Tectonic Shifts Occurred The Last Time We Saw The Same Planetary Conjunction That’s Coming in January…

With the multitude of:

  • profound revelations
  • secrets
  • ‘ah-ha’ moments
  • and  – not yet fully understood – opportunities that lie ahead of us

… that are all listed below.

Firstly – the 144k Solstice Mass Meditation on 21st Dec is ON!   … And so very needed…. to set-up the eclipse Meditations of Christmas day & Jan 11th/12th on the ‘highest optimum timelines’ for even further IMPACT.

That’s the way the 144k rolls!

Join time: 10pm EST this coming Saturday – Start time: 10:10pm

Links & times for your timezone & to join the live broadcast will be sent to you this Friday. So watch your inbox. It’ll soon be time to swing into action.

So … There’s been a further unearthing of wider & deeper nuanced ‘holy-crap’ realizations …

… just uncovered by my discussion with researcher, writer & speaker Justin Deschamps of

So you’ll certainly NOT want to miss out on the deeper understanding of what’s coming, by tuning in to this investigative & partially intuitive talk with Justin … to get real & deeper clarity on:

  • what the dark ones plan to achieve through their rituals & possible false flags, with the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction … with Saturn being all about universal law … structure & karma … and Pluto being the ‘gate-keeper & reformer’ of consciousness – And what the combination of these two planets mean, let alone their coming impact on us & planetary liberation
  • why it’s beyond crucial for you to now invoke … harness … & combine … the archetypal hero energy of Sagittarius WITH the profound astrological events coming – including HOW to do it – to accelerate or actualize transformation within yourself … your life … and WHY this will transform the planet
  • how humanity could easily end up creating just another ‘slightly better looking’ slavery system – if the above isn’t honored & applied. Hint: this is what the cabal “controllers” are aiming for!
  • get final clarity on the cabal’s precise plan & structure of “it’s idea” of the upcoming new financial system. What it would look like … how it would work … and how it would be worse than the current Babylonian debt-slavery system … and how we can stop it
  • the precise reasons why we have the best opportunities ever … at an unprecedented level … to transform the most RIGID and ALL ENCOMPASSING structures – that organize & control our social reality – to finally complete this decades long process
  • why it’s TWO nights … of January 10th & 11th … (which the dark ones know all about – and thus they plan to ritualize ‘the living daylights’ out of these configurations) that hold the key to the final watershed moment of actualized Victory of the Light.
  • the precise methods physical & non-physical darkness uses to secretly manipulate humanities’ free will (hint: it must LOOK benevolent) – and why it needs to do this to achieve its goals
  • why the general belief in the ‘spiritual community’ of “… but if it’s written in the stars, it will all happen anyway” … is deadly!
  • with Sagittarius being the Spiritual Warrior – discover & understand (& take full advantage of)
  • the profound ramifications of several key planets moving into Sagittarius
  • and how to use all the above, to strengthen and honor The Goddess … and thus LIBERATE this planet
  • how to transcend tragedy & trauma, to ‘upgrade’ the way you deal with any challenge, to put this planet on the highest optimal timelines
  • how personal transformation is key to planetary liberation – how to more easily do this – and then lead the rest of humanity to the same liberating transformation – as a 144k Member & sovereign Being

… and folks, all that is still only the half-way point of this breakthrough discussion with Justin!

We still have:

  • why mass meditations on Jan 10 at the Lunar Eclipse … Jan 11 at 12:11am CST … Jan 12 at 10am CST… are needed – and how these three moments are impacted by Uranus going direct, thus ‘releasing suppressed planetary kundalini energy’  
  • why the ‘bad moods, pessimism & polarized thinking’ triggered by the cancer full moon/Lunar Eclipse of Jan 10 needs clearing, and how it will influence the Jan 11 & 12 Energetic/Astrological Events
  • … and as Cobra said – we’re facing a Mass-Grand-Conjunction that can ‘crack the financial system wide open’. Find out precisely how – and why ‘finances & money’ has everything to do with spirituality!
  • learn about the ‘Papal Bull’ the Cabal simply made up … to justify their claim of ownership over our souls, minds & bodies … and ability to ascend   
  • and discover the shocking … little-known … history altering … planet-changing financial events, the last time these major planetary/astrological conjunctions occurred. Except we weren’t in charge of the energies back then …

… BUT NOW WE ARE – IF WE SHOW UP for these Mass Meditations!

… and we’re still only at the 46min mark of a 1hr & 20min talk with Justin.

So hold-on-tight to your sacred stones & pendants, and click the 144k Member’s link below to listen in or download the recording. HUGE stuff coming your way, and this is crucial preparation for the upcoming 144k Mass Meditations & Astrological Events.

So listening in is a must & obligation for total alignment with soul path! (link below)

… and as if all that wasn’t enough, we still have:


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week!

Tune in to this week’s show to also learn about:

  • the one thing about the US President Fulford still isn’t able to distinguish
  • the fundamental misunderstanding & resulting anger Lucifer had with Source (‘God’), and why Lucifer crossed over to the Light in 2014 – something that Prince Harry & man Luciferians need to wake up to
  • control over the disclosure narrative war intensifies, as both positive & negative factions release more UFO & Secret Space program footage … files … & announcements. Will the 144k alter the timelines & energies enough to end the partial disclosure narrative by the Cabal, in time?
  • earthquake under the Philippines confirmed to be another ‘hostile military underground base’, likely Chimera controlled, as another sign they are being removed
  • did positive Chinese factions/Dragon families have anything to do with bringing more harmony between China & the US with the recent trade war breakthrough?
  • tune in to also discover the very nasty lower octave equivalent of a trade war with China, which we have stopped
  • learn about the latest developments in the UK, that go beyond just the huge victory of the positive faction there, that are behind anti-cabal PM Boris Johnson’s election victory
  • and what the above tells us about the City State of London Corporation’s degree of control over the United States
  • discover the single biggest influencing factor of the huge summit meeting likely to occur in mid January … between the biggest power groups, both positive, neutral & negative … to discuss the biggest topics, like debt jubilee, disclosure of the secret space program, financial reset, free energy release, etc.  

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