanzanian president, also in a rally, retorted that “he [Kagame] will be hit like a kid.”

After M23’s flight back into Rwanda and Uganda, the Tanzanians found that units of the Congolese army included several thousand Rwandan soldiers, consequent to the agreement agreement signed in Goma on March 23, 2009. Despite their offensive mandate, the Tanzanians were exposed to great risk because they could never trust the Congolese army that they were supposed to be working with. A hidden war between Tanzania and Rwanda has been taking place in Congo.

An incident occurred in May 2015, after the Tanzanian peacekeepers were secretly informed that a massacre was going to be committed in the town of Mavivi. They went there, hid, and waited. When they saw men armed with machetes and guns encircling the houses and taking the families out, they opened fire and killed about twenty of them. When they examined the bodies of the attackers, they saw that they were wearing Congolese uniforms and that they were really Rwandan soldiers who had been “integrated” into the ranks of the Congolese army by the 2009 Goma agreement.

This incident was quickly hidden by the Congolese authorities and even MONUSCO because it would have been a serious scandal. The Congolese government has never acknowledged the presence of Rwandan soldiers in the ranks of its army, and it has always denied that the killers of Beni are members of the army. If it had been made public that the Tanzanians had ambushed these soldiers in Congolese uniforms as they were pulling people out of their homes for a massacre, it would have been impossible to continue to deny it. Other soldiers in Beni might have reacted and regional tensions would have increased.

AG: I remember when Rwandans became part of the Congolese army in Kivu in 2009. It made no sense whatsoever, but American officialdom applauded as though it was a great step towards peace in the region.

BM: That followed a secret agreement between Kabila and Kagame. The Rwandan army returned to Congo officially to fight the FDLR alongside the Congolese army in January 2009. In March 2009, the Rwandan army announced that they had completed their mission and left Congolese soil, but in reality, the majority of the Rwandan soldiers did not return to Rwanda. They stayed in Congo, hidden inside the Congolese army. They were preparing the ground for the new war, that of M23, that broke out in April 2012. This war was part of a secret project to place the eastern Congo under the power of Rwanda. The goal is to balkanize Congo. This is what explains the large number of Rwandan soldiers in the ranks of the Congolese army, and the large numbers of Rwandan peasants who have appeared in Beni and settled on the land that the native people were driven off of. They are there to advance this project, despite the opposition of the Congolese people.

AG: OK, one last question for now. The Tanzanian peacekeepers sound heroic. This is the first time I’ve heard of any UN peacekeepers in Congo who were actually committed to protecting civilians. Their death is a tragedy that should outrage anyone who understands what really happened and how it’s being covered up. Whoever sent them into this very dangerous and deceptive conflict zone with a mandate to go after the ADF should be held accountable, and Tanzanian President John Magufuli has demanded a full investigation. Do you think he will be satisfied if investigators tell him that his soldiers were killed by ghosts of the ADF?

BM: I believe that President Magufuli already knows who killed his soldiers. Tanzanians in Beni are very knowledgeable because they have the confidence of the people, but Magufuli, as president, is obliged to wait for the conclusion of an investigation. Unfortunately, in the Congo, it is very difficult to get an investigation into serious crimes. For example, investigations into the killing of the two UN experts earlier this year are constantly hampered by the authorities. What is unfortunate is that now, the Tanzanians may become passive like other peacekeepers and let the attacks on the population go on without trying to protect them. The message behind this attack was that no real peacekeeping will be tolerated.

Ann Garrison is an independent journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2014, she received the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize for her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes region. She can be reached at@AnnGarrison or 

Boniface Musavuli is a native of Beni Territory now living in political exile in France and author of the books “The Massacres of Beniand “The Genocides of the Congolese, from Leopold II to Paul Kagame.He can be reached at



golden age of gaia

Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group – December 2017

December 24, 2017 by untwine
Welcome everyone ! Today is December 23rd and the new year 2018 is around the corner. Again, we International Golden Age Group(PFC-IGAG), a Mandarin-oriented Prepare for Change Group, are very happy to interview Cobra just before Christmas eve. The year 2017 is so intense and all lightworkers around the world have completed many remarkable achievements which have never been done before. If you need more information about Cobra and the truth, we have many platforms, resources and activities. You can make good use of it and share them with as many people as you can. The following is our official website: You can find any Cobra’s information here in Chinese. Today, Untwine and our team’s translator Patrick and me Jedi will interview Cobra again. Let’s start the interview now.

