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Yep, this does seem to be IT! … Cobra, FM144 & others confirm + Links for Equinox 144K Meditation


Timezones, Links & Protection Protocol for the March 19/20 144k Equinox Mass Meditation are at the bottom of this brief / Update.

Further intel keeps on flowing in confirming the retreat – and or – removal of the physical Cabal from the surface of the physical plane.

” … According to the LFs, we see here the retreat of the Cabal into prepared underground facilities, where they want to hold out [survive] the Event, COVID-19 is only a pretext ”


FM144 confirms this here:

… and this just in from Cobra :

” … War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax”

” I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey


” They [RM] have added that mass arrests are NOT yet taking place, although the Positive Military is already involved in certain preparatory operations …”

Further Confirmation is from Dinar Chronichles:

GodLike Productions: (click ‘agree to terms’ check boxes on the page you land on, towards the bottom, to read the update)

And further clarifications/confirmations from Fulford’s sources:​

Here’s a tidbit from Fulford’s Pentagon/CIA source:

” … What is really going on is a global slave revolt against ancient Satanic bloodline ruling families who are now being systematically hunted down by special forces, according to multiple sources “

The only real problem here is:

They’re trying to collapse the whole system … namely economic system, to cause chaos & take all of us down with them.

Of course, this was always going to happen (and clearly it is happening) but the cabal wants to make it all go down in a way that is aligned with the lowest (most painful, chaotic) timeline for humanity.


This is the primary reason why

... it’s all-hands-on-deck for the 144k Mass Meditation this Thurs/Fri!

For more about how this meditation will set up the energies for the “End of the Corona Virus Meditation” on April 4th/5th, CLICK HERE:

THIS IS IT ! ! !


Get that early sleep on Wednesday & Thursday night & prepare for the 144k Equinox Mass Meditation as I’ve stated on last Saturday’s special Pre-Equinox Meditation last Saturday …

BE … the Operative that you are.

BE … the change you want to see.


Time & Links

For Thursday’s 144k Advanced Equinox Mass Meditation

Date: Thursday, March 19th (20th in Australasia)

Join Time: 9 PM EST

Start Time: 9:10 PM EST

(Equinox peak: 11:49pm EST)

Duration: 1-2 hrs approx

Your Time-zone:

Live Guided Broadcast, is in the:

144k Members Area

If you’re not yet a 144k Member, you can listen to the Live Guided Broadcast: HERE

See you on the non-physical!

To share with others, send them to: 144k where they can sign up.

For the 144K Protection Protocol … click on the ‘144k Free Session/Tools’ tab

at the top of the: 144k Member’s Area

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power … go to: 4 Phase Healing & Clearing System or Internal Compression Breakthrough Audio Package or De-Hypnosis Audio or



Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday at the 0202-2020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

Mass Meditation Coming up this Saturday/Sunday at the 02022020 Gateway on February 1st/2nd

Guided Meditation (2 hour visualization):

Timelines are still in flux until the mirror gateway of February 2nd, 2020.

[… the 0202-2020 Gateway …]

We’re still advised to not make any big long-term decisions this week … as the timelines keep on (mostly) upgrading to new & different situations & opportunities.

Although after we cross through the 0202-2020 Gateway, it will be full steam ahead … and your plans, goals & desires can be manifested with more certainty & stability.

After the full analysis of intel & & overall assessment (including from reports like Cobra’s) from the 3 Day Trifecta of Mass Meditation & astrological events of 10th, 11th & 12th  Jan (really, this MASS transition period all started from 12/12/2019) …

… we now find ourselves being presented with a code.

It looks like this: 0202-2020 

Numerologicaly … this is quite profound. I know many of you have been going through a lot of shifting … some of it literal & physical.

And thus, you’ve followed my advice from the end of the last Ground Crew Command episode & taken it easy & looked after yourself as best as possible. 

Keep in mind … since 12/12/2019 (all the way to 02/02/2020) – it’s been a MASS transition & ascension period! Darkness in all it’s forms … is NOT liking this … so yes … it’s been rough, and if you haven’t been doing your internal work in new, innovative & robust ways – on a WEEKLY basis … it’d be even rougher. 

But don’t let this phase you! 

After 02/02/2020, things will start to settle into the energies of 2020 … (energetically, the new year didn’t start till Jan 25th) on a MUCH higher timeline thanks to the work we Starseeds have been doing. 

Let’s Complete The Ascension To the Event Timeline & Calm the ‘End Time Madness’ 

No … we’re not quite at that timeline yet. But very close. Cobra has just reported that plasma Chimera spiders are on the verge of being fully removed. 

