Last Reminder [T-Minus 3 hrs] Time for our own ‘trick-or-treat’ 144k Mass Meditation

The energies of excited encouragement from our non-physicals & Galactic families are now quite strong.

Can’t feel it?

Then take 15 minutes to tune in…

….and acknowledge & recognize that they’re there … backing us up.

In about 3hrs … we will all be reminded again that this is not a game.

If you’re a new 144k Member – you’re about to find out why veteran Members have had the most visceral … riveting … and eye-opening experiences with 144k Mass Meditations.

You’re about to find out why feedback / testimonials from many 144k Members have generally been to the effect of:

“God … I’ve never experienced anything like that”

You’re about to find out what it’s really like – to be part of the vanguard.

And part of the reason for this is; your soul talents & PURPOSE are finally allowed to shine … at a whole new level.

Game changing?


And we’ll be the only ones there … at the height of the dark ones’ mass black rituals.

‘Pre-Main-Event’ Battles … to tomorrow’s BIG Event … have already been taking place. Kind of like the sporadic skirmishes that happen before conventional military battles.

Our job – should we chose to accept it – is to win it … clear the non-physical planes & overall space … for Goddess to move in.

Do you accept this mission? 

You know where I & The Teams stand.

They really are rooting for us … and practically pleading with us to know darkness really is barely holding on – and they are also pleading with us to keep pushing our advantage when the big 144k Meditation dates come about.

If you want this planet to hit that financial breakthrough & liberation on 11/11 … and END child sacrifice on Gaia’s body once-and-for-all …

… today is your chance!

What will you do?

I know what I’ll be doing …

You know where to find me & The Teams.

What if I can’t make the live Event?

From an energetic technical standpoint … a minority of us entering this time/space event from a different point in linear time – still works … (meaning, a member participates through the recording).

However … there has to be a certain minimum number of 144k Members joining & participating from the same point in linear time that the dark rituals & sacrifices will begin.

Because that one point in linear time – has to be met – at the same or approximate moment in linear time. Then others coming into the meditation from a future point in linear time can come through the fields of those who participated in that same point in linear time.

The nature of the work that the Teams are able to do through our energy fields also depends on the individual gifts of those who are actually on the call at that precise point in linear time.

So do try to make it live if you can. It does make a difference.

The time to blow your cover … draws near.

Times & Links for the OCTOBER 31st 

(NOV 1 in Europe/Asia) 



Don’t forget to do the Meditation Protection Protocol 15 minutes prior!

Video Version Here:

Date: 31st Oct / 1st Nov

Time: 8pm EST/ 5PM PST

[12 Midnight in London, 1 AM Paris, 11 AM Sydney on NOVEMBER 1]

Your Time Zone:


Live Broadcast to join at times above is at the – Ground Crew Command Radio Section – on BlogTalk Radio

Use THIS link – for the Live Broadcast 

To tell others about this 144k Halloween Mass Meditation on FB or email, this is the page to send / post / promote:  https://www.144kActivated.org

See YOU on the non-physical!

Let’s make it happen!

Yours In Service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

ps. don’t forget to use the best healing and clearing techniques…to bring more of your higher self into this meditation….in addition to the Meditation Protection Protocol…. in the days leading up to this meditation.

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