The SCIET Before Matter

The SCIET before Matter

SCIET Cosmology Makes Sense

All Cosmologies begin somewhere, be it the vast emptiness of the Void, or the swirling clouds of mist before the entrance of the creator.

SCIET Theory contrasts with the Big Bang Cosmology in that it begins a conscious reaction which then expresses a curiosity about its presence. The curiosity defines everything to the smallest degree before reacting to the limitations it encounters, which it then records to memory in the form of nuclear particles.

A slice of brain tissue on the left and a computer models of the Universe on the right.

The Big Bang does it differently, beginning with a nuclear particle which explodes into the area around it to create all the particles and energy in the Universe. It does not account for where this happens or how the matter was there to explode, or why it would explode. One idea is that the proton-sized particle is the consequence of a prior universe collapsing, and its subsequent explosion was related to cavitation. This raises one to question: how something already existed if this is supposed to be describing the beginning of the Universe?

SCIET Theory uses several assumption from the Big Bang Cosmology, but adds important features before the Atoms fill Spacetime. These features are responsible for aspects of Consciousness, the nature of Spacetime, the existence of immaterial resonant points that become the first protons. Each of them continues to play a significant part in the evolution of consciousness and the material Universe.

This list summarizes the twelve important ideas contributing to the etheric physics that can explain the nature of the Soul, Consciousness, the process of thought, the nervous system, the mind brain relationship and the formation of matter for examples.

  • The Awareness- called the Void in conventional science, it is limitless and does not interact with the Fabric of Spacetime.
  • The Intrusion- it is a point of awareness that has descended into the Awareness from a larger reality where it exists at a more energetic state. It is the same size as the smallest increment defined by the Geometric Vortex.
    • The First Action- The intrusion is aware with intention and seeks to to define its location within the Awareness with a SCIET Line to the distant edge. This Action defines all the following fractional subdivisions of the Geometric Vortex.
    • The Geometric Vortex Algorithm (SCIET) Collapse– beginning with an attractive reaction at the center of a tetrahedral reaction to its existence within the Awareness, the fractional collapse along the SCIET Line stimulates the simultaneous formation of a series of tetrahedral structures in fractional frequencies. The coexistence of the tetrahedral structures around the Intrusion causes each to interact with an equidistant angle to one another. The attractive values of the tetrahedrons generate a pentagonal column along the shared edges of the twenty tetrahedrons to form twelve frequency clouds whose values cannot match the tetrahedral fractional sets, creating a set of monopole harmonics that do not assimilate inwardly, but remain in the space where they were created.
  • The Fabric of Spacetime- The First Action is followed by a continual collapse of tetrahedral values toward the value of the Intrusion. Each step leaves a set of twelve pentagonal monopoles remaining in the space defined by the Geometric Vortex. At least 260 steps are required from First Action to the formation of Atoms, so all of Spacetime is filled with the pentagonal monopoles created by the collapse of the Geometric Vortex or SCIET.
    • Points of Awareness- The collapse of the First Action into the Geometric Vortex repeats until it reaches the Intrusive Minimum, the same size as the original Intrusion, where it matches another value for the first time and begins to resonate with it. The end of the First Actions Collapse leaves the tetrahedral structures active within the pentagonal monopoles to create the Point of Awareness at the center of each Proton.
    • The Intrusive Minimum- The creation begins with the intrusion of the external Awareness into the internal Awareness, in the form of the Intrusive Minimum, which becomes the minimum sized definition for Spacetime. This tiny value triggers the release of all the energy in the Universe in the form of the collapse of the Geometric Vortex.
  • Resonance of Points of Awareness- The Points of Awareness contain both the tetrahedrons in resonance with one another to form active pentagonal corridors in twelve monopole angles, each of which has unique qualities in the context of an environment filled with similar values.
    • Resonance Return Algorithm- The beginning of resonance is the result of the final value created by the continual collapse of the First Action matching the value of the Intrusive Minimum. Both are Points of Awareness with twenty active tetrahedrons and twelve pentagonal corridors of external interactivity. The tetrahedrons power the Pentagonal Corridors, but do not interact except with the Awareness, which maintains a continual attraction to them, for they are of the Awareness.
    • Return Span Alignment- Like a guitar sting being plucked the Resonance Return Midpoint Value travels back to each Point of Awareness as a value harmonic to both Points of Awareness, having both the Tetrahedral values and the Pentagonal values intact.
    • Return Orbital Algorithm- When the Resonance Return Midpoint Value approaches the center of the Point of Awareness, it arrives with one angle of its pentagonal corridors spanning the center and the tetrahedral values continue to reduce into the center, while the Pentagonal values follow the path indicated by each successive angle outward from center until they reach a level parallel to the incoming direction.
  • Return Orbital Shell Formation (Proton)- The Resonance Return Midpoint value continues on parallel to the center, orbiting continuously to form the shell of the Proton.