Want to accelerate that? 

And manifest freedom sooner … with more smoothness? 

Let’s fulfill our soul duty … mandated by high levels of Light & an authority far greater than any matrix recognized organization! Let’s make the Victory of the Light comprehensive, complete & full! 

Will you join me? 

Since this is a wide arc of a gateway, it’s perfectly fine to tune into this meditation at any time that is convenient for you this weekend!

Link to the guided broadcast:

See you on the non-physical!    

To share with others, send them to:


… where they can sign up.  

Yours In Service

The Unknown Lightwarrior 

More info at the link below:


Mass Meditations for all Starseeds – Jan 10, 11 & 12 – Big Opportunity to Trigger Change


Laws of Manifestation to hit critical mass for the Age of Aquarius Activation:

1. Declare that “144,000 people or more will participate in the Jan 11th/12thAge of Aquarius Activation.”

2. Visualize 144,000 people or more meditating in perfect harmony during the Jan 11th/12th Age of Aquarius Activation.

3. Visualize spirit guides, twin souls, angels, soul family, and other positive beings quietly encouraging all awakened spirits to participate in the Age of Aquarius Activation.

4. Spread the word!

If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, It is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 6:11 am GMT on January 12th.


Interview with Cobra about the Age of Aquarius Activation:

Transcript Here:

Doing the meditation earlier or later will NOT help us reach the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laser-like precision, with unified and focused intent. 

There will be many moments before and after the activation where we are encouraged to meditate as well, as this will assist in the buildup of energies before the activation and in their integration after the activation:

144K Meditations – Intense 2 Hour Planetary Clearing & Activations to sign up!

  • Friday’s Lunar Eclipse Meditation: Clear the tense energies around this Eclipse transmute all darkness and plasma anomaly affecting the situation
  • Saturday Night/Sunday’s Age of Aquarius Activation: Send a coherent signal out to the Universe & our Galactic Brothers & Sisters that we want Gaia liberated NOW  (Starts 1 Hour Earlier to harmonize & balance our energies together – and is Synchronized with Cobra’s Guided Meditation at the end.)
  • Sunday’s Guided 1 Hour Visualization: Co-create the Age of Aquarius in the way that WE THE PEOPLE want to see it unfold. (Starts 15 minutes after the Meditation Event with Corey Goode, Laura Eisenhower, and Justin Deschamps – and is Synchronized with their Guided Meditation.)

Shorter 15-20 Minute Guided Meditations

Strategized to happen at the same time as the meditations above – to strengthen the energy in the collective field.

  1. FRIDAY at the Lunar Eclipse 11:10 AM PST/2:10 PM EST /7:10 PM UTC/6:10 AM Sydney:

(Sandra Walter Unity Meditation will occur at the same time)

2. SUNDAY January 13th at 7:15 AM PST/10:15 AM EST/3:15 GMT/2:15 AM Sydney

Corey Goode, Justin Deschamps, Laura Eisenhower

(Sandra Walter Unity Meditation will occur at almost the same time)

3. Monday January 13th New Cosmic Stargates Opening – Completion of this Gate Sequence

In January 2020, a massive planetary energy activation is due to occur on Earth at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. At this time, the planetary Solar Plexus Chakra located at Uluru (formerly Ayre’s Rock) and Kata Tjuta, in Central Australia, will be fully activated. Aboriginal lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed. This ritual was meant to fulfil the great plan of the Earth Spirit. Once the ritual is consummated, ‘perfection will spread throughout the world’. In other words, this ritual will open the way from 4th to 5th world consciousness.’ This event is symbolised by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which unites Earth with the Sun. It is predicted that this cord will begin to function in 2020 AD, at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Together, Uluru and Kata Tjuta form the world Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the primary chakra for the maintenance of global health and vitality of the planet, and all living things. If things are not right here, then the whole world system suffers. It is now time for this to be healed. The healing began in October, 2019, when a total ban on climbing the highly sacred site of Uluru was declared.

According to Robert Coon, author of ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail,’ this powerful activation will also involve a blast of divine light and energy through the song lines (ley lines) of the planet, connecting all of Earth’s main chakras together, and most especially one of the main energy arteries/song lines referred to by the Aboriginal people as The Rainbow Serpent (representing Divine Feminine Energy to many). This line starts at Uluru (solar plexus) and travels through Bali (world purification centre), to Glastonbury (heart and third eye chakras), to Lake Titicaca (sacral chakra) and then back around and through to Uluru.

