Country by Country forecast of population change from 2014 t0 2025

USA from 326 Million to 99 Million by 2025? predicted a 226 million decline in US population by 2025, going from 326 million to 99 million. Why?

The authors of the study explain that out-migration will be the main cause, but their expectations of America’s future were based on Obama’s policies which were supposed to be continued by Clinton. It portrays an economic decline fueled by the loss of Reserve Currency status, compounded by the destruction of the manufacturing base, which leads to the flight of related talent to other nations where manufacturing remains robust.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 has reversed a growing number of the globalist policies put into place since 1992. The most damning of these, the Paris Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership were canceled within weeks of Trump taking office and to prepare for the end of the Reserve Currency status he is renegotiating all trade agreements to make them balanced so that the US no longer has a deficit with any of our trading partners. The rollback of excessive regulations on energy production has quickly allowed American producers to meet internal consumption needs and to export energy as well. Changes to the tax laws incentivized investors and workers to devote themselves to productive efforts, raising the employment of all groups to record levels. Trump has undone decades of gradual destruction of America’s ability to be competitive in just a few years, and his continuing efforts to remove the criminal organizations from the government combined with exposure of and closing of the Federal Reserve System will set the stage for an American prosperity completely unexpected by the writers of this narrative.

Many people may find this narrative and information useful to understand the policies of Trump and why bright and informed people have supported him and the reversal of the Council on Foreign Relations policies that were disassembling the American economy. The CFR is a globalist work group that hosts regular meetings of so-called “leading American policymakers”. In truth, those participating are helping to ruin the economy of the USA in the name of improving the world. In their view, the companies and resources of America are best used to jumpstart foreign nations into the modern world, so they recommend policies that transfer intellectual property, technology businesses, capital, and other resources to them.

Advice from these globalist policy makers always favors the nations that America trades with to the extent that all of them now are able to have a balance of payments advantage over the US.

One of the key methods the globalist policy makers to raise other countries and reduce the power of the industrialized countries like the US is the use of targeted educational grants. George Soros is famous for the influence of the Opern Society Institute, which wraps its grants in the language of helping the impoverished and distressed to find a better life through migration. but he should be helping solve the problems that have caused those people to be poor, such as wells, irrigation, seeds, livestock and Internet access to every village. Others, such as Tavistock Institute favor applications that support policies regarding social acceptance of various sexual identity issues. which just happen to undermine the family, such as same-sex marriage, LGBTQ organizations and family planning that results in abortions, particularly to minorities. These and many other Globalist Grant Funding entities are intended to further the agenda of the Globalist without concern for the citizens of the nations. In fact their concern is to disrupt the existing family order and present an alternative view of how society should be according to the Globalists. Disorganized and distressed societies are much more likely to allow distant administrators to make choices for them, and initiative like Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 are meant to do just that. The idea that social conditions that are conducive to loss of local control is central to the Globalist financial grant initiatives.

To understand their objectives we need one look at the European Union. The leadership is in Brussels and is completely independent of the political units over which they have control. Their policies reflect the Globalist agenda to the detriment of the people’s interest or ability to help themselves. Many of the policies make traditional, functional options illegal to use, and in effect create massive monopolies for Globalist business interests. This is their model for the entire planet.

Without going into too much supporting detail, I will simply state that the Globalist intentions are to make the population of the planet unable to resist any initiative proposed by them, no matter how draconian or evil it may be perceived to be by the population. In this context the graven message of the Georgia Guide Stones is truly horrifying, for it tells us that the population of the planet should be no more than 500 million people. Considering that we currently have seven billion, five hundred million people living here. So to reduce the population they must impose conditions that incite famine, starvation, war, pestilence and disease. Or they can simply hire mercenaries to attack communities and wipe them out, which is what the wars the globalist’s sponsored accomplished. The Globalists became a threat to do this by spinning their activities as being about helping the people, but in the last decade their programs have grown too obvious to hide their true intentions. The people have access to details that they have tried to hide through the use of the Internet. Indeed the truth is laid bare for all to see. All that is needed is for them to look.

