Help share, join, and let’s reach critical mass on June 29th/30th so we really do experience a far better future for Gaia & humanity!

Age of Aquarius Activation II – (June 29.30)  

Over 40,000 people have participated in our mass meditation at the moment of the Solstice – Solar Eclipse and…  

..this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass on June 30th…  

A few days before this meditation, our Taiwanese team has seen this Pleiadian cloudship which was doing gridwork preparation for the activation of the Dragon vortex in Chiayi.

Some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4th meditation.

That is absolutely not true!

The coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree. On the graph below you can see that the spread of the pandemic peaked exactly on April 4th and then its speed receded for at least a month and a half.

Also, our meditation on April 4th had a huge effect on the planetary plasma field and on the Schumann resonance:

So if we reach the critical mass on June 30th we can expect a far better future.

An interview about the importance of this meditation is here:

You can read the transcript in English here :


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.


Guided Audios for this meditation in 25 languages:  

A Live Stream in real time will be available here:

ps. At the moment of our activation, a double Paris/Versailles Goddess vortex needs to be reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy. We need a person with purity of heart and strong leadership qualities from Paris to organize the reactivation of that vortex and then to hold regular weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in Paris. Please Contact: for further instructions as soon as possible, as everything needs to be organized in the next two days.


Solstice-Eclipse Meditation Tonight! Why it matters (Hint: Luciferian marches on June 21st)

Summer Solstice & Anular Eclipse !

There’s a profound reason why Magenta Pixie … Sandra Walter … and others in-the-know are all-but-screaming  about the importance of showing up for the Eclipse/Solstice Mass Meditation this Sat night (US) – Sunday (rest of the world).

And it also explains why the Luciferians are taking the unprecedented setup of going public, in large numbers … demanding [invoking] a One World Gov’t.

It’s because anything you focus on this Solstice-Eclipse … will be intensified in terms of manifestation!

The dark ones will pass themselves off as ‘misunderstood’ when they get interviewed by the Cabal media, during their highly public & promoted marches in a dozen US cities.

And they will say the OWG will help save lives & prevent wars.

So I don’t know about you … but a can’t say I have much appetite for this !

The Cabal media feigning benevolence every day is bad & stomach churning enough.

And to top-it-all-off … how well we do 11 hrs from now will influence whether Starseeds around the planet can reach critical-mass on the June 30 Meditation Cobra has called for.

So … your mission … should you chose to accept it, is:

Show up in the field with me … and stand in solidarity…  

… for Truth … Freedom … Justice …  


Times & Links for the  

June 21st144K “SOLSTICE-ECLIPSE” Mass Meditation

Join Time: 1am EDT (US) June 21st – (Sat night MDT, CDT, PDT)  

Start Time: 1:10am EDT  

Eclipse Maximum: 2:40am EDT  

Your Time Zone:  

Live Guided Broadcast on Ground Crew Command Radio:  

Or if you prefer, dial in # is: 1-310-807-5232

See you there!  

Yours in Service …  

The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Sound of Trumpets, a wave of awakening

You know it really looked like the world did not make sense for some time now, until … this week when I encountered several pieces of the puzzle and upon putting these together with all the previously presented and collected pieces of information, suddenly the world made perfect sense. If anything, it is a BOOM!

During the last couple of years and more specifically weeks of protests, people are awakening to the fact that not all is what it seems. As the pictures from popular social media outlets show us, more and more unknown equipment is shown on the streets to disperse the crowds, whether or not they are peaceful or rioting. So, the question arises what is this and what does it do? And here we enter the ‘conspiracy theories’, as now it is even more relevant to ask where does it come from and where will this go?

Many hardworking Light warriors and workers know these weapons far too well, having experienced the excruciating feeling of a tightening heart muscle, or a pounding headache that they cannot shake. So the detrimental physical effect and recovery takes its toll, but what is even more destroying is the fear it induces, which is the same as the theories being meant to keep us as a population in lower vibration of fear, guilt, etc. So, let us have a look at this presentation that sparked my revelation.