The planetary event in January 2020 is actually a rare quadruple conjunction involving Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun. The previously interrupted ceremony will culminate in the reactivation of the Solar Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth with the Sun, and on deeper levels with the Great Central Sun. This, in turn, will assist in the creation of an archetypical communication between the Sun and Earth, to help us to more fully embrace a ‘Golden Age’.

Several weeks ago, one of our group received the message that ‘it is time to tap within’. She was shown bubbles of light building up around the two energy centres of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. She could see Aboriginal people singing this energy into a bubble, then the waters breaking from an amniotic sac. A pale blue, crystalline light and then a mauve light built up around it. She was told that part of the DNA of the Aboriginal people is vibrating and contributing to the birthing/activation.

We’re asking people to please send energy to the Ngaltawaddi Ceremony being held at Uluru, located in the Northern Territory, Australia, on January the 12th, 2020, and to visualize the Cosmic Umbilical Cord being healed.

Here are words to assist this healing of the World Solar Plexus Chakra:
Let the sun shine on Uluru and Kata Tjuta,
Let the Pathway of the Rainbow Serpent be clear,
So that greater health and vitality may circulate
Throughout the world to bless all beings;
Today, breathe —– relax —– smile—- and give thanks to the Earth.

The Time of The Sixth Sun

Other Key Astrological Moments During This Sequence:

FRIDAY, January 10th

1. Exact moment of the Saturn-Pluto synod at 5:11 am EST (or 10:11 am GMT)

2. Exact moment of the Eris direct station at 8:22 pm EST (or Saturday January 11th at 01: 22 am GMT ) 

3. Exact moment of the Uranus direct station at 8:48 pm EST (or January 11th at 01:48 am GMT) 

SUNDAY, January 12th

4. Exact moment of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which comes on Sunday, January 12th at 12:00 noon EST (or 5:00 pm GMT)

MONDAY, January 13th

5. Exact moment of the quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction at 9:30 am EST (or 2:30 pm GMT)


SCIET Functional Cosmology Webinar

The SCIET is a geometrical vortex, the most basic action in the Universe, acting to measure and absorb all information surrounding a central point. It underlies every aspect of the the Creation from the first action to the present.

The Webinar is on
Saturday December 7, 2019
at 11:00 AM PST

Register for it here:

This assertion has not been recognized at all, and the reasons for this lie with the nature of knowledge in modern society.

The SCIET explains what happens when two objects (or points) move in relationship to one another. The answer assumes that each point exists in a space that has volume with an underlying metric capable of defining the two points relationship with one another.

This answer is problematic on its face when the definition of the location at the beginning is one that has no capability to “be” anything at all. The Void is without form, without definition, limitless in its existence. What can exist here? Moreover how does anything enter this space and become anything, anything at all?

Using the experiences that are common to consciousness we can find an answer.

Experiments designed to test the nature of awareness in animals have shown that genetically related plants and animals exhibit a reaction to the harm or death of their own offspring. What is particularly important to this discussion is that the reaction is instantaneous regardless of distance or material obstacle. Repeated tests leave us with one conclusion, and that is that space itself is the vehicle of this transmission of information. Other narratives regarding the Near Death Experiences relate the ability to see and be aware of the surroundings when the body is without any noticeable function at all. The summation of all these is that space itself is the basis of consciousness.

If the sense of being is independent of matter and the basis of consciousness is space, then matter can originate from an act of consciousness in space. In fact the action required for this is common to all who meditate, for this practice requires one to “focus inwardly” to go deeper and deeper into their own being until all external information sources are silent, the sense of being is isolated within a undefinable void of their own making.

Now the General Theory of Relativity is used to work backwards to the beginning of time or the creation. When this is done an almost unimaginably small point of origin is defined. Returning to the forward calculations of the theory the entire universe is unveiled through a process called inflation. Its is a neat trick for sure, but some troubling conceptual problems exist in this approach.

If the origin is within the Void, where does the tiny point come from? Moreover, if the point suddenly inflates into the known universe, how does it do so in the Void, which is indescribable nothingness without definition, limitless in its vast emptiness? The issue is how does a tiny speck of matter already exist, and how does it turn into 10^80 atoms distributed all over space? In the Void, this idea is impossible. The Void cannot suddenly have defined matter within it, all of it in relationship to the original speck that is defined by GR, because the Void is without definition, without metric.

