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Fire and Love brings True Fire

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fire & Love brings True Fire.

Fire is a spark of Light that outshines all darkness.

Fire is visible in the shadows of day/night; fire is material combustion; fire is excited materials looking for more materials to keep itself alive until exhaustion.

Fire is Light; Light is knowledge; knowledge is mathematics; number is RA; RA is Egyptian/Greek base; number comes after art, but art is also number. (I.E. Leonardo da Vinci)

Consciousness & Healing

Love IS without words! Love IS organic nature since all birth (all animals have a sweet tender G spot); Love IS pure ignorance/innocence; Love is Faith and Belief within/without mMind; Love is adventure; Love is compassion or empathy for our sisters / brothers; Love is Light. 8


A key is a frequency that matches another frequency to unlock said pattern or hole.

A key is a pattern that matches created pattern of external entry of said hole.

A hole is a hollow, hol, PIE nature root *kel place of origin that is concealed, covered or saved.

How does a key of 8 insert into a key of endless circle repetition OR o to make a difference in our world?

Does 8 need to divide itself to small o?


Changing the world from the outside does not work..

Only from within we are changed. As a grouping of within, same holds true does it not?


If our world Gxm equates to 100 minds and those of both Truth/Love G equate to 10 minds, do 10 minds change the 100? Yes and No.

If Y ripples sings, but X ripple sings and is worshiped or worked for more by contemporary standards.

In our past, money didn’t have the power to what is today. Conscious power had its magnificence. Money has somehow become King through enslavement of hierarchy of mathematical architecture.

If the 100 would lose their family and life story for working or worshiping said amount of lifespan to protect W, rather than OUR family out of compassion, then how will 100 change, even if 10 have brought the keyhole to Life? 1 vibration has the potentia to sing through space/time, but without adaptation, evolution or balance of both inner/outer present ‘total’ mind/body symbiosis, how will G wave of Truth be accepted, but rather disapproved out of personal hueman compassion and greed?


If Mmind is more powerful than body. (Which is Trueth)

Heart has not the ‘actor-ship’ or experience.

Then how does Mmind/heart make a difference in the world, even if on FIRE?

Heart + Mmind creates an 8, left/right?

If Mmind is perfected through numbers or words, it is knowledge.

If Heart or Love is perfected, it is through art and movement, it is feeling or empathy for others; aka dancing.

Each Heart AND Mind creates two separate vortex or vertices within, but also without.

If that Heart AND that Mind creates symbiosis within itself, but without the external world, how does that perfection make a difference in Our world?

You or I have clarity through Heart AND Mind, but the challenge doesn’t stop here, people or a grouping of minds like the matrix also is a conscious heart and mind.

There are more hearts and minds, rather than Heart & Minds.

We must change our world from going within, correct?

Not only going within & perfecting ourselves, but also going within others (matrix) aka Trojan of Love/Light.

If quantum conscious idea (business or art A) creates.

It hires limited number of people to support and keep its art A afloat. (ego)

If idea A is good to its mental providers / workers, then idea A prospers.

Idea A only needs to support physical layers to support the physical creation, material or ego.

Then, by doing so, idea A creates with its ‘resources’ as a group to be content on the outside reasoning’s.


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Namaste. Love & Light always. Many many blessings.

White Lotus

Consciousness & Healing

Quantum Entanglement & Consciousness

Corporations, communities, businesses and other related grouping of conscious minds are all like invisible conscious deities or small g’s. We praise and support them by eating their food, using their services, tools or materials; both sub-consciously & consciously (quantum & materialistically) support them and share our energies with them, from thought to material. We all have the power to vote without paper. If we eat, think, comment, view a web page or attend a business or community event, etc…, we all choose to support that entity too which is. For anything to thrive, it needs WE and before any thing or idea becomes reality, it needs thought.

Keshe Foundation (KFSSI)

From my understanding, experimentation and consensus within the Keshe Foundation as a student. I have learned our bodies are quantum technologies. Our skin is likened to a Gas at Nano State (GANS). At the nano levels of existence, life becomes a whole new paradise. Nano technology exists naturally like that of the surface of the Earth, our skin, noses and ears, or the rusting of a nail. These layers are always forming slowly, but consistently. Within these densities, electromagnetic flux becomes quantum and through quantum understanding as our mind operates, existence propagates.