The Awakening Movement is worldwide and being led by everyday people whose college education led them into disillusionment with the institutions. of which they had expected to become a part.

Education tends to make people specialize and ignore everything that is not in their field. Moreover, it makes them so detail oriented that they imagine it is impossible to understand other complex issues around them. They become non-critical thinkers about the institutions in which they work

Common sense regarding the capabilities of normal people who have not pursued higher education seems to have been lost. Once they enter a profession environment with layered control and deep policies, they begin to believe that only people from this well informed group can know the truth. To them it make sense to give authority to these bureaucrats and regard the population as incompetent to rule themselves. Rather than common sense, we see a common conceit take over their perceptions.

Fortunately there is an answer for this group, a well thought out and proven approach to why local management is best, in fact it makes the case for giving each worker the responsibility for achieving the highest quality output for complex systems in which they are but a small part.

W Edward Deming made this case for Total Quality Management in his books beginning in the 1950s, and his influence with the Japanese auto industry is considered its modern beginning. TQM is now a global standard for management of businesses. But it is the emphasis on the responsibility of every part of the business that is important to our discussion about Globalism and its logical counterpart, Nationalism. The emphasis is on quality and how it is influenced by every part of the organization. TMQ originated in business, but it may be the key to making government work for the populations of the nations of the world.

The nationalist arguments of the current US administration of Donald Trump are not working because of selfishness, but because they return self-detirmination to the people. For this reason it can work for every country on the planet because it enables a focus on personal choices and responsibility rather than accepting those imposed by distant managers without real knowledge of local conditions.

Government can lead people, but only by helping them make choices that work with their local needs, for all choices affect a known demographic and it is that group that should be the decision maker for what affects them. The US has been targeted by an Globalist management concept intended to reduce its independence and leave it totally exposed global economic conditions change, particularly the loss of the dollars status as the Reserve Currency, a situation that would mean the US population would have no exports to offset the imports it has depended upon. This balance of trade deficit would quickly bankrupt the US and cause its government to be taken over by its creditor nation trade partners. The fact that most Americans do not grasp the implications of the trade deficit makes no difference to its reality. The US Government is now working to regain control for the welfare of it population and culture, both of which are at risk without strong action to correct the productivity and export situation that exists today.

The Deagle Forecast below was written in 2014, and the emergence of Donald Trump and the defeat of the Globalist was not expected. This information makes it clear that the stakes for America are very great, and that the actions being taken by Donald Trump are far more important than the Globalist media will say. This is the real story we need to understand.

Below is the explanation text that accompanies the Forecast on Deagel.

There have been many questions about the countries forecast specially the one focusing on the United States of America (USA). They won’t be answered one by one but below you can find some explanation, thoughts, and reflections. We are going to keep this as short as possible.

The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. You can see the most relevant data at every single country’s page. There is a tiny part of data coming from a variety of shadow sources such as Internet gurus, unsigned reports and others. But all these sources are from the internet and are of public domain for at least a minority. For example, several years ago Dagong, the Chinese ratings agency, published a report analyzing the physical economy of the States comparing it with those of China, Germany and Japan. The conclusion was that the US GDP was something between $5 to $10 trillion instead of $15 trillion as officially reported by the USG. We assume that the official data, especially economic, released by governments is fake, cooked or distorted in some degree. Historically it is well known that the former Soviet Union was making up fake statistics years before its collapse. Western as well as other countries are making up their numbers today to conceal their real state of affairs. We are sure that many people out there can find government statistics in their own countries that by their own personal experience are hard to believe or are so optimistic that may belong to a different country.

Despite the numeric data “quantity” there is a “quality” model which has not a direct translation into numeric data. The 2014 strain of Ebola has a death rate of 50-60% but try to imagine what would happen if there is a pandemic of Ebola with hundreds of thousands or millions infected with the virus. So far the few cases of Ebola-infected people have “enjoyed” intensive healthcare with anti-viral and breathing assistance but above all with abundant human support by Physicians and nurses. In a pandemic scenario that kind of healthcare won’t be available for the overwhelming number of infected leading to a dramatic increase of the death rate due to the lack of proper healthcare. The “quality” factor is that the death rate could increase to 80-90% in a pandemic scenario from the stated 50-60% rate. The figure itself is not important what is relevant is the fact that the scenario can evolve beyond the initial conditions from a 50% death toll to more than 90%. By the way, no pandemic or nuclear war is included in the forecast.