The SCIET Cosmology overcomes the limitations of the Void by having the “speck” be a point of awareness that has descended from a larger reality by process of an act of consciousness. This is the idea of a meditator being as the origin of the Universe. In this scenario the energy in the Universe comes from a conscious inquiry of “Where am I?”, or an expression of conscious intention, “Become!”, leading to a unitary value that extends to the edge of the Awareness within the being. Rather than a explosion of particles into the Void, it is an expansion of the Point of Awareness, entirely contiguous to itself. Doing this, all subsequent definitions are also contiguous to the First Action, and so a space is carved out of the Void that is capable of a metric, defining each location in relationship to all others. Outside of this defined area, the Void continues, and the Defined Space is within and above it, while reachable through the Defined Space by parting the Defining Metric to reveal it, much like parting a curtain. This all follows from the First Action and the thirteen Magnitudes of the Geometric Vortex.

The SCIET Cosmology has the Void intact, with a defined metric existing from which matter evolves and all forces originate and propagate within. It innovates a simple Geometric Vortex to evolve the definition of space from a single unitary value into one that exists in radius to the original “speck” and reduces into 10^80 similar specks evenly distributed within a defined space.

At 4:14 to 6:54 and at 8:11 are comments that directly refer to what is discussed in this article.

The importance of the contiguous expression of the First Action within the Void must be emphasized. As we move forward to the present there are many phenomena that are explained by this idea. The most obvious is the occurrence of wormholes or the existence of “portals”.

Although there is more than one version of the the ability to literally jump from one location within the defined space to another, the use of the Void to do this based upon the idea that it (the Void) cannot connect to what is of the creation, its frequency is to high for this to happen.

The formation of a Void-based portal depends on creating a “hole” in the defined space to provide access to the void. Doing this requires that the fabric of the defined space be forced open by using the fabric to hold itself apart.

It is well known that spinning matter affects the fabric of space surrounding it, and this is the basis of creating this type of portal. In this case the spinning causes the fabric to assume a higher frequency until it reaches one that inhibits the harmonizing of the space surrounding it. Once this high frequency is achieved, the space within the spin field is separate from its surroundings.

The ability to use this for transport to another location depends upon the frequency of the spin field surrounding the Void-space, for when this field is approached by a created object of the defined space, it will assume the value of the spin field on the inner wall of the void-space. When this happens the object is defined as being where the inner wall values match.

The importance of matching frequencies means that transport can be done with this alone, and this is the basis of those systems with two or more frequency generating mechanisms, which each generate a precise frequency that combines into the destination frequency.


Pyramids Webinar November 2 2019 11 AM PDT

The Puzzle of the Pyramids and the Power of Form Resonance

The Webinar teaches you how and why Pyramids work to affect the area inside of and around them.

Use this link to Register for the Puzzle of the Pyramids and the Power of Form Resonance

Join us for the SCIET Puzzle of the Pyramids Webinar to learn HOW and why they work and give the same results again and again.

This image captures the idea of a column of energy rising from the apex of the Pyramid. This webinar will teach you what this energy is and how the pyramid produces it.

You will learn how the Pyramid of Giza teaches us about SCIET Spherical Memory Layers, and that it is the only ancient artifact that reveals this incredible insight for humanity. From this revelation we explore what Spherical Memory Layers can tell us about the rest of nature. It is a wonderful gift from the past that opens the doors to knowledge of the Soul, gravity, the evolution of the nervous system and so much more.

SCIET Theory establishes a new paradigm of the creation before matter existed. Beginning with the purity of the original limitless Void, called in SCIET Theory the Awareness. Upon this pure emptiness the First Action creates change, and endless subdivision of creation, which from one comes all. In stages change evolves into all that we see and experience today. As one stage is completed a new one begins, the Ether or SpaceTime is the result of completion of the First Action, and begets the resonance of points from which memory and matter emerge.

We have a limited number of seats for the Webinars, so reserve yours early.

  • Single Webinar is 55.00 

Below are listed the Etheric Physics Webinars scheduled for November 2 through
December 7, 2019
Reserve your seat today!

The Puzzle of the Pyramids and the Power of Form Resonancethat they wield over matter and the energies that bind it all together are the subject of this Webinar.

Pyramids and Form Resonance Webinar 
Date: November 2, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The SCIET Functional Cosmology explains how the SCIET underlies every aspect of the Creation from the First Action to the present. This Etheric Physics Webinar is pivotal to understanding how the SCIET works.

The SCIET Functional Cosmology Webinar
Date: December 7, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Below are listed the blog posts relating to the Webinars. We encourage you read them before the Etheric Physics presentations.

Links to Articles about the SCIET Etheric Physics:

Pyramids and Form Resonance

What the Pyramids tell us about Spherical Memory Layers and Form Resonance Why is the Earth’s rotation on its axis important to Pyramid energy? This question remained after the other peculiarities of the Great Pyramid seemed to be obvious. Its symmetry was required, but its angles and scale were not, smaller pyramids with different angles of slope also worked well.