We are a Magnetic Gravitation (MAGRAV) pull (rock or stone) and we create reality to which is; we are a super conductor at room temperature. Matter is very weak in comparison to magnetic gravitation of Plasma. We all live in a world of worlds and when our reality creates an equilibrium, we are harmony at either the matter state and/or the plasma state.

Healing with Crystalline Water

For me, I drink city water from a crystal glass and spin that water CCW & CW, then from taping three times with my index finger to set intention and ‘ring‘ the crystalline glass with both Love & Light. Much like batteries and conducting metals, frequencies also travel between crystals, they need copper to copper so to speak or crystal to crystal. If we have a quartz crystal and a rose crystal, then the pure frequencies from the quartz will be filtered to the rose vibrational color levels or vice versa.

Water is very healing and the thoughts & feelings imprinted within become that water; water is a memory that absorbs its surroundings. The same thing applies to the organic food we eat, we are able to Tachyonize it by simply using meditation or prayer before or during consumption of that food; remember, all food needs water. Consuming different colours of food also has its own vibrational atomic patterns, just like that of a crystal. Now we understand why thought, sound and meditation is essential.

The water we drink from cities and towns comes from many 45 and 90 degree turns and is essentially ‘broken’ or divided unstructured water. Dr. Masuru Emoto has much science and experimentation upon the subject at hand. To learn more, please do a search online or comment below.

We all are empowered to magnetize things with our thoughts, words, and hands. When we are cooking or cleaning or whatever it is, we create it with love and thought.

Water is overlooked by many and essentially it is a memory and liquid crystal density which is essential for all Life.

Remember we always have our Chi or Prana or Breath of Life; we all are powerful. No one may take this away from us.

Rainbow Healing & Crystals

When we shine a pure beam of Light through a clear rigid, gaseous, or liquid crystal prism, it refracts a beautiful spectrum of rainbow colours.
We are rainbow crystals. We are a crystal stone being tossed into the symphony of Life; that same stone creates its own gravitational shifts of attractions and reflections within its own density of realities & beliefs.

If we dirty the cup or crystal, we create resistance or imperfections within that cup, creating dissonance or impurities. The Light may reflect few colours or no colors at all. Keep in mind, even natures most beautiful has imperfections. A great wise teacher & artist has taught me,

“Many times I went for perfection only to make it ruin what was good.”

The colours of the rainbow have powerful healing properties. Each ray has its purpose & frequency within the whole.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the Life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~Buddha

We understand prayer, meditation, faith, and belief is utmost important; our bodies are vessels or cups or a temple filled with mostly crystal water & empty space.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water, if you put water in the cup it becomes the cup and water can flow or it can crash.”
~Bruce Lee

The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

This documentary series is the best via the source provided from my perspective. It explains the Life of Leonardo da Vinci and shows why his stone of consciousness traveled vast distances through time/space. To this day, even Scientists, Religious leaders and/or great Philosophers still have yet to understand the beauty and reason he understood. Leonardo da Vinci was a beautiful visionary who could see through all challenges, problems and understood how to flow like water during times of distress. His mind was as large as the Universe.

Art is like that of Love and mathematics is like that of Light; both from my comprehension of the world are On3. Without one or the other, Life becomes duality or divided. The mind divides itself and from what we spoke of earlier, the ripples within the vast ocean & sea follow within that relative time/space continuum.

Remember, we are a stone and with this stone, we create a world through our thoughts, actions & experiences. We all are powerful and those without compassion, do their best to divide thee compassionate ones.


On a final note, below is a peaceful mantra. I hope you enjoyed this read and thank you for reading. I want to remind you as you already know, you are a visionary and most loved. Never forget this, never!



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Namaste. Love & Light always. Many many blessings.


THE TRUTHS WE ARE ASKED TO SHARE ~ Archangel Michael through Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Duloe Stone Circle, Cornwall, England
Received on 9/13/16 and it was time to release this message on 6/2/2018


To read the original article, please the following link:
For the importance of the message, we have shared it here. Namaste.

In an amazing, little-known, white, quartz crystal, stone circle in Cornwall England, called DULOE, we received a strong and heart felt message from Archangel Michael about owning your moment no matter what it is, and to use your energy to create what you really want, because we are that powerful. It seems perfect to share this message with the current energies that we are now experiencing, and spirit is asking if we will go to work on a new paradigm.

Archangel Michael is quick to join us on this day, and he begins his message is his usual humorous and blunt way, but always with so much love.

