The Sound of Trumpets, a wave of awakening

You know it really looked like the world did not make sense for some time now, until … this week when I encountered several pieces of the puzzle and upon putting these together with all the previously presented and collected pieces of information, suddenly the world made perfect sense. If anything, it is a BOOM!

During the last couple of years and more specifically weeks of protests, people are awakening to the fact that not all is what it seems. As the pictures from popular social media outlets show us, more and more unknown equipment is shown on the streets to disperse the crowds, whether or not they are peaceful or rioting. So, the question arises what is this and what does it do? And here we enter the ‘conspiracy theories’, as now it is even more relevant to ask where does it come from and where will this go?

Many hardworking Light warriors and workers know these weapons far too well, having experienced the excruciating feeling of a tightening heart muscle, or a pounding headache that they cannot shake. So the detrimental physical effect and recovery takes its toll, but what is even more destroying is the fear it induces, which is the same as the theories being meant to keep us as a population in lower vibration of fear, guilt, etc. So, let us have a look at this presentation that sparked my revelation.

In just four months we have witnessed more social turmoil and life-changing events than most of our forefathers did. There is currently a global divide created on how the pandemic with a virus should be dealt with, as well as ideologies on skin colour, and last but not least our last breath is aimed at 5G and it is threats to our health.

Whatever you may think of him as a person, looking below the veil of his brashness, DJT with help of the White Hats, Q and Anons, are cleaning the swamp of the Deep State. CoVFeFe is the alloy of Cobalt, Vanadium, and Iron, creating a magnetic material that will facilitate many innovative technologies for our future, including space travel. Research, studies and patents on the magnetising abilities go as far back as early the 1920’s. The metals Cobalt, Vanadium, Ferrin alloy magnets, essentially cleanse the impurities from the 5G, and from an ionic level to keep oxygen from being depleted, rendering the signals harmless.

Trump’s uncle (greatly valued by DJT), being head of research was allocated by the FBI as the main researcher on the work of the deceased scientist Nikola Tesla. The dedication of this man and his team has ensured that we now will be able to step into the next piece of the puzzle:

The Mayotte Wave

The earth rang like a bell for 20 minutes starting 15 miles off the shores of the French island of Mayotte, in between Africa (Mozambique) and Madagascar to Hawaii, on the 11th day of the 11th month in 2018, – and who has not seen those numbers turn up repeatedly feeling its significance -. The waves buzzed across Africa, across Chile, New Zealand, Canada and up 11,000 miles away to Hawaii. Ringing for over 20 minutes, with a clean zigzag repeating every 17 seconds. Humans did not feel it because of this steady pattern which rules it out as natural. In an interview with National Geographic a French seismologist compared it to being like a musical instrument. In the same article they even compared it with not being able to see the colour red. And it seems he was not far off, as throughout our recent history, church bells have been made with a specific alloy to make their sound and reverberate to call the congregation over longer distances. These bells have been raided and later replaced with cheaper, much lower resonating alloys.

Meanwhile over the last couple of years, many people have listened to the unearthing sounds on social media, sounding like metal creaking, unworldly sounds, hair raising, until someone got the idea to play it in slow motion and what then happens is this!

Life Under The Dome -2- Jetson White – 12 Marcg 2020

Listen at Mark 2:26 min to 4:40 min as the sound is played in slow motion, without the fear factor it suddenly does not sound so eerie, like waves of trumpets.

Then at the beginning of December 2018 we hear that CERN had shut down the large hadron collider for two years, and three weeks later NYC, and the world, is shook up as an eerie blue glow lights up the night sky. The collider had been used to tamper with our DNA, using frequency resonance, but now the US military intelligence has control over unauthorized, shadow military technology.

Blue Light floods NYC sky on 27 December 2018.

MrBB333 skies showing dishes, portals, cloud formation

The human brain naturally syncs up with the Earths Schumann Resonance, used to be 7.8Hz, which over the last years is fluctuating heavily  in power, output, and frequency, with another discovery that our Earths resonance used to be higher and had a damaging effect of our human DNA, stopping us from remembering who we are.

Examples of last year’s high frequency powers: at 21st March 2019, 150Hz, – 7th July 2019, 110Hz, – 20th September 2019, 99Hz, – 2nd November 2019, 96Hz. The year 2020 so far has shown some very fabricated, manipulated ranges in the frequencies, for dates of frequencies going sky high can be seen here, source: for some these dates will resonate with major meditation events, when larger groups and those of more experienced meditators got together influencing timelines.

So, waves, light, colour, frequencies and sounds are all part in this massive awakening and a step too far for most people to grasp, yet meanwhile our skies during day and at sunset show colours, shapes and forms of clouds not seen before. Weather patterns manipulated, ozone holes closing, Atlantic magnetic field from Zimbabwe to Chile weakening, and the upper cloud layers at 80 to 100km are registering extremer cold temperatures showing Noctilucence clouds as far down as London-UK, Utah-USA and even Las Vegas last year. Where do these changes lead too?

The technology exists, is patented even, that is using Tesla based designs and ideas to up the frequency to a stable 13.13Hz, to the point upon which the poles could reverse.

“In addition to all technology manipulating the Earth’s HeartBeat is gradually increasing due to Solar Activity activating Earths Toric field, Photon Belt / Band of Alcyone activating Earths Toric Field, Galactic Love Waves activating Earths Toric field, our humanities individual & collective ‘Activated Heart Coherence/Resonance‘ through meditation and a general raising and activating Earths Toric Field and Celestial Alignments (e.g. Lunar & Solar Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, Galactic Centre Conjuctions, etc…).

The above factors, in combination with many others is increasing Earths HeartBeat, Hz, and gradually decreasing the magnetic field, ultimately leading to a full magnetic polar shift

What will happen during a magnetic Pole Reversal?

As the earth heartbeat is increasing and holds a synchronize, sustained and harmonic Heart Beat frequency around the Earth of 13.13Hz this will be the critical point Hz frequency that will lead to a full Earths Magnetic Pole Reversal. As the Earths magnetics will diminish and become erratic it will then be humanity’s individual / collective heart toric field in combination with Galactic Toric Field that will quantum leap ALL life forms into this phase of Evolution.

At the threshold of 13.13Hz humanity’s primordial cells are resonated and pineal glands ‘ignite’, creating a cascade of quantum shifts in the body from the Activation of DNA & all 64 DNA Light codes through to the attunements of DNA in a RESONANT frequency that now reflects an awakened level of 5D consciousness within the physical body.

Humanity’s individual /connective Heart Toric fields will then re-establish the new electro-magnetic Heart Field of Earth, stabilize her Heart Beat and support a simulation of consciousness brain from an awakening level of 5D awareness.”

Next by underlining certain words in leading twitters’ tweets, reading only those words, our inner resonance starts, igniting our inner higher energy. The connection between our pineal gland being the ‘Seat of our Soul’, as remarked in 1649 by Rene Descartes and excitement to raise our dormant to fuel, understand, manifest and materialise our inherent creation abilities. By increasing the Schumann Resonance with technology a pole shift is produced on purpose and benevolently. This is possible because life is inherently existing with magnetics and can be manipulated using sound waves.

All this leading to the last Trumpet in the ancient scriptures could be a 5D Magnetron Sound Blast created by technology. Such a 5D blast could be used to literally time travel humanity out of this timeline into a future timeline. All that is required from us is keep calm, discern, feel the resonance and meditate to raise the vibration, envision your world as you want it!

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