Untwine : How do negative ions effect plasma fields ?

Cobra : Negative ions do not effect plasma fields very much. Sometimes they can make it a little bit more harmonious but basically they don’t have much effect on plasma field

U : Are electrons composed of smaller particles ?

C : Yes but not on the physical plane

U : Are quarks or electrons, the permanent atom of the highest etheric sub-plane ?

C : No

U : So those permanent atoms are inside the quark or electrons or ?

C : They are existing on a higher plane

U : Are all particles actually waves ?

C : Yes

U : Some have described that matter of personality bodies that has been redeemed is retributed to the causal body or causal energy field, which then strengthens the aura, could you talk about this ?

C : It is not transmuted to the causal body, I would say the anomaly is removed from that matter and then the Light forces can translate or transmute that matter to any dimension they want.

U : So then the causal body flows better into the personality bodies ?

C : Causal body does not flow into personality bodies, causal body is not as it was described in the 20th century in many esoteric books, is it not the source of the soul, it is not the body of the soul

U : Ok. So what is its purpose ?

C : It is simply a body that, I would say is a bridge between entropy and syntropy, it’s a bridge between higher and lower dimensions of the cosmic physical plane.

U : And so it is in the higher mental plane ?

C : If you look at it from above it’s the second third and fourth sub-plane of the mental plane.

U : And the soul is on Atmic plane ?

C : Atmic and Budhic plane

U : At what plane do twin souls split ?

C : On the first sub-plane of the mental plane (if you look from above).

U : Ok. So above that they are always one

C : They are one being

U : At what plane are tachyons created ?

C : The tachyons are created in the Source and they emerge from the highest sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane into this Universe, that’s the Adi plane.

U : Ok so do they also exist inside the Source ?

C : They do not exist inside the Source, but they are emanations from the Source

U : When we are observing the quantum level from the physical plane, are we still looking at the physical or are we looking at a higher plane ?

C : It depends on the quantum phenomena you’re observing, but mostly you are observing the physical plane, and sometimes you are observing the plasma or even etheric plane. Actually certain quantum observations will be the official scientific discovery of the etheric plane, in the future when the cabal will lose its control over this process.

U : So the quantum level is existing at all planes simultaneously ?

C : Yes

U : Can the etheric body travel away from the physical body like the astral does ?

C : Yes

U : Is all matter on all planes simply made of densified Light ?

C : Yes, it’s a combination of densified Light and the primary anomaly

U : What is the purpose of the atmic plane ?

C : The purpose of the atmic plane is to transmit the divine plan into, I would say, more dense planes of creation

U : How would you differentiate the inner spiritual will and the free will ?

C : Inner spiritual will is a reflection of the will of the soul, whereas free will is a combination of that inner spiritual will and will of all sub-personalities combined.

U : Would you say that all matter from higher planes is present inside the physical matter ?

C : It embraces the physical plane, it’s not present inside the physical plane, but it’s present everywhere in a finer dimension

U : So they are existing in parallel

C : I would not say parallel dimensions because this brings up wrong mental associations, I would say it’s present everywhere but in a more refined state.

U : Right, in the same space

C : Actually everything is in the same space

U : Ok thank you

Situation Update

Patrick : Is asteroid Oumuamua really an alien spaceship?

C : It is not a spaceship, it is actually 2 objects which are almost touching each other, and they are given an appearance of very elongated objects, but it’s a natural object

P : If we can send tachyonized goshenite, cintamani stones and sugilite onto Low Earth Orbit, can they assist the removal of plasmatic wormlike entities and yaldabaoth ?

C : Yes of course

P : Ok we’ll try. Did our global winter solstice meditation reach critical mass and bring significant results?

C : It did not reach critical mass but it of course did help in certain operations of the Light forces

P : As light forces are gaining more and more progress, do they provide more protection to lightworkers and lightwarriors?

C : More protection will be available when the Light forces are able to have more direct access to the innermost layers of the anomaly, close to the surface of the planet.

P : How does the Resistance Movement review the overall performance of lightworkers on the surface in 2017?