This message it is not just for you, but it is also for the people you know out in the world. You are ready to bring this message to the world, as we (“we” being Archangel Michael and his legion of angels) can see you are authentic beings. We see you are doing your very best to hold impeccable light and truth, and we are impressed. Your challenge is that many people in the outer world, who are also trying their best to do the right thing, are not yet seeing results they were expecting. Their reality is falling short of their dreams, and they are losing hope. There are some subtle, outdated ideas and upgrades taking place in your creation program. No one needs to lose hope, not at this time in your history. You are just beginning.

We want to address your understanding of manifesting. There is a very well-known and followed truth that we create our reality. And on a deep soul level you truly do, but we also create collectively. You share this planet with billions of souls, all who are creating differently than you. This will impact your personal creative outcomes. As you have asked to become ONE, it is time to create collectively for global change. When two or more are gathered in the Creator’s name (I AM), then the love, wisdom and power of the enlightened Christ is with you.

We would like to address a few, still existing truths and programs in your consciences that need tossing or updating.

Does false positivity = authentic manifesting?

Many accept a truth that states that one must stay positive 100% of the time to manifest their inner vision. (As you know by now, staying 100% positive is nearly impossible to obtain.) Because of this problem, a bad habit of covering up any perceived, negative reaction has formed into this truth. Many say automatically “It’s all good” to any uncomfortable challenging situation they might be experiencing. This way they feel that they can stay positive. They put all their attention on precise, positive wording, and they ignore their true feelings and their motivation for what they are saying. This in itself is not a mortal sin. But this action simply buries or swallows the negative event or situation. They can lose much energy by avoiding / ignoring the situation. They also remove themselves from taking any responsibility for their part in it. Their spiritual growth is now stunted, stalled and becoming toxic. Sugar coating situations also happens when people are afraid to make a commitment to anything, because they are afraid that they are going to make a mistake. You are going to make mistakes. There is no way around it. The mistakes always have a good lesson if you are looking for it, but you need to keep making choices, and commit to doing your best in each moment.

In owning your truth and taking responsibility for participation in any perceived, negative situation, there is priceless wisdom and growth. The Universe is completely unbiased and has no agenda. So whatever you accept into yourself, the universe will continue to give you. It absolutely has to. The Universe has to give you what you ask for. Remember . . . you are in a living mastery school. If you are in a human space suit, you will be challenged and tested. Passing these tests is more about being authentic in each moment than about staying positive. It is about how you respond to each life challenge.

Never say it is ALL good if it is not. What you learn from living and growing through uncomfortable situations IS something to be grateful for! The only thing that is truly good is God and the enlightened mighty I AM Presence within you. When we see others say “It’s all good”, it is their unconscious motivation to try to trick the universe with false positivity. The universe cannot be tricked, but it is confused to what you want. False positivity, ulterior motives, and negating the truth never works as you would hope. You have learned to send out your desires with great power, and the creative universe and God is listening. But the mixed signals are short circuiting your beautiful power.

If something takes place in your world that does not feel right to you, and you say it must be in divine order, you negate the power that is within us. But we also tell the Universe that it is okay, and this gives the universe permission to give us more of that. We are trying to be all love and light all the time, and that is not what all love and light is. Light burns the darkness away. Not everything in your world is what Divine Spirit intended, but it is humanity’s creation. We ask you to be authentic in each moment, take responsibility for all your creations, and follow your heart. It is in your soul’s integrity in each moment to say “This is not right for me”. It is OK to say “I AM not going to accept this miscreation”. You are Divine Spirit.

False positivity and avoidance of responsibility is why the world is in the mess it is in right now. There is a major self-correction coming, and you can already feel it. (P.S. By the time I was called to release this message, a major course correction was in full throttle.) Being authentic, being natural in each moment, enjoying the bliss and learning from the blasts of energy while holding firm to a larger vision, creates long term manifesting. Feel it, own it, heal it and move on.

We ask you to really think about this next point because it is an eye opener. The creative universe hears/sees ALL of you, not just your well-chosen, positive words. It also sees your intent, motivation and what you are avoiding as well. So, our question is this . . . Why is it that we never hear anyone say “It’s all good” to a blessed, happy moment? Think about it. Why do you like to sugar coat the darkness, but not acknowledge the light!