In just four months we have witnessed more social turmoil and life-changing events than most of our forefathers did. There is currently a global divide created on how the pandemic with a virus should be dealt with, as well as ideologies on skin colour, and last but not least our last breath is aimed at 5G and it is threats to our health.

Whatever you may think of him as a person, looking below the veil of his brashness, DJT with help of the White Hats, Q and Anons, are cleaning the swamp of the Deep State. CoVFeFe is the alloy of Cobalt, Vanadium, and Iron, creating a magnetic material that will facilitate many innovative technologies for our future, including space travel. Research, studies and patents on the magnetising abilities go as far back as early the 1920’s. The metals Cobalt, Vanadium, Ferrin alloy magnets, essentially cleanse the impurities from the 5G, and from an ionic level to keep oxygen from being depleted, rendering the signals harmless.

Trump’s uncle (greatly valued by DJT), being head of research was allocated by the FBI as the main researcher on the work of the deceased scientist Nikola Tesla. The dedication of this man and his team has ensured that we now will be able to step into the next piece of the puzzle:

The Mayotte Wave

The earth rang like a bell for 20 minutes starting 15 miles off the shores of the French island of Mayotte, in between Africa (Mozambique) and Madagascar to Hawaii, on the 11th day of the 11th month in 2018, – and who has not seen those numbers turn up repeatedly feeling its significance -. The waves buzzed across Africa, across Chile, New Zealand, Canada and up 11,000 miles away to Hawaii. Ringing for over 20 minutes, with a clean zigzag repeating every 17 seconds. Humans did not feel it because of this steady pattern which rules it out as natural. In an interview with National Geographic a French seismologist compared it to being like a musical instrument. In the same article they even compared it with not being able to see the colour red. And it seems he was not far off, as throughout our recent history, church bells have been made with a specific alloy to make their sound and reverberate to call the congregation over longer distances. These bells have been raided and later replaced with cheaper, much lower resonating alloys.

Meanwhile over the last couple of years, many people have listened to the unearthing sounds on social media, sounding like metal creaking, unworldly sounds, hair raising, until someone got the idea to play it in slow motion and what then happens is this!

Life Under The Dome -2- Jetson White – 12 Marcg 2020

Listen at Mark 2:26 min to 4:40 min as the sound is played in slow motion, without the fear factor it suddenly does not sound so eerie, like waves of trumpets.

Then at the beginning of December 2018 we hear that CERN had shut down the large hadron collider for two years, and three weeks later NYC, and the world, is shook up as an eerie blue glow lights up the night sky. The collider had been used to tamper with our DNA, using frequency resonance, but now the US military intelligence has control over unauthorized, shadow military technology.

Blue Light floods NYC sky on 27 December 2018.

MrBB333 skies showing dishes, portals, cloud formation

The human brain naturally syncs up with the Earths Schumann Resonance, used to be 7.8Hz, which over the last years is fluctuating heavily  in power, output, and frequency, with another discovery that our Earths resonance used to be higher and had a damaging effect of our human DNA, stopping us from remembering who we are.

Examples of last year’s high frequency powers: at 21st March 2019, 150Hz, – 7th July 2019, 110Hz, – 20th September 2019, 99Hz, – 2nd November 2019, 96Hz. The year 2020 so far has shown some very fabricated, manipulated ranges in the frequencies, for dates of frequencies going sky high can be seen here, source: for some these dates will resonate with major meditation events, when larger groups and those of more experienced meditators got together influencing timelines.

So, waves, light, colour, frequencies and sounds are all part in this massive awakening and a step too far for most people to grasp, yet meanwhile our skies during day and at sunset show colours, shapes and forms of clouds not seen before. Weather patterns manipulated, ozone holes closing, Atlantic magnetic field from Zimbabwe to Chile weakening, and the upper cloud layers at 80 to 100km are registering extremer cold temperatures showing Noctilucence clouds as far down as London-UK, Utah-USA and even Las Vegas last year. Where do these changes lead too?

