Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound-waves

  https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-03-29-scientists-have-discovered-a-way-to-destroy-cancer-tumors-using-nothing-but-sound-waves.html   (Natural News) A recent breakthrough in high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) technology has proven its use as an effective cancer treatment. A multi-institutional research team from China developed a semi-enclosed, spherical cavity transducer that can produce a focused, standing-wave field with a subwavelength-scale focal region an ...


Study: Magnesium Found to Treat Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs

  http://realfarmacy.com/magnesium-depression/ Study: Magnesium Found to Treat Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs A breakthrough nutritional study conducted at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and published in PLoS ONE has found that just 248mg of magnesium per day leads to an astounding reversal of depression symptoms in study subjects. “New clinical research results show magnesium is effective at addressing symptoms and is safer an ...

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Charity Water

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The Only vaccine guide you need.

J.B. Handley (I have been studying this 'controversy' for for 35 years and J.B. makes it all very understandable.  Study up) https://jbhandleyblog.com/home/onlyvaccineguide BY J.B. HANDLEY June 16, 2016 PORTLAND, Oregon — First, a disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and the final decision about vaccinating your child should take place between you and your healthcare provider. I’m not giving you medical advice; I’m stating my opinion. I am a dad. And, I write this without benefitting ...