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Cobra 2013 All Updates


January :

Labels: Archon Patrol, Archons, Ascended masters, Black Box, Congo invasion, Draconians, Event, Facebook, Galactic Central Sun, Goddess Vortex, Reptilians




February :



Labels: Archons, Black Box, Cabal, Event, quarantine



March :





April :


May :


Labels: Event, military-industrial complex, Positive Military



Labels: calabi-yau, compression breakthrough, David Wilcock, Event horizon, Invisibles, May 25th, primary anomaly, quantum anomaly


June :

 Parts 1-3:







Labels: First Contact, Galactic Confederation, Pandora


July :



August :


Labels: Ghostbusters, Pandora

September :

Labels: Fix the World, free energy, White Dragon Society


Labels: Archons, Benjamin Fulford, Cabal, Eastern Alliance, Event, Keenan, New financial system, occult economy, OPPT, Reset, space program, White Dragon Society


October :

Labels: Archons, calabi-yau, Etheric Liberation, Harmonic Concordance, implants, Lords of Karma, mind programming, Peace Portal, World Liberation Movement


Labels: Dragon Gate, free energy, laser systems, White Dragon Society


November :


Labels: Archons, CIA, Debt forgiveness, disinformation campaign, freemasonry, jesuit, March revolution, mind programming, Negotiations, NSA, PI-40, quarantine, Templars, White Dragon Society




December :




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