When you say “It’s all good” to pain and suffering, the non-judgmental, creative universe accepts that you are ok with that pain, and it will send you more. It is unnatural and an untruthful reaction to sugar coat the mis-creations in your life, when inside your heart you know that it does not feel right and it hurts. God does not want you to hurt. So why do you keep asking for it? What would happen if you gave the creative universe the signal that “iI’s all good” when you are in your divine flow, when you are happy, content, peaceful, etc…? We ask you to . . . Quit lying to yourself. Quit lying to the universe. It is time to be authentic and truthful, and own each moment as a gift to either learn from or enjoy. And DO BOTH . . . don’t just learn, feel the joy all the way as well!

This is one part of the message that we hope you will take out into the world.

Does suffering = enlightenment?

There is a very old program that needs tossing out for good. We ask that you quit looking for suffering to awaken. We hear you say “I must have needed to suffer in this way to grow”, or “It is all in divine order”. This is also a way to avoid truth and your personal responsibility for what you are experiencing. On a deeper level, some think that they need to live or be in poverty to awaken, and/or that money is evil. God is so unlimited and endlessly abundant. God has it all (so to speak), and so should you. Money is not evil. It is what you do with your abundance that makes it a positive or harmful thing.

When you temporarily experience human suffering, dig into it with power and light, and see why this situation has come to you. Be transparent and authentic with yourself. Facing the truth can be scary, and if it is not, then you need to dig deeper until you find the scary place inside of you. Remember . . . things you have done before never scare you in the same way. Only new frontiers make your heart quicken and your mind race. Remember, fear and excitement are the same chemical in your body! So how could fear be viewed as negative? Keep digging, accepting and healing until it no longer scares or hurts you. All suffering passes when acknowledged. God and the Divine I AM Presence never needs you to suffer to awaken. These are old soul agreements and patterns that you made, and now you will agree to awaken with joy.

This is another part of the message that we hope you will take out into the world.

Alone we can get there faster. Together we can go farther.

Nothing changes in the world unless we go out and change it. This does not mean that we are responsible to put right everything in the world. Please don’t go looking for work to do because your work will find you. There is plenty to do. Wait and allow what is yours to arrive on your doorstep. If you feel a miscreation in your field of existence, then it is calling you to stand up, acknowledge it, and then begin to morph it into your higher vision. The problem is that many people are not standing up and saying “This isn’t right, and I won’t take it anymore”. This is because so many people sugar coat the situation, and yet they still expect change. Band together on bigger issues, and your light is multiplied in a way that nothing can stop it. You are more powerful working together than apart. It is time for the monk to come out of the cave (by the time I was called to post this message, we could already see the uprising already.)

Lying to your body and immune system.

We hear so many of you, who are physically feeling out of sorts, say something odd . . . “I don’t have the cold, etc. . . I am just having a clearing”. Or more confusing yet, you totally avoid and lie to yourself that you feel unwell at all. Well, in truth, your body is both having an illness and a clearing. But here is the fine tuning that is needed to this belief system. If you ignore your body when you feel unwell, and say it is just a clearing, your body’s immune system doesn’t understand it is sick. Your body listens to you. Tell it the truth, and allow your immune system to kick into full gear and do what it does best . . . heal you! Your body is a miraculous healing machine. It will heal itself if you tell it too if you allow the process. You need to own both sides, your spirit AND your body. Learn why you are unwell, and tell your body to heal it. Then move on.

We ask you to take these messages out into the world, because what we have shared, you most likely already know to be true from your own personal experiences. So when someone says “It’s all good”, you will have an opening to offer a gentle, fine tuning of that truth. You can share . . . that they just gave permission to the Universe to download more of that to them. Is this ok with you? One way we can go about not supporting what is going on in the world is by offering others a better way by example, and to hold sacred space for positive outcomes. Sharing, when there is an opening to do so, is what makes you a server of humanity. It makes you a powerful light generator.

Humanity’s truth is changing now, and rising to a higher octave. We have been cooking in this energy for some time now, and the whole Earth rising up. It is time to take charge of our creations. Otherwise we will get what we ask for in an endless loop of pain and suffering. Shine the light on mis-creations without anger, judgment and frustration, in a neutral, non-judgmental way. We cannot separate any individual from the rest of humanity. We are now beginning to act as ONE. It is time to upload new intents and tell the universe the truth. It is time to use the light to burn away the darkness, and do it together whenever possible. This about walking in your light, owning your true power and not accepting anything less than truth. It is an era of great revolution.

Marcus, our local England expert, shared . . . “It is kind a catch 22 because the statement ‘It’s all in divine order’ is true. Part of the divine order is to get us to the point of saying ‘I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore’. That is getting us to wake up”.

