Past Lives Explained with SCIET Theory

In modern times belief in reincarnation has grown with the availability of the free exchange of information. Widely distributed accounts of past life recall from all over the world are in books, magazines, and digital media, many of which are discussed at the end of this article. Hypnotic techniques are taught that allow any person to be regressed to their former lives. Some out-of-body techniques allow a person to visits past lives as well.

Leaving one life and returning to another is considered to be a basic truth for many religions. Until 553 AD it was part of Christianity, but politics got in the way of truth. In spite of this suppression more than a third of all Christians today believe in reincarnation,

Under certain circumstances spontaneous visions of past lives occur, usually the a perfect situation is needed to provoke it, being with the right people and similar conditions to the moment of the past life. Sometimes people think these are just vivid waking dreams, but a past life recall will have tremendous knowing along with it, why you are there and what you are doing and with whom. When these experiences occur a person is seldom prepared, the scene is totally foreign and unexpected, but with so much information it is undeniably more than imagination.

In spite of its wide acceptance by those who research it in western society, the truth of reincarnation is denied by science and the Christian religions. The religious opposition is largely rooted in its strong denial within the Bible, something that has been shown to be a product of government insistence rather than religious belief. In the case of science, its dedication to objective materialism prevents any serious pursuit of explanations that depend on non-material causation.

In school the idea of reincarnation was always treated as a fantasy embraced by unrealistic people grasping for meaning in their lives. In spite of this, it began to be respected as more and more people discovered truth was suppressed for power and financial gain. For me, the greatest obstacle was the inability of science to prove the existence of the Soul, and without a Soul, reincarnation makes no sense at all. In my search for direction for my college education the study of Parapsychology offered a career researching the paranormal and the potential to resolve the existence of the Soul.

SCIET Theory enables a clear understanding of Reincarnation

SCIET Theory was developed to overcome the limitations of the current scientific paradigm by proposing a new cosmology for the creation of the universe. In this new cosmology, the Universe is conscious and begins within the mind of the creator. It is built upon known and proven components of Relativity and other physical laws. This requires a new form of math, one that enables matter to be created from the void.

The SCIET can be visualized as a group of tetrahedrons defining an icosahedron within them, The pentagonal planes of the dodecahedron correspond to the to the vertices of the icosahedron formed by the grouping of the tetrahedrons

Reincarnation depends on the existence of a state being and awareness before matter, but it requires multiple aspects to be present before the existence of matter. SCIET Theory introduces four concepts that exist before matter and the Soul requires all of them to exist. It is the explanation of Awareness, the First Action, the creation of Spacetime and the formation of memory that answer the question of its origin and how it interacts with the material world that provides the explanation reincarnation. Everything is linked and to answer only one question, all others must be answered as well.

A geometric vortex, the SCIET, is proposed as the operative tool of the creation, and that form exists at all size levels, the smallest being a doorway to the original void, which is more appropriately named the Awareness. The Soul is explained as nested series of these vortices reaching from your present being all the way back to the original “doorway” to the Awareness. This concept, the Point of Awareness, is the key to understanding the existence of the Soul.

This sculpture in the Courtyard of the Vatican is said to be in honor of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is at the center of the brain, at the concussive point of the skulls resonance. As tiny as a pea, it is shaped like a pine cone, like the sculpture seen in the Vatican Courtyard. In spite of its small size, its blood flow is second only to the kidneys in the body. As explained in the Elements of Life article on this site, the rhodium and iridium released from the rest of the body is directed to the pineal gland while sleeping. These elements are the basis of consciousness and are present in great quantities at the synapses and in the center of all cells. The apparent purpose of this is to enable the Soul to connect to the awareness or Universe using a personal Stargate. The more practical reason is probably related to energetic unity with the planetary mentalsphere, or Noosphere that connects all life on the planet, a concept that works well with the explanation for the Afterlife in SCIET Theory.

As discussed in the article on this site Point of Awareness: Alien Perspective, which explains the Soul as an IsBe, the product of a Point of Awareness that is self aware and has intention to be, so the Soul is quite small, and the geometrical vortex that reduces all incoming information compresses it to a size small enough to resonate with our DNA, so all your memories cascade into a Time Tunnel that is almost unimaginably small. It is this small size that the global biological grid operates and where your Soul connects after death.