The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!! We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope. The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having added a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result.

The Demographic crisis in the former Soviet Union countries has extended for over two decades, if we accept that it ended early in this decade (2010s). The demographic crisis will hit the World in the near future and is projected to last between three and eight decades more or less depending on technological breakthrough and environmental issues. The aftermath is more likely a frozen picture with the population numbers staying the same for a very, very long period of time. The countries forecast population numbers do reflect birth/deaths but also migratory movements. Many countries are going to increase their gross population due to immigration while their native population may shrink.

Over the past two thousand years we have witnessed the Western civilization built around the Mediterranean Sea shifting to Northern Europe and then by the mid 20th century shifting to an Atlantic axis to finally get centered into the States in the past 30 years. The next move will see the civilization being centered in Asia with Russia and China on top. Historically a change in the economic paradigm has resulted in a death toll that is rarely highlighted by mainstream historians. When the transition from rural areas to large cities happened in Europe many people unable to accept the new paradigm killed themselves. They killed themselves by a psychological factor. This is not mainstream but it is true. A new crisis joins old, well known patterns with new ones.

Sorry to disappoint many of you with our forecast. It is getting worse and worse every year since the beginning of the pre-crisis in 2007. It is already said that this website is non-profit, built on spare time and we provide our information and services AS IS without further explanations and/or guarantees. We are not linked to any government in any way, shape or form. We are not a death or satanic cult or arms dealers as some BS is floating around the internet on this topic. Take into account that the forecast is nothing more than a model whether flawed or correct. It is not God’s word or a magic device that allows to foresee the future.

Sunday, October 26th, 2014


SCIET Astrology Webinar September 21, 2019

Learn how and why Astrology works using Vibrations between material bodies! Use this link to join us on Saturday, September 21, 2019, to learn this practical knowledge.

The first ten respondents to register will receive a natal chart with a basic interpretive report. Use the form on this page to request your report.

As presented in the first two webinars, every object has a Point of Awareness at its center, and all objects are surrounded by layers of memory created by the one on one relationships between the surrounding Points of Awareness.

Both of these ideas are innovations to traditional Astrology.

SCIET Theory uses a concept that multiple values coexist and that matter is just one of these, with all of them connecting with objects in space, similar to a vertical antenna interacting with a full range of frequencies.

In the first webinar we discussed the Elements of Life, wherein we show that the platinum group of elements are used by cells and bodies for a communications capability able to manage the hundred trillion atoms in an average cell. To be clear there are two levels of spherical memory involved with cells and bodies, the first being the memories of the molecules, which can extend well enough for amino acids to grow and reproduce. This capability is pivotal to Astrology, for it is the spherical memories of matter that are the source of each person’s individual natal chart frequency.

All bodies in space have a Point of Awareness at the center, and it is this that is responsible for the many layers of memory that surround it. These layers join together to form larger groups that resonate with one another. It is this that is responsible for the power of Astrology.

Each body in space is surrounded with ancient layers of memory, from a simple stone to a planet or star.

The natal chart is a record of the moment of birth, and shows the positions of all the important bodies within the solar system.

DNA is made of molecules that resonate, but in addition to their molecular resonant value, they are each a member of a resonate instrument that has a cyclic song. In this way, the chromosome possesses a range of resonant values that relate to both simple molecules and to the planetary bodies as well. It is within this range that all the instructions for building a body are held.

The SCIET algorithm reduces all incoming information until it is small enough to pass out of the frequency range of the material world. Before it reaches this level it is broadcast throughout the body to all the DNA, and in this way each cell has a resonant record of everything that has affected the body to with only a few seconds delay.

At the moment when a baby separates from it mothers body, it becomes its acquires it own resonant identity, and this is the basis of the natal chart. All the bodies surrounding it begin their resonance at that moment.