Aluna responds . . . If we just allow whatever happens without taking action, the Universe is going to give us spiritual leftovers. People claim that their power and light are going to provide positive manifestations. Of course, it is all part of the divine plan, but choosing a side is a form of judgment and part of the old paradigm. We could say, I am sick as hell of that senator’s bad behavior, that self-serving lawyer, that uninformed doctor, or that whatever or whoever that doesn’t have your best interest in mind. It is okay to be mad as hell in the short term. That is part of the Divine plan too. And of course being mad, as Jeshua had done in the past, is only the initiation to a creation. The rest of the creation must be anchored in light and love to have any sustainability.

We are not past the point of no return. It may look like it, but Archangel Michael is very clear about this. We can turn this world around. All we have to do is to readjust a few things that we have already mentioned here. Your time is up. You can’t just roll over, and say “It is all good”, and expect a different outcome. We just need to keep feeding the vision, and starve the monster. Thank you for honoring both sides. Remember, this message isn’t most likely for you, as most of you reading this already know what we have shared here today. It is for all those you are connected to.

Now go out from here, and gently plant these seeds. Send this message out with love, grace and ease. Allow people to come to the realization that it is not okay to accept the things that do not feel right to them any longer.

Join us in Ceremony here . . .

Now, if you are still reading this, First we want to acknowledge that you are spiritual troopers for sure. You are hard workers. We would like to invite you to join us in timelessness, and ceremony within, and help us send this message to humanity. This part is edited to include you now as you read this.

When we walked into the Duloe stone circle, it was definitely glowing and pumping out a lot of amazing energy. So I invite you to imagine that you are completely surrounded by these white, quartz crystal, standing stones. Send out all the love and blessings that we have received in this time with this message, and send them out across the planet to all the open, searching hearts. The message to 1) Harnesses the all mighty power of being truly authentic in each moment. 2) Only accept necessary temporary suffering as a way to awaken. 3) Always tell your body the whole truth, so it is empowered to truly heal. 4) Work together to manifest higher and lighter changes in the world. Hold these thoughts as you send out your love and blessings to all of humanity. Keep doing this until you feel the love return to you. This may only take a few seconds.

Now we can see a huge beam of light now, in the center of our global circle that is going up and out into the Universe. It is mushrooming out like a cosmic tube torus. Our energy is going up and around, then through the Earth and then back to where it was sent from. It looks like a spiraling light. We now invite humanity to open its eyes to the truth, so everyone can realize their authentic spiritual path and accepting what is in each moment, and use each moment to uplift our world in a positive way.

Our energy has mushroomed out, and has gone all the way around the Earth. It is coming up underneath our feet now, and going back into the center of our circle. With each circumnavigation of our energy around our planet, the energy builds like a capacitor, becoming stronger and stronger. Now little threads of light are connecting to each and every one of us who read this. (You will need to give permission for this to take place, as it feels big). We are all in the energy that is growing quickly now. It has circled around the Earth many times now as you read and participate in this inner ceremony. There are many grid/energy ley lines that go around the Earth, and a new one that is being created now. We will be the keepers of this grid line. Every person that is on this grid line, (the new grid line’s orientation is where you are as you read this) this upgrade and message will go to you.

All these little, new threads are a sacred responsibility that we are holding. We will be able to send out little, light messages through these threads, like a spiritual internet. I have never seen Archangel Michael and his team do anything like this before. Remember I said it was big!

Whew! Breathe a bit here.

Now we need to take care of this new grid. We are now a guardian and an emissary of this new light conduit. Spend a few minutes each day, and send out a little love and light on your grid line. Send acknowledgement and acceptance to all beings that are on your circuit. You won’t know who they are, but they will feel the impact. This will help ease much of the spiritual loneliness that has intensified lately. We need to recognize all the people across the planet who are doing this sacred work at the expense of their personal and financial lives and even their sleep time. We are one little dot in a matrix of thousands. And it is an honor.

So I want to thank Archangel Michael for this message and the strength and the power behind it. We honor you for being with us, guarding our backs, clearing the way ahead of us and making sure that we are safe and sound on our journey.

We also want to honor all our like-minded followers and readers. You are awesome, great light filled people that are always watching over US, praying for us, supporting us and holding us in perfect divine space, so we can receive and transcribe our messages.

We hope you are uplifted and benefit from our message, and your time was well spent here. We know you are very busy with your lives and your work.

Blessings to you all ~ Aluna Joy

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