The technology exists, is patented even, that is using Tesla based designs and ideas to up the frequency to a stable 13.13Hz, to the point upon which the poles could reverse.

“In addition to all technology manipulating the Earth’s HeartBeat is gradually increasing due to Solar Activity activating Earths Toric field, Photon Belt / Band of Alcyone activating Earths Toric Field, Galactic Love Waves activating Earths Toric field, our humanities individual & collective ‘Activated Heart Coherence/Resonance‘ through meditation and a general raising and activating Earths Toric Field and Celestial Alignments (e.g. Lunar & Solar Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, Galactic Centre Conjuctions, etc…).

The above factors, in combination with many others is increasing Earths HeartBeat, Hz, and gradually decreasing the magnetic field, ultimately leading to a full magnetic polar shift

What will happen during a magnetic Pole Reversal?

As the earth heartbeat is increasing and holds a synchronize, sustained and harmonic Heart Beat frequency around the Earth of 13.13Hz this will be the critical point Hz frequency that will lead to a full Earths Magnetic Pole Reversal. As the Earths magnetics will diminish and become erratic it will then be humanity’s individual / collective heart toric field in combination with Galactic Toric Field that will quantum leap ALL life forms into this phase of Evolution.

At the threshold of 13.13Hz humanity’s primordial cells are resonated and pineal glands ‘ignite’, creating a cascade of quantum shifts in the body from the Activation of DNA & all 64 DNA Light codes through to the attunements of DNA in a RESONANT frequency that now reflects an awakened level of 5D consciousness within the physical body.

Humanity’s individual /connective Heart Toric fields will then re-establish the new electro-magnetic Heart Field of Earth, stabilize her Heart Beat and support a simulation of consciousness brain from an awakening level of 5D awareness.”

Next by underlining certain words in leading twitters’ tweets, reading only those words, our inner resonance starts, igniting our inner higher energy. The connection between our pineal gland being the ‘Seat of our Soul’, as remarked in 1649 by Rene Descartes and excitement to raise our dormant to fuel, understand, manifest and materialise our inherent creation abilities. By increasing the Schumann Resonance with technology a pole shift is produced on purpose and benevolently. This is possible because life is inherently existing with magnetics and can be manipulated using sound waves.

All this leading to the last Trumpet in the ancient scriptures could be a 5D Magnetron Sound Blast created by technology. Such a 5D blast could be used to literally time travel humanity out of this timeline into a future timeline. All that is required from us is keep calm, discern, feel the resonance and meditate to raise the vibration, envision your world as you want it!


30 Day Meditation Challenge at the New Moon !

Things are going to change over the coming few months and many of the changes will be rooted in the decisions that we make now during this New Moon.

The New Moon is at 2 degrees Gemini at 1:38 PM EDT on May 22, 2020.

This event will set the month’s intention for us all, for with the unification of the Sun and Moon’s energies, we connect with our innermost power to one another, society and the Earth.

We are entering a series of eclipses as the Moon’s orbit settles into the path of the Earth around the Sun.

These are some of the most powerful times to meditate as these are the particular moments that allow us to infuse our own intention into the cycle that affects all life on Earth.

Venus is retrograde – it’s a time for collectively going back over and re-evaluating our values and what we want for our world. Venus is square to Neptune. This aspect is in the charts of spiritual seekers.

The Pisces-Gemini aspects highlight the Divine Communication of Unconditional Love of Source..

The Nodal Axis in Gemini/Saggitarius  + the Mercury Neptune aspects highlight the urge to gather clear information and get the facts – Neptune makes people less certain about what they believe – causing them to dive deeper into the layers of truth.

This is a perfect time to use our meditations to encourage the human collective to challenge the old paradigms and beliefs.

Jupiter causes a crisis in belief – people are forced to radically change their beliefs – causing seismic shifts in the collective consciousness.

This new moon is a glimpse of what we’ll see in Sept and the next 6 months – as far as the search to determine what is true and what is not.