The Natal chart is based on the integration of all information, all of the resonance that the body uses to adjust to its position in space. It is a pattern that continues for the duration of its life.

The Soul may enter the body at conception or birth or in between. The Astrological resonance enables the Soul to express its internal reality outward, and so each Soul seeks the appropriate moment of Birth to allow it a venue for its karmic journey. The consciousness of the body is formed by the interaction between the resonance of the DNA body with that of the Soul, which manages the interaction of the two sensory fields into one compounded field that is of a high enough vibration to interact with the Soul created consciousness.

SCIET Astrology integrates the material and spiritual (etheric) reality into a logical system of understanding, that can be understood by objective materialists.

The idea of instant action at a distance has alienated those educated in modern science since almost all of them are taught to disregard Astrology because it has no basis in reality. Without a way for the planets in the solar system to affect an individual at birth, Astrology cannot be real.

If you have asked a student of science if Astrology is real, they will tell you that it is not, but when you ask them if they have studied it, they will tell you they have not. They won’t because they are convinced it cannot be real. After all, they have studied PHYSICS!

SCIET Theory solves the problems that have plagued Astrology for hundreds of years. ever since Newton wrote Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and laid out the laws of physics, based on gravity, mass, and motion, Astrology has been unable to explain how and why it works.

Now an explanation exists that is consistent with an array of other innovative insights that extend throughout the sciences.

Dane Arr
September 2, 2019

Also see:
Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness

Point of Awareness in the Mental Body

The Soul Explained by SCIET Theory

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Emergency Meditation for the AMAZON RAINFOREST … (Lightworkers Unite!)

Simon Parkes is calling for a short Global Meditation for the Amazon on Thursday, August 29th!

Fires are raging in the Amazon Rainforest, Central Africa, Siberia and Alaska. Simon Parkes hasn’t called for a meditation for 4 years, but he’s asking us now, to get on board with this one and spend (at least) 3 minutes, focusing love and light on the Amazon in a synchronized, coordinated action.


10 PM Thursday, August 29th – UK Summer Time

2 PM California – 5 PM New York – 11 PM Berlin – 6 AM Tokyo

Your Timezone here:



MrBB333 Reports that just as many equally hot fires are raging in Central Africa….

Esoteric sources report:

  1. The fires in the Amazon forests and these ones in central Africa are NOT random fires. They are properly made to “give important trees” in sacrifice to the darkness.
  2. Fire rituals are often linked to the cult of Moloch. The same Moloch linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s temple in Little St. James Louis island (US Virgin Islands).
  3. Despite so many trees are burning, the Cabal is desperate. Through all these fires they are trying to pospone what can not be avoided.
    The Event is near.

FM 144 reports, “There is also a lot going on in South America. The continent is still an energetically shielded Cabal/Nazi stronghold. And the Goddess Vortex in Venezuela is still fiercely contested…” and , “As far as cataclysmic events are concerned, the Cosmic Central Race announced that in South America there will be massive eruptions of a lot of volcanoes about the same time.”

The Unknown Lightwarrior has cancelled the radio show this week, due to heavy duty energy work being done on this issue.

He’s also calling for the 144k Army of Light to join Simon Parkes in Thursday’s mass meditation for the Amazon.—3min-Simon-Parks-Meditation-Tmrw-More​

“Time, energy & research that normally goes into compiling another empowering blockbuster episode of Ground Crew Command … had to go to a massive 5 hour energy session with The Teams …

… to deal with the dark ones in their most desperate & vicious state.

Yes … it does have to do with the mass-underground Cabal bases under the Amazon, (which is the cause of the fires).

We have to realize that a large conventional military coalition force (mostly United States Marines) were beginning to suffer serious casualties from desperate defense of these bases by the dark ones, in these vast underground complexes under the Amazon.

And progress with this latest White-Hat offensive was slow.

This is all that can be said for now.

Because of the still very volatile situation, the off-world Light Forces are calling for us to do as many private remote planetary clearing sessions as possible.

You can do these sessions in just one hour with the help of beyond Multiversal Light Beings in a way that is safe for you & extremely effective for Gaia.