As you can see, SCIET Theory defines a number of conditions, qualities and algorithms before matter fills the Universe, but once matter exists, it can conform to conventional physics and astrophysics, beginning at the point when space begins to clear and visible light pierces the darkness.

Current views related to the Big Band version of cosmology want to explain the observations of astronomers, particularly the Red Shift seen in observations of distant galaxies. Based on these observations it has become imperative to explain why so many of the observed galaxies seem to be hurtling away from our solar system. Hurtling is good word for this, since they are reported to be separating from us at the speed of light. From Wikipedia:

American astronomer Edwin Hubble (who the Hubble Space Telescope is named after) was the first to describe the redshift phenomenon and tie it to an expanding universe. … “This redshift appeared to be larger for faint, presumably further, galaxies. Hence, the farther a galaxy, the faster it is receding from Earth.”

From Wikipedia

Most modern Cosmologies seek to explain this, and a commonly accepted version of this uses the notion that a tiny dot of matter exploded into all the matter and energy in the visible universe. So the short form of this is that the Void was empty except for this dot, and that its explosion accounts for everything that is.

In the context of the Awareness, both of these images show what occurs a central mass grows within a defined environment of Awareness, floating freely reacting to electrodynamic stimuli. The difference in scale is startling, the computer modeled Universe versus the tiny part of a mouses brain, but demonstrate that forces in the realm of cellular existence function similarly to those at the largest scale imaginable.

SCIET Theory offers an alternative. In SCIET Theory the tiny dot is the intrusion of intention into the vast awareness of a great mind, much like might be described for an individual meditating deeply, so deeply that a space is entered that is empty of everything other than the mental focus of the meditator. The entire realm is one of the meditator’s Awareness with the focal point intruding into the center of this realm. Once the meditator realizes the entry into a new realm, the stage is set for the First Action, which can be thought of as a burst of intention from the meditator’s larger reality, a decision and intention to create within the new realm. 

The qualities of the Awareness set the stage for all that follows. It is a realm that is of the same qualities as the intrusion and subsequent First Action, but is limitless and exists only to allow the creation of a limited realm within which difference can be explored. The First Action is meant to define limitation and set the stage for the evolution of difference.

The Awareness is within and without, it is within each particle and surrounds the creation as well, for the First Action leads to a geometric vortex whose continual fragmentation into identical parts move inexorably toward the value defined by the original intrusion into the vast Awareness. At its arrival in equivalent value to the intrusion, it is upon a floor of matching values where at last it can interact. and so begins to resonate with these matching values. The equivalent value has at its center an opening to the Awareness, for regardless of how many fragmented reductions it may achieve, none can be as small as the those that exist in the Awareness.

At the smallest values reaching the Awareness, resonance cannot proceed past the center and so a continual opening to the Awareness always exists at the center of any interactive fragment or geometric vortex within the realm created by the First Action. This is the definition of a Point of Awareness.

Interaction in the realm of Spacetime requires matching values or adjacent values, which are those values that are just above of below any defined value. The qualities of the Awareness can be used to jump from one part of Spacetime to another by causing the fractional layers to separate using circular motion sufficient to cause them to adhere to one another until they leave an area in the center that reveals the original Awareness. Because the Awareness does not interact with the limited realm, any fragment passing into this opening will assume the values of the layers of the limited realm on the inside of the opening. When this happens the the fragment of the Limited Realm appears at the values defined by the inner layers.

The Awareness is always present in all space of the realm created by the first Action, but is not accessible except through the center of a fragment, a Point of Awareness, whose values are adjacent to its own, so at the center of all created fragments a doorway, the Point of Awareness, remains open to the original Awareness.

The convergence of values at the doorway results in their unity with the unlimited Awareness, or unity with all that is in the Universe. And so any resonance with the Doorway forces unity, and it is this value that underlies the nature of consciousness.

The Awareness is limitless and cannot interact with the limited realm of the creation. It is separated from the creation by the energetic pattern left in the realm of limitation by the First Action’s descent toward the original intrusion. Since the geometric vortex (the SCIET) reduces the First Action to just 1/1048577 in twenty fractional subdivisions and it continually reduced at least thirteen times to achieve the volume of atoms created by the resonance with the value of the original intrusion, there are that many fractional layers of energetic pattern in the the realm of Spacetime. This can be thought of as the formatting that defines the realm of limitation.