Past Lives Explained with SCIET Theory

Past Lives Explained with SCIET Theory In modern times belief in reincarnation has grown with the availability of the free exchange of information. Widely distributed accounts of past life recall from all over the world are in books, magazines, and digital media, many of which are discussed at the end of this article. Hypnotic techniques are taught that allow any person to be regressed to their former lives. Some out-of-body techniques allow a person to visits past lives as well.

Living in the Life Stream

Living in the Life Stream Our community of scientists studies consciousness and has a very difficult time resolving where the “I” is in the anatomy of the brain. They wonder how the observing self is able to be in the brain and how consciousness works with the nerves and how memory is retained. Studies of the brain as it performs complex tasks or experiences dramatic events have not shown where the observer resides. Limiting their research to materiality and what can be done in that context they are continually blocked. They call it the “Hard Problem of Consciousness”, hard because it does not seem to have an answer that fits within the scope of their investigations. 

SCIET before Matter

The SCIET before Matter SCIET Theory contrasts with the Big Bang Cosmology in that it begins a conscious reaction which then expresses a curiosity about its presence. The curiosity defines everything to the smallest degree before reacting to the limitations it encounters, which it then records to memory in the form of nuclear particles.

Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness 

Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness  The fact that Astrology has survived as part of all cultures attests to its reality. In today’s Western culture of Objective Materialism it has persevered because it provides demonstrable benefits to its practitioners. What experimental science has taught us is that material bodies have a limited reach with the forces they possess, so it is only logical to expect that there must be immaterial forces that exist within the material objects, and this is what my research into possible answers led me into. Astrology works because every object has an immaterial center that is in resonance with all other immaterial centers.

Elements of Life: Ormus, White Powder of Gold, and Tachyons

Elements of Life: Ormus, White Powder of Gold, and Tachyons  Throughout our history the existence of a mysterious substance known as the Philosophers Stone has been whispered among the great intellects of each society. It is just one of the many manifestations of the Elements of Life that are common throughout all soil, water and air.  

Point of Awareness in the Mental Body:

Point of Awareness in the Mental Body: According many who have experienced it, going out of body was the game-changer in their quest for spiritual knowledge. 

The SCIET and Black Holes: The idea of Black Holes is at the heart of the SCIET Functional Cosmology.

The SCIET and Black Holes: The idea of Black Holes is at the heart of the SCIET Functional Cosmology.   Is it possible that Tachyons are the KEY TO  THE EVENT? According to Erick, conventional science approaches the subject of Black Holes from a variety of directions depending on the branch of science and its tool set. 

Point of Awareness: An Alien Perspective 

Point of Awareness: An Alien Perspective A few years ago my friends and I read and discussed a PDF book titled Alien Interview by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy. The small volume was fascinating for several reasons, first it purported to be a first person account of meeting and communicating with one of the survivors of the Roswell crash in 1947.

The Soul Explained by SCIET Theory

The Soul Explained by SCIET Theory  The Mind Experiences the Soul Our experience of seeing, remembering and visualizing all hinge on the ability of the mind to place our awareness at the center of a spherical reality that converts incoming sensory information from our nervous system, particularly our eyes, memory and imagination into a manipulable visual construct.

uum Forming Your Visions: Projecting an Attractive Vision to Manifest your Desires 

Vacuum Forming Your Visions: Projecting an Attractive Vision to Manifest your Desires  Projecting the will outside of the body is learned by warriors, game players, spectators, gamblers and business people.  It is taught in sales seminars as an act of mental projection and positive expectation that works to increase sales.

The Event, Star Particle Jets and Tachyons: Is it possible that Tachyons are the KEY TO THE EVENT?

The Event, Star Particle Jets and Tachyons: Is it possible that Tachyons are the KEY TO THE EVENT?  Yes, the best guess about the “energetic particles” referred to as being pivotal to the raising of frequencies is that they are Tachyons. After reviewing the article on Wikipedia about Tachyons, it is necessary to depart from the idea of an imaginary particle and focus on one that can and does exist.

Long Heads and SCIET: Can cranial deformation change the mind? 

Long Heads and SCIET: Can cranial deformation change the mind? Caracas Peru is famous for its ancient cemeteries whose mummies have elongated heads, although these types of skulls are found all over the world.  Some are the result of artificial cranial deformation, but others are natural. As expected, the ancient people’s DNA has been tested and found to be different from normal humans, since it was taken from those with distinctly non-human skulls. 

Dane Arr
October 27, 2019