See you on the higher planes, Thursday afternoon/evening!



Michael Mann’s Climate Change Hoax Collapses

Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia

This article from Natural News well presents the situation with “Global Warming”, which has been a well-engineered and well-financed scam on the people of the world by the Rothschild bankers, who have always envisioned it as their “masterpiece” to destroy freedom and ultimately humanity. It is now about to implode and take the Rothschild groups down with it. So many liberals are going to cry over this, that it may make the seas rise.

Monday, August 26, 2019 by: Mike Adams
Tags: badclimatebadscienceclimate changedeceptiondishonestglobal warminghoaxhockey stickleft cultLibtardsreal investigationsreal sciencescience clownsscience fraudskepticsstupid

Image: Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus “hockey stick” graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia

(Natural News) For the past two decades, much of the hysteria about global warming — later re-labeled “climate change” — has been based on the so-called “hockey stick” graph produced by Michael Mann. The graph, shown below, has been used by the IPCC, the media and governments to push global warming hysteria to the point of mass mental illness, where Democrat presidential candidates claim humanity only has 12 years remaining before a climate apocalypse will somehow destroy the planet.

But the hockey stick graph is a fraud. A man-made computer software algorithm generated it, and the algorithm is rigged to produce a hockey stick shape no matter what data were entered. Like everything else found in the rigged world of “climate science,” the hockey stick graph was a fraud the day it was generated.

Michael Mann didn’t like being called a fraud by his critics, so he sued them for defamation. And late last week, one of those lawsuits was concluded by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, which threw out Mann’s lawsuit against Dr. Tim Ball. But there’s more. According to Principia-Scientific:

Not only did the court grant Ball’s application for dismissal of the nine-year, multi-million dollar lawsuit, it also took the additional step of awarding full legal costs to Ball. A detailed public statement from the world-renowned skeptical climatologist is expected in due course.

This extraordinary outcome is expected to trigger severe legal repercussions for Dr Mann in the U.S. and may prove fatal to climate science claims that modern temperatures are “unprecedented.”

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Michael Mann refuses to turn over the data behind the graph, insisting on secrecy instead of transparency

This court decision reportedly stemmed from the fact that Michael Mann refused to turn over “R2 regression numbers” to the court, which would have revealed the data manipulations that led to the rigging of the hockey stick graph. This unwillingness to disclose the graph algorithm and data points reveals the total lack of transparency and scientific integrity that has plagued Mann’s supposed “science” work for decades. As American Thinker explains:

Real science, not the phony “consensus” version, requires open access to data, so that skeptics (who play a key role in science) can see if results are reproducible.

More from

Mann’s now proven contempt of court means Ball is entitled to have the court serve upon Mann the fullest punishment. Contempt sanctions could reasonably include the judge ruling that Dr. Ball’s statement that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State’ is a precise and true statement of fact. This is because under Canada’s unique ‘Truth Defense’, Mann is now proven to have wilfully hidden his data, so the court may rule he hid it because it is fake. As such, the court must then dismiss Mann’s entire libel suit with costs awarded to Ball and his team.

The spectacular rise and fall of climate alarmism’s former golden boy is a courtroom battle with even more ramifications than the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925. To much fanfare at the time, Mann had sued Ball for daring to publish the damning comment that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State.” Dr Ball brilliantly backed up his exposure of the elaborate international money-making global warming scam in his astonishing book, ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science‘.

In his books, articles, radio and television appearances, Dr. Ball has been resolute in his generation-long war against those who corrupted the field of science to which he had selflessly dedicated his life. Now aged 79, Ball is on the cusp of utter vindication. Despite the stresses and strains on himself and his family, Tim has stood at the forefront of those scientists demanding more openness and transparency from government-funded researchers.