C : I would say that the Resistance Movement understands that the Lightworkers have been under extreme stress on the surface of the planet, and there have been some major victories that have been organized by the lightworkers, some mass meditatons which have reached the critical mass and basically they have prevented world war 3 on the physical plane and they have prevented some very negative things from happening so this is the overview of the situation, from the perspective of the Resistance.

P : Does Primary Anomaly above the fifth dimension which manifested as absence of intel and answer still exist?

C : This still exists in a certain way, not directly for the Ascended beings in the same way as it was before, but still they are not having complete understanding of the primary anomaly, and how it will react to the inflow of Light, for this reason it is very difficult to predict how situations will unfold.

P : A special rainbow appeared at Mount Wǔtái few days ago. You said that is a PleiadianLiquid Light Ship. Can you talk about why the Pleiadian demonstrated their Liquid Light technology on this Tuesday?

C : It is simply because there was a lot of, I would say activity of the surface Lightworkers, that have put a strong Cintamani stone grid over China and Taiwan, and for this reason the Light forces Pleiadian ships can much more easily manifest in that area.

A very impressive and beautiful video of the appearance of this cloud-ship can be seen here :

P : Globally speaking, do we enough awakened lightworkers as the catalyst of triggering the Event?

C : Yes when the time is right. But the conditions are not right, it’s not about the number of Lightworkers… I would say they are ready. But there are other things that are not ready, basically the conditions of the plasma plane, the toplet bombs, that is absolutely not ready.

P : Was there any occult reason behind the China -India boarder standoff?

C : It was just archons trying to create another war and of course it did not happen

P : You mentioned that the cloning facility under Long Island is already cleared out; does it mean that Long Island is finally liberated from Chimera’s control?

C : It is much better but not fully liberated yet, I would say 85% liberated.

P : Is the Archon living in Macau still in need of our concern, such as burying cintamani stones there?

C : Yes it is good to bury Cintamani stones in Macau, it is one of the main anchors of the cabal in that region

P : Now that the Syria Pentagram is officially liberated, what should we lightworkers do to help light forces make the best use of its goddess vortex?

C : Syria is not completely liberated yet, the 5 points of the pentagram are liberated but there are still, I would say anomalous groups creating terrorism there, so Syria is still very much in need of Peace and healing. I would say that can be the main focus, to send energies of Peace and healing to this region.

P : Petit Trianon is a European palace full of goddess mystery and goddess energy, would you please name its counterparts in Asia?

C : Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and there is a certain Quan Yin temple in Taipei that has actually an entrance to the underground base of the Light forces there. There are others which are not well known to the public

P : Would you please name some Asian relics which have positive geopolitical influence as Crown of St. Stephen?

C : There is a certain samurai sword in Japan, and the Emerald Buddha, not the public one, an Emerald Buddha kept privately made of real Emerald. There are many other such power objects in the hands of Agartha in Asia but not on the surface.

P : If we successfully heal Grozny in 2018, will such success significantly boost the progress of the Event and mass arrest?

C : It will heal this area, which is important, but I would say it is not one of the planetary triggers.

General Questions

Jedi: As usual, here is a score review of celebrities. 0 means pure light, 10 means pure evil.

1. Dr. Sun Yat Sen : 4

2. Chiang Kai-shek : 5

3. Mao Zedong 8

4. Abraham Lincoln: 3

5. Queen Elizabeth the First 5

6. Napoleon: 6

7. Martin Luther King 3

Jedi : We have heard many people claiming they are mind-controlled or being spied. What can we do to help them solve such problems?

C : Basically everybody is being spied on, the whole phone network is all tied together, so I would suggest not put too much attention on this and focus on more positive things.

J : You said the animals and plants on Earth belong to collective consciousness, is there any animal or plant on Earth possessing individual consciousness?

C : Dolphins can sometimes show individual consciousness

J : Do dolphins living in Sirius belong to collective galactic consciousness as well?

C : Everything in the galaxy belong to galactic consciousness, the galaxy is one organism

J : Is there ancient civilization or operating base in Greenland?

C : Underground yes

J : Is the haze problem in China related with the cabal?

C : Haze is caused by bad urban planning and misuse of resources.

J : Does negative plasmatic field worsen the haze?

C : Yes it’s connected

J : We have buried nearly 3000 cintamani stones around China this year. Coincidently, the haze in Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing significantly decreases. Is this phenomenon related with the clearing effect of those cintamani vortexes?