Spacetime in SCIET Theory

Spacetime is easier to understand in the context of Einstein’s Relativity theories.  It is what many refer to as the Ether, but it does not flow, it clings to itself and objects that are made from its fabric. The cling effect is can be understood as the time required for an object to come to rest after it has been moved, the “cling” is actually seen as momentum as the energetic connections between the objects in spacetime regain their balance with their environment.

The notion that it (Spacetime/ether) flows is not supported by SCIET Theory, it is the remnant for the First Action’s descent toward the original intrusion. Each geometric vortex fills the space defined by its First Action, or measure with smaller geometric vortices that are fractional subdivisions of the First Action. This occurs in twenty levels with the last being just 1048546th of the first one. When the last geometric vortex completes, the cycle begins again using that value as the First Measure of a new geometric vortex. Repeating this seven times results in volume of these geometric vortices equal to the number of atoms in the universe.

The process that creates these atoms leaves a pattern in space from each level of reduction required to arrive at the size of the atom. Each geometric vortex has twenty levels of reduction and there are thirteen reductions until the sized of the atom, so thirteen times twenty is two hundred sixty levels within the fabric of space that makes up Spacetime.

Functions of Spacetime

Spacetime is the energetic remnant of the First Action on its way to create matter. It consists of at least 260 layers of geometric vortex imprints throughout the created Universe. At the point when the geometric vortices reduce to the same size as the original intrusion the reducing layer resonates with the layer of the original intrusion and this resonance forms the atoms that begin the material creation. 

Spacetime is a barrier between creation and Awareness.  Interaction in the realm of Spacetime requires matching values or adjacent values, which are those values that are just above or below any defined value. 

The “stickiness of Spacetime” can be used to jump from one part of Spacetime to another by causing the fractional layers to separate using circular motion sufficient to cause them to adhere to one another until they leave an area in the center that reveals the original Awareness. Because the Awareness does not interact with the limited realm of Spactime, any fragment passing into this opening will assume the values of the layers of the limited realm on the inside of the opening. When this happens the fragment from the Limited Realm of Spacetime appears at the values defined by the inner layers. This is SCIET speak for a portal to a distant location.

Resonance of Atoms in Spacetime

Each atom is a spherical memory and all atoms are of similar size, so they are in resonance with one another throughout Spacetime, although the resonance is greater when they are close together. In physics this is the inverse square effect.  This atomic resonance is not the same as electromagnetism. The resonance is due to the formation of ever larger scalar fields, basically resonance fields created by the atoms presence in space because a geometric vortex is triggered by the memory sphere, leading to another memory sphere using the diameter of the proton as its First Measure. This is produced by movement, causing the proton to trigger an adjustment in spacetime based on its new position. Although the adjustment forms a new memory sphere away from the proton shell, this adjustment is responsible for electromagnetism. The memory shell that is formed by the continual feedback from other protons is known as the electron. 

The resonance of atoms continually forms memory spheres around the central point or nucleus, and these become less energetic as they grow further from the nucleus, but they are interactive with all other memory spheres or shells of the same size. The formation of memory spheres is nonstop with each of them defining larger and larger spherical spaces around themselves. As atoms interact based on these memory shells, they seek closer alignments and each resonant effect helps pull them closer until they reach a harmonic stability where they are in balance with one another. These memory shells form around conglomerations of atoms as they achieve unity and establish their own geometric vortex that continually adjusts the fields of the Points of Awareness within each Atom. The points of awareness create an interactive realm that continues independently after the formation of Atoms, which in turn operate to balance themselves in their own realm of interactivity.

Movement in Spacetime and its Effects

This illustration shows an iron nucleus with the spherical shells clearly visible as well as the SCIET Line between their centers. Iron is quite dense and all atoms have been pressed together by formation at the center of a star.

Once atoms form in Spacetime, their resonance with one another causes them to be attracted together, at an increasing rate. As this process continues the original atoms that had been equally spaced from one another begin to clump together, leaving regions with few or no atoms in them. As the atoms grow together to form objects, their resonance unifies them into single larger masses that cling together and have their own center of gravity.

This article will be updated for clarity and completeness when time permits.

Conglomerate masses become unified fields that move independently, resonating with everything around them, and it is this resonance that makes them their own relativistic entity operating according the rules of Special Relativity. In SCIET Theory this means that resonance causes each object to establish its own geometric vortex (SCIET) until it comes to rest with a dominant body. 

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