“Climate science community in crisis” goes on to explain the ultimate ramifications of this court decision:

A bitter and embarrassing defeat for the self-styled ‘Nobel Prize winner’ who acted as if he was the epitome of virtue, this outcome shames not only Michael Mann, but puts the climate science community in crisis. Many hundreds of peer-reviewed papers cite Mann’s work, which is now effectively junked. Despite having deep-pocketed backers willing and able to feed his ego as a publicity-seeking mouthpiece against skeptics, Mann’s credibility as a champion of environmentalism is in tatters. But it gets worse for the litigious Penn State professor. Close behind Dr Ball is celebrated writer Mark Steyn. Steyn also defends himself against another one of Mann’s SLAPP suits – this time in Washington DC. Steyn boldly claims Mann “has perverted the norms of science on an industrial scale.” Esteemed American climate scientist, Dr Judith Curry, has submitted to the court an Amicus Curiae legal brief exposing Mann. The world can now see that his six-year legal gambit to silence his most effective critics and chill scientific debate has spectacularly backfired. also says a “criminal investigation” of Mann is now likely in the United States over allegations that Mann committed scientific fraud in faking his hockey stick chart:

Penn State climate scientist, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S.

The defendant in the libel trial, the 79-year-old Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball (above, right) is expected to instruct his British Columbia attorneys to trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud. Mann’s imminent defeat is set to send shock waves worldwide within the climate science community as the outcome will be both a legal and scientific vindication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims that climate scare stories are a “hoax.”

As can be seen from the graphs below; Mann’s cherry-picked version of science makes the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) disappear and shows a pronounced upward ‘tick’ in the late 20th century (the blade of his ‘hockey stick’). But below that, Ball’s graph, using more reliable and widely available public data, shows a much warmer MWP, with temperatures hotter than today, and showing current temperatures well within natural variation.

The perpetrator of the biggest criminal “assault on science” has now become clear: Dr Mann, utterly damned by his contempt of the court order to show his dodgy data.

There can be little doubt that upon the BC Supreme Court ruling that Mann did commit data fraud, over in Washington DC, the EPA’s Scott Pruitt will feel intense pressure from skeptics to initiate a full investigation into Mann, his university and all those conspiring to perpetuate a trillion-dollar carbon tax-raising sting on taxpayers.

Read more news on real climate science at

point of Awwareness Techniques

Using your Point of Awareness to See Past Lives and Visit ETs

The Awareness Techniques are proven and reliable. They were shared with the world by William Swygard in the 1960s. His wife Diane was equally instrumental in teaching them during that time, and she wrote several books that have guided people in the Techniques since then. Below are the four pages the Swygards distributed for free at that time. They work and if you are patient and serious about it, they will work for you.

Please find a few friends to practice this with and you will soon be able to experience a new way to explore the Universe. Your Point of Awareness is your vehicle to research everything you are curious about.

POW post featured image

Point of Awareness Webinar Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

Attend the SCIET Etheric Physics Point of Awareness Webinar

The SCIET Etheric Physics Point of Awareness Webinar is
 August 24, 2019 11 AM PDT

You will learn how your Point of Awareness provides you with the ability to transcend time and space and use your intention to be wherever you want your Point of Awareness to be…Whether for remote viewing, healing, meditation, grid work, or manifestation,
this knowledge will help you throughout your life.

The Point of Awareness Webinar teaches how the SOUL and higher dimensions exist and can be understood. Knowing this at the time of Ascension will help you help others, giving you  confidence and allowing preparation and acceptance when the Event happens. 

Learn the Visualizable Etheric Physics designed by a Pleiades Star Seed to aid Humanity’s Ascension. Etheric Physics begins with a profound perception of the Creator and the Awareness that permeates the universe, the first action and the resulting formation of spacetime, the individualized consciousness that is within it and etheric evolution of matter. Once matter and electro-magnetics exist conventional science can be used to authenticate this approach to the Creation.

Today the best and brightest of Earth have been taught that there are no higher dimensions, no afterlife, no connections to Source, no Soul. This is by design, those at the top of the organizations responsible for teaching have been carefully selected to exclude inner knowing from acceptable thinking. Only that which supports the desired narrative is allowed.

Your Point of Awareness is your observing self with the ability to be where you choose, at the center of your mind, a past life or remote viewing an event anywhere in time.

With over 43% of adults worldwide considered educated, how many brilliant men and women educated in colleges do not believe, only doubt. The power of belief, its ability to connect to the higher forces, to Source, is beyond them. They can only accept what is told to them and shown to them in well-footnoted publications.