This is a perfect time where we can CHOOSE to ENERGIZE…

…the organization of Mass Meditations

The Gemini Sun and Moon encourage ONLINE ACTIVITY.

The Sun and Moon are trine to Saturn in Aquarius – emphasizing building a sense of COMMUNITY for the LONG TERM.

Gemini is FAST – which makes it possible to quickly setup Mass Meditations…

The energy is shifting the timelines of what we were expecting to see on  Earth – and then ALL OF A SUDDEN – we see a shift – and suddenly we’re on a COMPLETELY different trajectory. 

This is our opportunity to create a better world – when everything is in flux. We’re between paradigms. We’re creating a new paradigm from which we can birth something new.

PFC Leadership is inviting YOU to participate in our 30 Day Meditation Challenge

What’s involved?

Pick a time each day to do this 20 minute exercise. (Guided Meditation to follow).

Some people will be doing this at 11:11 their local time but it really doesn’t matter WHEN you do it. Just do this 30 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE at a time of day when you can get half an hour to yourself.

The goal is to enhance your meditation skills… to become a much more powerful meditator during the coming Global Mass Meditation Events!

Here’s what to do:

Take 5-10 minutes (or more) each day to be outside in nature.

Hold the frequencies of Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love for the Earth.

This is how you pull those qualities towards you – and how you begin to bring them into your personal experience.

The more you get used to doing this – even for a few minutes each day – the more you start to step into your power and begin to have a much greater sense of being a CREATOR – an EMPOWERED creator – rather than being blown around moment by moment by whatever is happening in your world.

***If for some reason it’s too cold or the weather prevents you from going outside, just crack open a window and gaze out at the beauty before you and observe what sounds you hear***

Then follow along with this Guided Meditation:


  1. Turn your focus inwards.
  2. Shut your eyes.
  3. Turn your focus to your breath.
  4. Imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart, as if your heart was your lungs.
  5. Feel your breath start to slow and deepen.
  6. As you really focus on doing just this and nothing else, just focusing on your breath…
  7. Feel the biomarkers in your blood begin to change.
  8. Feel how your cortisol levels are reduced.
  9. Feel your stress begin to vanish and disappear.
  10. Drop into the stillness of the present moment…
  11. … where nothing exists outside of you.
  12. As you stay focused on your breath…
  13. Notice how you can’t be anywhere else but where you are… right here…  right now.
  14. You are in the present moment…
  15. …and you’re going deeper and deeper into stillness.
  16. Drop an anchor from the center of your being….
  17. …into the core of Gaia. 
  18. And then set your intention for this day…
  19. …this month…
  20. …and this year.

More on this very special Mass Meditation opportunity from Pam Gregory

On June 5th there will be a full moon lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius, and on June 21st there will be an annular solar eclipse, followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse on July 5th.

PFC Leadership will be announcing Mass Meditations for each of these transits.

Stay tuned.

Red Button

Yep, this does seem to be IT! … Cobra, FM144 & others confirm + Links for Equinox 144K Meditation


Timezones, Links & Protection Protocol for the March 19/20 144k Equinox Mass Meditation are at the bottom of this brief / Update.

Further intel keeps on flowing in confirming the retreat – and or – removal of the physical Cabal from the surface of the physical plane.

” … According to the LFs, we see here the retreat of the Cabal into prepared underground facilities, where they want to hold out [survive] the Event, COVID-19 is only a pretext ”


FM144 confirms this here:

… and this just in from Cobra :

” … War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax”

” I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey


” They [RM] have added that mass arrests are NOT yet taking place, although the Positive Military is already involved in certain preparatory operations …”

Further Confirmation is from Dinar Chronichles:

GodLike Productions: (click ‘agree to terms’ check boxes on the page you land on, towards the bottom, to read the update)

And further clarifications/confirmations from Fulford’s sources:​

Here’s a tidbit from Fulford’s Pentagon/CIA source:

” … What is really going on is a global slave revolt against ancient Satanic bloodline ruling families who are now being systematically hunted down by special forces, according to multiple sources “

The only real problem here is:

They’re trying to collapse the whole system … namely economic system, to cause chaos & take all of us down with them.