C : Yes of course.

J : Do no life objects such as computer, cup or spoon have energy bodies?

C : They have plasma and etheric bodies, but astral and above pretty much zero.

J : Is it possible for non-physical entities to harass or threaten humans in their dreams?

C : Yes

J : How can we help that ?

C : You can use protection techniques that I have published on my blog

J : Sometimes, I don’t get good result by following my inner guidance. Can you elaborate how does genuine inner guidance feel like?

C : It needs practice, and self-honesty

J : What should we prepare in order to get funded by the St.Germain Trust?

C : All key lightworkers will receive money from the Saint Germain trust after the Event. You can carry a piece of gold as magnetic attractor for the Saint Germain funds

P : Was French Revolution in fact a cabal’s political scheme against the rise of Goddess Mystery of French royal court?

C : It was a natural movement from the people that was mis-used by the dark

P : Did Marie Antoinette really live a very lavish lifestyle or stories about her private life were actually cabal’s smear campaign against her as a goddess priestess?

C : She did have a lavish lifestyle but there is nothing wrong with that, and yes it was used as a smear campaign by the dark.

P : United States Air Force was founded in 1947, while Hubertus Strughold was recruited as a high ranking medical expert for USAF via operation paperclip at the same year. Does this fact imply that Strughold is perhaps the first chimera agent inside USAF?

C : It was a Nazi infiltration, chimera did not have agents inside USAF before 1996

P : Chinese Civil War from 1945-1949 caused a regime change in China. Was this war a proxy war between the light forces and the cabal?

C : Yes. It was Jesuit’s plan to take over China via China Communist Party.

P : Which party won the ultimate victory in this war, the light forces or the cabal?

C : The war is not over yet, and it will end with Victory of the Light forces

P : The dragon groups moved their stronghold to Taiwan in 1949. The Nationalist government retreated to Taiwan in the year. Did Chiang Kai-shek have connections with dragon groups or other light forces so that he made such decision?

C : Yes he had connection with the Dragon groups, who guided the bringing of the Imperial treasure to Taiwan, part of this is in the national museum in Taipei

P : Can you elaborate the identity of Merlin and his connection with lightworkers?

C : That entity is helping the liberation of the planet and is known as Saint Germain

P : Is it true that King Arthur is the offspring of Jesus?

C : Yes he is part of this bloodline

P : What is King Arthur ‘s mission in his age?

C : To bring the energies of divine ray of divine purpose

P : You mentioned that Primary Anomaly has existed in many universes before this one. Does it mean that Primary Anomaly has existed for eons?

C : It always existed

P : Did dark forces exist in previous universes?

C : No

P : How did all previous universes disappear?

C : They were re-absorbed into singularity

P : Did lightwarriors and starseeds on Earth assist the clearing and transmutation of Primary Anomaly in previous universes?

C : No, they did not exist at that time, it was a completely different situation

P : Star War: the Last Jedi released on last Wednesday. Would you like to talk about the relationship among the Galactic War, the Jedi and starseeds?

C : The Star Wars movies have put part of Galactic history into a movie, and it’s also a story about right now, about our lives right now.

P : Have Central Civilization come to China for anchoring Goddess energy?

C : They came to China long long time ago

P : Please name three top goddess vortexes in China and Taiwan.

C : This is classified

P: Trump recently signed an executive order to bring American people back to Moon. Should we bury a tachyonized aquamarine at JFK Space Center to help USA manifest this vision?

C: If you feel so guided,yes

P: As my group has almost completed the third phase of cintamani grid project which cover most caves and infrastructures in Taiwan and China, what places should my group focus next year for our cintamani missions?

C: North Canada, Siberia and oceans

P : As our monthly online ray healing session is getting more and more popular among lightworkers worldwide, can we expand our monthly ritual of abundance to the international level?

C: Yes, you can.

P : Would you recommend any reliable reference information about leylines so that we can bury cintamani stones upon those leylines?

C: I will send you a map via email.

P : How should we connect with Master Kuthumi in order to become a better healer?

C : You can use the Kuthumi ray, those who are initiated will know what I am talking about

P : Is Master Kuthumi same as the Medicine Buddha? Which stellar system is he from and he is in which dimension now?