The observation in physics that light can be expressed as a particle or as a wave is useful to think about here, for it suggests that the Soul may be able to extend itself out as a wave and stretch around the entire planet. This may be a good explanation for the ability of those in the afterlife to be aware of many widely separated people on the Earth simultaneously.

In the well-known Big Bang cosmology the universe is proposed to be the result of a proton-sized bit of matter exploding into all the matter and energy of the Universe.

The SCIET Cosmology sees that tiny bit as the starting point for the geometric vortex, the SCIET, which then goes through seven levels to create the matter and energy that fill the known Universe. Within this event are a set of natural forces that remain in play today. In the physical realm it creates Spacetime and matter using specific reactions to repeating conditions, and in the metaphysical realm it creates the Angelic Hierarchy, and all of these are aspects of consciousness.

So past lives are a reality. SCIET Theory addresses the issues put forth by western science and overcomes them all. Much more than that it offers the means to truly understand Spacetime and everything that emerges from it, especially the nature of consciousness.

The Body’s sensory system processes the space around it and inputs it to the Mind and Soul

SCIET Theory provides a clear explanation of the Soul and its relationship to the mind/brain. the dual inputs of the sensory system create almost identical fields that merge to create the focal field, which is controlled by the Soul, internal observer, and it is the process of controlling the focal field that creates the facial expressions and in turn shapes the face. This is why the Soul carries the same appearance of the face from one life to the next,

SCIET Theory attributes the capabilities of the Soul to its origin as part of the original Awareness, the vast limitless potential of the Void. With this part at the center a spherical vortex with layers that connect to all incoming frequencies and values. The brain integrates

A description of how the nervous system processes incoming information and compresses it into a continuous stream flowing endlessly toward our point of origin will enable the individual to not only believe, but to Know that they are immortal beings on a stage meant to elevate our perceptions of all that is, and to eventually make us comprehend not only the creation but the creator.

The presence of orbs is associated with spiritual situations, gatherings of people doing spiritual work or locations where the bodies of the deceased are buried. The chakras of the body are all related to the the brain and nervous system, each chakra is near a plexus, or convergence of nerves from both sides of the brain. Many researchers say that all of the Chakras are nested one inside the other after death, and the brain gathers all the sensory nervous information inside of the cavity of the skull to create a model of the environment with the observer sitting in the center seeing it all. Not surprisingly, the spherical orbs that frequent the locations of spiritual people have images of faces or whole bodies inside of them. This supports the idea that discarnate people are able to express their soul energy after death much like they expressed in while in a body, peculiarly the Mind as it existed in the brain.

How our consciousness can survive death and enter the body of new born baby requires a concept of the soul, which in turn requires a consistent vision of how the mind and brain function to integrate our accumulated life experiences into our current life. It must provide a means for the living memories to exist without a body and remain a part of society from which they came, and be available to assist the living and to be reborn when circumstances permit.

Where is the afterlife and how does it relate to concepts of Heaven, Paradise or the many other explanations furnished by each religion is answered with clear and consistent explanations rooted in the basic concepts of SCIET Theory.

The principles of SCIET Theory are demonstrated in all of creation. For instance, the existence of memory in the mind is related to memory in space of the creation. The initial act of Creation is fundamental to all change, even to movement itself.

Social censure and supposed laws of physics have removed reincarnation from Christianity and Western Science. agreement by the founders of the early scientists, the Natural Philosophers, resulted in the evolution of science without examining the effects and origin of anything invisible. By express agreement the founders of science limited their research to material things. Statistical extrapolation depends on matter, so it is not a problem for their agreement. The Bible continues its rigorous exclusion while the Royal Society in London must work hard to prevent truth seeking scientists from overturning this centuries old ban.

Today a greater understanding of nature is providing clarity to consciousness, the Soul and reincarnation and making it consistent with our understanding of the life sciences and the nature of consciousness in the Universe.

Revealing Reincarnation Today

For many who assert the validity of reincarnation, it is the only way to explain our experience of consciousness. The idea that it is a natural truth, understandable logically as part of a systematic approach to all of the creation is embraced based on their inner knowing. The freedom of thought to discuss and research has enabled different approaches to flourish and grow, particularly in America and Europe. Below are several different methods of research that offer convincing evidence that reincarnation is valid.

Hypnotic Regression

The most impactful Hypnotic Regression Therapist today is widely regarded as Delores Cannon, whose practice led to a series of books, a YouTube channel and a degree program for others who want to become Hypnotic Regression Therapists as well an offer eagerly accepted by thousands of people worldwide.

Of particular interest to the readers of this website is her book, Three Waves and her continued research revealing that many people are Star Seeds, but do not recognize it until under hypnosis.

Videos from other Hypnotherapist

Alba Weinman has a large following on YouTube for her video recordings of past life regressions. Her video list has 350 going back several years, so using a filter is a good idea if you check it out.

Interesting narrative from a man with a past life as a Reptilian worker on Mars.

The Face Reveals the Soul

In SCIET Theory the brain houses the energetic presence of the Soul, and expresses itself in the way the face controls the energy projected to the focal point where the hemispheric fields of the body converge, this phenomenon creates a similar expression and intensity from one life to the next. The furrow of the brow, the squint the eye, the set of mouth, all continue into the next reincarnation. Many people have noticed this, but some have done extensive research to offer proof it is true.

Walter Semkiw,MD has worked to demonstrate this in several books and with the assistance of many others. on the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit website, are shown numerous examples of historical figures whose faces bear striking resemblance to current famous people.

John Haglin’s twinkling eyes and sly smile remain from one life to the next.

There are many examples of past life resemblance on the website but the presence of the personality of John Haglin shines through clearly in the face of James Otis, a Boston Patriot in the American Revolutionary War.

Doctor Semkiw’s work focuses on the phenomenon of soul groups, and his own family is his inspiration. His first book was titled Return of the Revolutionaries, and details his conviction that in the time of the US Revolutionary War he lived as John Adams and his family was with him then.

Soul groups are not reserved for families, they are also about era’s and historical or karmic situations repeating.

The time we are living in is the culmination of so many lives efforts and sacrifice that we should expect to see all the great men from the past in our midst. I have seen many references to the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, and many of these have been published. Here I add another one.

Ron Ridenhour emerged from the Vietnam War with a story entrusted to him by the men of Company C,  1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd (Americal) Infantry Division.  It was a story of betrayal and bitterness shared in great sorrow. They were there at the My Lai Massacre, ordered to kill all combatants in the village, but there were no combatants and more that 350 died anyway. The emotional stain and great pain the soldiers endured was shared months later as they served in a new mission as Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol members, dropped behind enemy lines for three to four days to recon enemy troop movements before being picked up by a helicopter at a preplanned landing zone. In those long silent nights they whispered to their squad leader the pain and horror in their dreams.

Ron was trusted by them. His leadership was trusted and they all felt he had made the right decisions time and again to bring them back from their perilous missions. In those hidden moments they poured out their anger at those who had put them in that situation and demanded they follow orders. Ron listened and eventually agreed that he would do his best to shine the light on what had happened at My Lai, so after arriving stateside he wrote a three page letter to the chain of command and his state’s Senators and Representatives in DC.

Ron’s writing did open the doors to truth, but it was the testimony of men like Michael Bernhardt that blew it off the hinges. He along with numerous others who had been in the village corroborated what Ron had written, and it was these men’s personal testimony that gave the story legs. He had promised them he would do something about it, he delivered and so did they.

What followed is now history, the pen proved mightier that the sword, and in the years that passed it was lamented by ambitious generals that their plans had been set back a decade, that the revelations of My Lai had informed the public about the sinister nature of their war machine and representing themselves as heroes was no longer possible. The My Lai incident so damaged the prestige of the Army that the trust that would be needed from the US population in order to establish martial rule the US by the year 2000 disappeared before their eyes. This may seem farfetched,, but the plans existed and the preparations continued anyway. To cement the Army’s culpability in the public’s mind Ridenhour investigated rumors of a meeting in California where state officials and National Guard officers met to discuss implementing Martial Law. His efforts stimulated the new governor of the state to order the official holding the records of that meeting to turn them over to him. To this day they are the only official plans for martial law by the US Government to become public. Ridenhour initiated this awareness of REX 84, Cable Splicer and Garden Plot just like he initiated the awareness of massacres in Viet Nam. In both case is was a whistleblower’s trust and confidence in him that enabled it, but it is eerily similar to Alexander’s use of information from locals to circumvent the defenses of the the Persians. Strategic action based on insight. After this, both the CIA and the Army regarded Ron as one of their most effective opponents, a lone wolf who could find their soft spots and tear their belly open.