Of course, this was always going to happen (and clearly it is happening) but the cabal wants to make it all go down in a way that is aligned with the lowest (most painful, chaotic) timeline for humanity.


This is the primary reason why

... it’s all-hands-on-deck for the 144k Mass Meditation this Thurs/Fri!

For more about how this meditation will set up the energies for the “End of the Corona Virus Meditation” on April 4th/5th, CLICK HERE:

THIS IS IT ! ! !


Get that early sleep on Wednesday & Thursday night & prepare for the 144k Equinox Mass Meditation as I’ve stated on last Saturday’s special Pre-Equinox Meditation last Saturday …

BE … the Operative that you are.

BE … the change you want to see.


Time & Links

For Thursday’s 144k Advanced Equinox Mass Meditation

Date: Thursday, March 19th (20th in Australasia)

Join Time: 9 PM EST

Start Time: 9:10 PM EST

(Equinox peak: 11:49pm EST)

Duration: 1-2 hrs approx

Your Time-zone:

Live Guided Broadcast, is in the:

144k Members Area

If you’re not yet a 144k Member, you can listen to the Live Guided Broadcast: HERE

See you on the non-physical!

To share with others, send them to: 144k where they can sign up.

For the 144K Protection Protocol … click on the ‘144k Free Session/Tools’ tab

at the top of the: 144k Member’s Area

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: 4 Phase Healing & Clearing System or Internal Compression Breakthrough Audio Package or De-Hypnosis Audio or



Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday at the 0202-2020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday at the 02022020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

Guided Meditation (2 hour visualization):

Timelines are still in flux until the mirror gateway of February 2nd, 2020.

[… the 0202-2020 Gateway …]

We’re still advised to not make any big long-term decisions this week … as the timelines keep on (mostly) upgrading to new & different situations & opportunities.

Although after we cross through the 0202-2020 Gateway, it will be full steam ahead … and your plans, goals & desires can be manifested with more certainty & stability.

After the full analysis of intel & & overall assessment (including from reports like Cobra’s) from the 3 Day Trifecta of Mass Meditation & astrological events of 10th, 11th & 12th  Jan (really, this MASS transition period all started from 12/12/2019) …

… we now find ourselves being presented with a code.

It looks like this: 0202-2020 

Numerologicaly … this is quite profound. I know many of you have been going through a lot of shifting … some of it literal & physical.

And thus, you’ve followed my advice from the end of the last Ground Crew Command episode & taken it easy & looked after yourself as best as possible. 

Keep in mind … since 12/12/2019 (all the way to 02/02/2020) – it’s been a MASS transition & ascension period! Darkness in all it’s forms … is NOT liking this … so yes … it’s been rough, and if you haven’t been doing your internal work in new, innovative & robust ways – on a WEEKLY basis … it’d be even rougher. 

But don’t let this phase you! 

After 02/02/2020, things will start to settle into the energies of 2020 … (energetically, the new year didn’t start till Jan 25th) on a MUCH higher timeline thanks to the work we Starseeds have been doing. 

Let’s Complete The Ascension To the Event Timeline & Calm the ‘End Time Madness’ 

No … we’re not quite at that timeline yet. But very close. Cobra has just reported that plasma Chimera spiders are on the verge of being fully removed. 

Want to accelerate that? 

And manifest freedom sooner … with more smoothness? 

Let’s fulfill our soul duty … mandated by high levels of Light & an authority far greater than any matrix recognized organization! Let’s make the Victory of the Light comprehensive, complete & full! 

Will you join me? 

Since this is a wide arc of a gateway, it’s perfectly fine to tune into this meditation at any time that is convenient for you this weekend!

Link to the guided broadcast:

See you on the non-physical!    

To share with others, send them to:


… where they can sign up.  

Yours In Service

The Unknown Lightwarrior 

More info at the link below: