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The SCIET is a geometrical vortex, the most basic action in the Universe, acting to measure and absorb all information surrounding a central point. It underlies every aspect of the the Creation from the first action to the present.

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Saturday December 7, 2019
at 11:00 AM PST

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This assertion has not been recognized at all, and the reasons for this lie with the nature of knowledge in modern society.

The SCIET explains what happens when two objects (or points) move in relationship to one another. The answer assumes that each point exists in a space that has volume with an underlying metric capable of defining the two points relationship with one another.

This answer is problematic on its face when the definition of the location at the beginning is one that has no capability to “be” anything at all. The Void is without form, without definition, limitless in its existence. What can exist here? Moreover how does anything enter this space and become anything, anything at all?

Using the experiences that are common to consciousness we can find an answer.

Experiments designed to test the nature of awareness in animals have shown that genetically related plants and animals exhibit a reaction to the harm or death of their own offspring. What is particularly important to this discussion is that the reaction is instantaneous regardless of distance or material obstacle. Repeated tests leave us with one conclusion, and that is that space itself is the vehicle of this transmission of information. Other narratives regarding the Near Death Experiences relate the ability to see and be aware of the surroundings when the body is without any noticeable function at all. The summation of all these is that space itself is the basis of consciousness.

If the sense of being is independent of matter and the basis of consciousness is space, then matter can originate from an act of consciousness in space. In fact the action required for this is common to all who meditate, for this practice requires one to “focus inwardly” to go deeper and deeper into their own being until all external information sources are silent, the sense of being is isolated within a undefinable void of their own making.

Now the General Theory of Relativity is used to work backwards to the beginning of time or the creation. When this is done an almost unimaginably small point of origin is defined. Returning to the forward calculations of the theory the entire universe is unveiled through a process called inflation. Its is a neat trick for sure, but some troubling conceptual problems exist in this approach.

If the origin is within the Void, where does the tiny point come from? Moreover, if the point suddenly inflates into the known universe, how does it do so in the Void, which is indescribable nothingness without definition, limitless in its vast emptiness? The issue is how does a tiny speck of matter already exist, and how does it turn into 10^80 atoms distributed all over space? In the Void, this idea is impossible. The Void cannot suddenly have defined matter within it, all of it in relationship to the original speck that is defined by GR, because the Void is without definition, without metric.

The SCIET Cosmology overcomes the limitations of the Void by having the “speck” be a point of awareness that has descended from a larger reality by process of an act of consciousness. This is the idea of a meditator being as the origin of the Universe. In this scenario the energy in the Universe comes from a conscious inquiry of “Where am I?”, or an expression of conscious intention, “Become!”, leading to a unitary value that extends to the edge of the Awareness within the being. Rather than a explosion of particles into the Void, it is an expansion of the Point of Awareness, entirely contiguous to itself. Doing this, all subsequent definitions are also contiguous to the First Action, and so a space is carved out of the Void that is capable of a metric, defining each location in relationship to all others. Outside of this defined area, the Void continues, and the Defined Space is within and above it, while reachable through the Defined Space by parting the Defining Metric to reveal it, much like parting a curtain. This all follows from the First Action and the thirteen Magnitudes of the Geometric Vortex.

The Domain Frequency Rate has become more complex with the growth of the Universe.  The illustration above shows the sequence of stages and their relationship to complexity over time. The identification of the life frequencies with super conducting cellular resonance and the Phi growth  ratio is pivotal, as is the recognition that higher frequencies are attainable with both  reduction and radiant processes.  It is the combination of these that enable Awareness to move smoothly from the deep frequencies within the DNA from the Infinitesimal Substrate (Creation Substance) to express the patterns of the DNA into a living being by increasing complexity over time.

The SCIET Cosmology has the Void intact, with a defined metric existing from which matter evolves and all forces originate and propagate within. It innovates a simple Geometric Vortex to evolve the definition of space from a single unitary value into one that exists in radius to the original “speck” and reduces into 10^80 similar specks evenly distributed within a defined space.

At 4:14 to 6:54 and at 8:11 are comments that directly refer to what is discussed in this article.

The importance of the contiguous expression of the First Action within the Void must be emphasized. As we move forward to the present there are many phenomena that are explained by this idea. The most obvious is the occurrence of wormholes or the existence of “portals”.

Although there is more than one version of the the ability to literally jump from one location within the defined space to another, the use of the Void to do this based upon the idea that it (the Void) cannot connect to what is of the creation, its frequency is to high for this to happen.

The formation of a Void-based portal depends on creating a “hole” in the defined space to provide access to the void. Doing this requires that the fabric of the defined space be forced open by using the fabric to hold itself apart.

It is well known that spinning matter affects the fabric of space surrounding it, and this is the basis of creating this type of portal. In this case the spinning causes the fabric to assume a higher frequency until it reaches one that inhibits the harmonizing of the space surrounding it. Once this high frequency is achieved, the space within the spin field is separate from its surroundings.

The ability to use this for transport to another location depends upon the frequency of the spin field surrounding the Void-space, for when this field is approached by a created object of the defined space, it will assume the value of the spin field on the inner wall of the void-space. When this happens the object is defined as being where the inner wall values match.

The importance of matching frequencies means that transport can be done with this alone, and this is the basis of those systems with two or more frequency generating mechanisms, which each generate a precise frequency that combines into the destination frequency.

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