As the news of the revelations spread through the Pentagon, one officer alerted New York Time reporter Seymour Hersh and he quickly investigated it, and soon the My Lai Massacre was headlines on the New York Times, and Hersh won the Pulitzer Prize.

Hersh became friends with Ron Ridenhour, and a mentor as Ron chose to become an investigative reporter himself. They were both warriors of the pen, taking on the mighty without an army behind them. Look at the images below and consider that these two men returned to take on the greatest army in the world with only a pen and paper to aid their assault.

These ancient images show a striking resemblance to Ron Ridenhour, with the one on the left coming from a mosaic commemorating the Battle of Issus in the palace of Cassander one of Alexander’s top generals who took over rulership of Macedonia after his death. The image is not as complementary as others of that time since Cassander was not fond of Alexander. Alexander was just twenty-two years old at the time of that battle, and the image of Ron Ridenhour is when he was twenty-five.

Noticing the similarity between the image of Ridenhour and the ancient mosaic of Alexander I researched Alexander’s generals to see if they may be part of a soul group in the present, the image below is of Seymour Hersh opposite the bust of Ptolemy I Soter and the resemblance is obvious. Hersh began a friendship with Ridenhour soon after he began his investigation, and they maintained it for the many years that followed. This parallels the time of Alexander when Ptolemy joined him early on as an experienced leader assisting the young conqueror.

Seymour Hersh and the bust of Ptolemy I Soter, who was one of the generals who joined Alexander when he was young and who became the first Greek Pharaoh of Egypt after the death of Alexander. He was one of Alexanders leading generals throughout his wars of conquest, and joined the young Alexander when he began his campaigns.

Ridenhour’s writing career was shortened by being blacklisted by the newspaper industry after exposing corruption in the Atomic Energy industry and provoking the fury of the business world by revealing that the big companies of New Orleans were paying the parish prosecutor instead of their taxes. He won the Polk Award for Local Reporting in 1987 for that story.

Ridenhour died in 1998 during a handball game in New Orleans. He was 52. His sudden death brought forth a wave sorrow from those who knew him, for most of them he was the one person they could turn to for justice, to write a story with the power to change what was wrong.

The community of journalists and others that knew him organized a foundation to honor him. Now, every year in the spring four 10,000 dollar Ridenhour Prizes are given to worthy truth tellers at the annual banquet. For a struggling writer who scraped a living together doing stringer work for weeklies like People Magazine, it was an amazing show of affection and honor.

Reincarnation in History and Religion

The complexity of our lives and motivations do not always correspond to or experiences in this life, and we have to consider that this has been true throughout the existence of humanity. More than that, individuals in every society say that they remember living before in another body, in another time and place. Indeed, memories and knowledge out of time and place appear constantly in human societies, and the desire to explain this will never cease. Most often these experiences have been regarded as the provence of religion, and so I have added this section on how various religions treat reincarnation.

Hinduism is the first religion known to believe in Reincarnation

Reincarnation permeates Hindu culture. It is regarded as a fact of life to the extent that most Hindus do not act impressed by it. The idea that Hinduism does not have a prophet or singular inspiration for their beliefs emphasize how pervasive its system of belief is to Hindus. Unlike other eastern religions, doing good is not emphasized because, like doing bad it creates an attachment to life, and how can you escape the wheel of reincarnation if you value any part of living?

The closest Hindus have to a scripture about the survival of the Soul is the Bhagavad-gita within the Vedic Scriptures. Below is a quotation attributed to Krishna in which the impermanence of life means death is nothing to fear or be concerned about, after all, it is not real.

The illustration above shows a scene from the Bhagavad-gita featuring a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna, which is the main topic of the Bhagavad-gita

(Krishna speaking) ‘Neither he who thinks the living entity is the slayer nor he who thinks it slain is in knowledge, for the self slays not nor is slain.”For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.’All created beings are unmanifest in their beginning, manifest in their interim state, and unmanifest again when annihilated. So what need is there for lamentation?’

