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SCIET Past Lives Webinar October 19, 2019 11 AM PDT

We are immortal beings, we can prove it. SCIET Theory provides the explanations we need.

Join us for our next SCIET Etheric Physics Webinar to discuss Past Lives and Reincarnation. This topic reveals the most important truth we can learn about ourselves and our reason for living.

When you know you are immortal and possess that confidence, you can truly appreciate life’s infinite opportunity.

SCIET Theory goes past “just believe” and on to knowing, rational perception of how it works and seeing it in all of nature. This webinar will explain it clearly to give you that confidence.

This Webinar will answer:

  • The Basics of SCIET Theory and how they apply to Reincarnation
    • Twelve concepts that exist before the creation of matter
    • The nature of memory
    • What is free will and does it apply to reincarnation?
    • How does the soul retain all past life information?
    • Who are you really?
    • How and why does hypnotic past life regression work?
    • Can you change the past by connecting to yourself in the past?
  • Reentry into a living body at the time of birth
    • The Soul, what is it, where is it between lives?
    • How do you choose your parents?
    • What is karma, why does it affect another life?
    • How the Soul incarnates to fulfill its goals, karma or duty.
    • How do you choose the right moment to be born?
    • Why is there facial similarity from life to life?
  • Survival of Consciousness after death
    • The Nature of the Afterlife and its Logical Existence
    • How can we hear the living?
    • What are Orbs and how do they relate to reincarnation?
    • Are apparitions souls communicating with the living?
    • How do channels connect with the dead?
    • How do Out of body experiences relate to life after death?
  • Is Earth a prison planet, if so, why?
    • Are Soul traps real, and if so, why do they exist?
    • Does Earth have a planetary fence/barrier to prevent Souls from leaving? How does it work?
  • History of social acceptance of past lives and reincarnation
    • Christianity and Justinian I 
    • Hindu 
    • Bhudda
    • Muslim 
    • Zoroastrianism

The Webinar teaches you how to see it and know it.

Attend the SCIET Past Lives Webinar to learn HOW we live again and again. SCIET Theory establishes a new paradigm of the creation before matter existed. Beginning with the purity of the original limitless Void, called in SCIET Theory the Awareness. Upon this pure emptiness the First Action creates change, and endless subdivision of creation, which from one comes all. In stages change evolves into all that we see and experience today. As one stage is completed a new one begins, the Ether or SpaceTime is the result of completion of the First Action, and begets the resonance of points from which memory and matter emerge.

Reincarnation depends on the existence of a state of being and awareness before matter, something generally called the “Ether”. It is the explanation of how the ether exists, where it originated and how it interacts with the material world that provides the explanation reincarnation. Everything is linked and to answer only one question, all others must be answered as well.

We have a limited number of seats for the Webinars, so reserve yours early.

  • Single Webinar is 55.00 

Below are listed the Etheric Physics Webinars scheduled for October 19 through December 7, 2019
Reserve your seat today!

The Soul, Past Lives and the accumulated knowledge of the planetlocked into the layers of memory that surround it are explored in this Webinar

The Soul and Past Lives Date: October 19, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The puzzle of the Pyramids and the power of Form Resonancethat they wield over matter and the energies that bind it all together are the subject of this Webinar.

Pyramids and Form Resonance Webinar Date: November 2, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The SCIET Functional Cosmology explains how the SCIET underlies every aspect of the Creation from the First Action to the present. This Etheric Physics Webinar is pivotal to understanding how the SCIET works

The SCIET Functional Cosmology Webinar Date: December 7, 2019 at 11 AM PST

Below are listed the blog posts relating to the Webinars and encourage you read them before the Etheric Physics presentations.

Links to Articles about the SCIET Etheric Physics:

Past Lives Explained with SCIET Theory In modern times belief in reincarnation has grown with the availability of the free exchange of information. Widely distributed accounts of past life recall from all over the world are in books, magazines, and digital media, many of which are discussed at the end of this article. Hypnotic techniques are taught that allow any person to be regressed to their former lives. Some out-of-body techniques allow a person to visits past lives as well.

Living in the Life Stream Our community of scientists studies consciousness and has a very difficult time resolving where the “I” is in the anatomy of the brain. They wonder how the observing self is able to be in the brain and how consciousness works with the nerves and how memory is retained. Studies of the brain as it performs complex tasks or experiences dramatic events have not shown where the observer resides. Limiting their research to materiality and what can be done in that context they are continually blocked. They call it the “Hard Problem of Consciousness”, hard because it does not seem to have an answer that fits within the scope of their investigations. 

The SCIET before Matter SCIET Theory contrasts with the Big Bang Cosmology in that it begins a conscious reaction which then expresses a curiosity about its presence. The curiosity defines everything to the smallest degree before reacting to the limitations it encounters, which it then records to memory in the form of nuclear particles.

Astrology: The Resonance of Points of Awareness  The fact that Astrology has survived as part of all cultures attests to its reality. In today’s Western culture of Objective Materialism it has persevered because it provides demonstrable benefits to its practitioners. What experimental science has taught us is that material bodies have a limited reach with the forces they possess, so it is only logical to expect that there must be immaterial forces that exist within the material objects, and this is what my research into possible answers led me into. Astrology works because every object has an immaterial center that is in resonance with all other immaterial centers.

Elements of Life: Ormus, White Powder of Gold, and Tachyons  Throughout our history the existence of a mysterious substance known as the Philosophers Stone has been whispered among the great intellects of each society. It is just one of the many manifestations of the Elements of Life that are common throughout all soil, water and air.  

Point of Awareness in the Mental BodyAccording many who have experienced it, going out of body was the game-changer in their quest for spiritual knowledge. 

The SCIET and Black Holes: The idea of Black Holes is at the heart of the SCIET Functional Cosmology.   Is it possible that Tachyons are the KEY TO  THE EVENT? According to Erick, conventional science approaches the subject of Black Holes from a variety of directions depending on the branch of science and its tool set. 

Point of Awareness: An Alien Perspective A few years ago my friends and I read and discussed a PDF book titled Alien Interview by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy. The small volume was fascinating for several reasons, first it purported to be a first person account of meeting and communicating with one of the survivors of the Roswell crash in 1947.

The Soul Explained by SCIET Theory  The Mind Experiences the Soul Our experience of seeing, remembering and visualizing all hinge on the ability of the mind to place our awareness at the center of a spherical reality that converts incoming sensory information from our nervous system, particularly our eyes, memory and imagination into a manipulable visual construct.

Vacuum Forming Your Visions: Projecting an Attractive Vision to Manifest your Desires  Projecting the will outside of the body is learned by warriors, game players, spectators, gamblers and business people.  It is taught in sales seminars as an act of mental projection and positive expectation that works to increase sales.

The Event, Star Particle Jets and Tachyons: Is it possible that Tachyons are the KEY TO THE EVENT?  Yes, the best guess about the “energetic particles” referred to as being pivotal to the raising of frequencies is that they are Tachyons. After reviewing the article on Wikipedia about Tachyons, it is necessary to depart from the idea of an imaginary particle and focus on one that can and does exist.

Long Heads and SCIET: Can cranial deformation change the mind? Caracas Peru is famous for its ancient cemeteries whose mummies have elongated heads, although these types of skulls are found all over the world.  Some are the result of artificial cranial deformation, but others are natural. As expected, the ancient people’s DNA has been tested and found to be different from normal humans, since it was taken from those with distinctly non-human skulls. 

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