SCIET Dynamics is for them. Not as I will teach it in the Webinar, but in a digital modeling application to be created when sufficient resources are available. What I can teach you in a webinar will not be understood by them without giving them the ability to create digital models of what you will be able to see in your mind without technology.

I will introduce you to the three main mathematical innovations from which Etheric Physics emerges. The first one, the Harmonic Reduction Algorithm reduces incoming information from all directions toward a center point of awareness that is less than a millionth of its original value. And then it begins again until the information is at the level of the intrusion.  

The second innovation, the Resonant Return addresses what happens when the original reduced information reaches the existing minimum size level, when it meets for the first time another value that is like it, and begins to resonate with it. It creates a common denominator value that returns to both.

The third innovation, the Orbital Return, is what happens when the resonant common denominator value arrives at the Point of Awareness, which is where it becomes a permanent memory orbiting the center endlessly. These three innovations provide the basis for the creation of the Ether that surrounds the Points of Awareness in all systems. Etheric Physics is based on these innovations, which then lead to numerous others throughout the creation.

Orbital Return Values create memory shells, layers and lattice around every Point of Awareness in every size range, It is these that fill space and are regarded as the Ether.

The SCIET is a means to understand the Creation as it exists in all its multiple dimensions and stages of creation. It is the same information as is given by Source to all who ask and believe they can receive it.

I meet many who know, but all knowledge is faceted and so much depends on the facet through which we enter the crystalline realty. When Source answers our questions, we are given access to all knowledge, but our questions guide what we receive. I wanted to prove and explain the Soul and that is the knowledge I was given. What I learned in twenty minutes has taken forty years to make into a teachable system that can show us what cannot be seen with our eyes, but can be seen with our minds. The success of this system will be seen when it seems obvious rather than arcane.

The Soul exists before atoms, molecules or any materiality, so no descriptive math originating from the examination of those can describe it. But all of materiality rooted in the principles of that underlie what is invisible and the Soul most of all.

This Webinar Series is designed to give you simple tools to understand how this is true. Simple ideas compounded to such incredible degrees that only true Knowing can render it understandable in its complexity. If I have succeeded in this long effort, what you learn will seem like common sense and many will feel it is something they already know, that they have heard elsewhere.

We are star seeds, we already know the truth of the creation, but sharing it with others who need to knows is not easy. The SCIET Webinars are meant to provide the means to do so.

Below are listed the Etheric Physics Webinars scheduled through December 7, 2019
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The Secrets to Higher Consciousness, the Elements of Lifeis the topic of our first Webinar and it is meant to demonstrate the power of these ideas by explaining in simple terms the much storied existence of Tachyons, the Philosopher’s Stone, White Powder of Gold and the power of Chi Gong. We will touch on how these impact the existence of life and the ability survive death as an immortal being.

The Elements of Life Webinar was June 29, 2019 at 11 AM PST

This Webinar will be available from our Webinar Dashboard when we are set up by September 1, 2019

The topic of how the Point of Awareness can enable you to influence planet-wide conditions, and affect situations from the inside out is the objective of this Webinar. The Soul, the Nervous System, Meditation, Grid Work and all efforts to project intention and energize prayer are done with the Point of Awareness that is your connection to the source of the universe.

Date: August 24, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Astrologyis the topic of another Webinar, and you will learn how it is based on the concept of a Point of Awareness that exists at the center of all objects and beings. In SCIET Etheric Physics this concept is basic to all materiality and explains astrology effortlessly.

Date: September 14, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Past Livesand the accumulated knowledge of the planet locked into the layers of memory that surround it are explored in this Webinar

Date: October 12, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

The puzzle of the Pyramids and the power of Form Resonancethat they wield over matter and the energies that bind it all together are the subject of this Webinar.

Date: November 9, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

The SCIET Functional Cosmologyexplains how the SCIET underlies every aspect of the Creation from the First Action to the present. This Etheric Physics Webinar is pivotal to understanding how the SCIET works

Date: December 7, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

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All six Webinars are 270.00

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