C : They are not the same. Kuthumi came from Sirius star system

Victory of the Light


Dark Forces pyramid.001

Dark Forces Hierarchy and Control Tactics

By Danell & author

The Cabal: a general term for any and all of the Dark Force hierarchy, either separately or all together. Here we are going to do a few levels of separation, so we all can learn the subtle differences of darkness and how they have controlled us.

Knowledge is POWER.

(rp0516) Rob: Yeah, that’s what I’ve been feeling to. Many people are waking up and are not aware of the lower level Cabal members who are responsible for evil programs working within a subtle series of groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, (inaudible), RAND, IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, the Committee of 300, multi-national corporations.

And, of course, the American, I guess we could call it political octopus of the DOJ, the NSA, the CIA, the CDC, Department of Justice, Department of State, and even now the Atmospheric and Engineering is having deep secrets with all of the chemical spraying.

However, most of the population is not aware that these Earth organizations are controlled by hostile, renegade ET groups, Omegans, Reptilians, Greys, insectoids, Tall Whites, and others.

I’m going to ask you, is this inter-dimensional war that is totally raging at this time . . . will the population ever get a clear history of the Earth’s dilemma on a mass scale or before the Event? Or will all this info. come after the Event?

We’re getting snippets of this and snippets of that, but it’s not being released in one fell swoop because there’s so many groups. Can you tell us about that? So many people want to know who’s who and what’s going on.

Cobra: Okay, first I’ll explain what’s going on. And you have now just explained the basic structure of the Illuminati. I would say the basic structure. But there are people, there are beings, there are structures behind the scenes that are controlling the Illuminati and all those structures that you have just mentioned.

The first player is the Jesuits, and I think most people are not aware of the real power and the real scope of the Jesuits reach and they are basically controlling . . . They are the ones that are controlling the so-called Khazarian Mafia. They are the ones that are controlling all those organizations.

And behind the Jesuits you have the Archon families. They are old lineages that came from the Andromeda galaxy a long time ago and have been incarnating in certain select families mainly in Europe. And they are the ones controlling the Jesuits which are controlling the Illuminati. And behind them are inter-dimensional ET entities and the Chimera group.

Regarding the Reptilians, the Draco, that you have just mentioned, most of those have been cleared out and they are not having as much influence on the planetary situation anymore. And this is just to give you a little explanation of what’s going on. (rp0516)

Some of the ways Humans are Controlled:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[PFC 0317] Lynn – In your blogpost from November 28th, 2013, you mentioned the following:
“Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth. Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of the planet.”

It has been reported in the news that Kolvenbach died on November 26th, 2016, in Beirut. According to your sources is he actually dead? If he is dead, what does that mean for disclosures and justice in regards to 9/11 and 3/11 attacks?

COBRA – It means that one of the major perpetrators of this have died or shall I say have been removed from the planet but he was not the only one and he is not the only one who was preventing the truth about this to come out. There was actually a whole group and this group has not been removed yet. But each of them that has been removed does make the situation easier and this is one of the reasons why we have so many releases about various topics that were not happening before. [PFC 0317]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(ru0317) Question: David Icke had stated that the Queen of Great Britain and most of the kings of Europe, as well as some US presidents, are all related to one reptilian bloodline. How about the Russian Tsars, were they related to the royal line of the reptilians too? Please, clarify the situation with this.

COBRA: Many of them yes (ru0317)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A: Excellent. God, it’s so exciting. Now, you had talked a little bit about, um, the removal of the cabal needs to happen first before, this event takes place.. correct?

Cobra: Yes, actually the removal of the cabal happens at the event.

A: At, the time of the event.

Cobra: Yes. (am1213-2)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This article is meant to inform. The physical removal of The Cabal will be extremely helpful, but what can you or me do today?

What YOU can DO

Join Sunday Synchronized Meditations – 9 am PDT, 11 am Central, 4 pm UTC
Share information – internet, blog, youTube – Write Articles
Connect with Your Higher Self/Soul – Receive Inner Guidance/Healing (Do your INNER work)
Raise your Vibrations – Find Inner POWER (Keep your energy clear and high)
Fulfill your MISSION (Connect with your soul to find that out)
Clearing: I AM ____________________________________ (your own full name)

I AM ONLY ________________________________ (your own full name)

I AM NO ONE BUT ___________________________ (your own full name)

see past articles on clearing:,

Danell – and author