Sign, Seal and Deliver to the Tachyon Chambers of the World

Connect yourself with the Power of Tachyons

The upcoming meditation next week June 30th at 5.45 am UTC is our next opportune moment, called for by Cobra and one of the most important meditations right in the middle of the 2020 timeline.

This is a shout out to you who want to make a real point in time and space, to sign the below Galactic Codex and email or post your paper with signature to your nearest Tachyon Healing Chamber. Click here to read:

Before the start of the Age of Aquarius Meditation – Part 2, the Galactic Codex with your signature on it, will be put on the mattress in the tachyon room. At the end of the meditation the paper will be removed.

As you know your signature symbolizes your energetic commitment and intention so now you can activate the Galactic Codex in the most simplest of way.
Presented together in all the tachyon chambers of the world, the Galactic Codex with the signatures, through the direct channel with the Source and the Galactic Positive Beings, will create the most beautiful connection between all of us. At the same time this is a collective peaceful ‘Shout out’ to the Light Forces to let them know where we stand, here and now!

and ….. should you read this later, of course keep sending in those signed printed Galactic Codex, for every meditation worldwide.

Three steps, straight and simple:

1. Click  to open and print this document:

  Galactic Codex


2. Sign with your signature  at bottom of Galactic Codex document

3. Scan to email  or post your document to the nearest Tachyon Chamber. A list worldwide of Tachyon Chambers can be found here on Tachyon site.


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