Emperor removes Reincarnation from the Bible for Political Reasons

In May AD 553, at the Second Council of Constantinople, also known as the Fifth Ecumenical Council, Emperor Justinian the First demanded that Reincarnation be removed from the Bible because he felt it undermined his authority and power. When the Pope of the Western Church objected, he was persecuted by Justinian. Reincarnation and its related ideas were banned and removed from all Christian Bibles doing the Sixth Century.

Detail of a contemporary portrait mosaic in the Basilica of San VitaleRavenna

Currently most Christians believe that Reincarnation is not true, but history shows that it was accepted by all early Christians, and apparently by Jesus Christ, for more than five hundred years, from the time of Christ until a Eastern Roman Emperor decided that it was inconvenient for his rule in AD 553. The Church deemed reincarnation Anathema, their most severe type of censure and rewrote all Bibles to exclude it.

“If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 553, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318).”

Justinian’s contributions to society are measured by this singular act of selfish control for power’s sake. He did not do this alone, the Eastern Church embraced it to defeat a threat to their doctrine which denied that souls could preexist and did not come directly into an individual from God. The damage to human society by the denial of internal experience was not considered, for Justinian was unconcerned about anyone or anything other than his own ego. In another act of disregard for humanity, he launched a vicious war to reclaim the Western Provinces from the Germanic tribes, starting with North Africa before moving on to Italy. His success in recapturing much of the western Mediterranean came at the expense of destroying the urban centers and permanently ruining the economies of the Western Rome Empire, Rome and other cities were abandoned. In the following centuries, the Vatican-led Catholic Church was the only surviving Roman institution in the West and became the sole remaining connection to Greek culture and civilization.

Constantine decided to takeover Christianity in order to consolidate religious thought in the Roman Empire. His mother is said to have been a devout Christian, but the consequences of Constantine’s ideas led inexorably to the most extreme mind control efforts by low level clerics throughout the Empire. It is the best example of a high level idea enforced by low level thinkers. The continuous efforts to standardize religious doctrine led to the persecution of all rival approaches to philosophy, it let pandering bullies assault pagan temples, looting and burning them, encouraging angry crowds to chase down and murder intellectuals accomplished in the literature of the great minds of antiquity.

Public and private libraries were looted and burned, and variations in thinking about arcane topics meant church leaders could be burned at the stake for heresy. Within two hundred years of Constantine’s ill-advised moves, the Roman Empire was a shell of what it was during his reign. After the take over by Constantine, the actual rulers of the Church were a cult that practiced human sacrifice in Catacombs beneath the Vatican, a version of the worship of Baal. These cultists were determined to consolidate power by eliminating free thought everywhere in the western empire, and they ushered in a holocaust of knowledge that consumed the collective experience of all of the antiquity of the Mediterranean

Justinian I only finished the destruction of rationality started by Constantine. Their contributions compete for the title of most damaging to Western Roman society. Constantine virtually eliminated Christianity as practiced by its adherents after the Council of Niacea and the hostile takeover, while Justinian destroyed what was left of it in the 6th Century.

Compared to the breadth of damage done by Justinian making the belief in reincarnation Anathema may seem minor, but it drove a stake into the very heart of free will and spiritual honesty throughout the Empire, making discussion of personal spiritual experience as risky as pulling a lions tail. Ignorance and superstition would reign under the influence of the Church, women were enslaved and burned as witches if they ran away from the sex dungeons and workhouses called nunneries. Monasteries became refuges for thugs and murders claiming their victims were sinners. Honest men and women had to pretend to be liars and fools in order to survive. It was the Dark Ages, courtesy of Constantine and Justinian.

Leaving behind ignorance and embracing truth and knowledge is our choice.

History from the perspective of the Internet age seems primitive as we view the opposite that existed in the past. We anticipate a new time when a total comprehension of nature will allow us to reopen the doors to ancient knowledge and enrich the dialog among all people.

The merger of intellect and intuition is near. An almost magical grasp of nature and science will enable everyone to know that we are all immortal beings, that our bodies are but avatars for the accumulated experience achieved over thousands of lifetimes.

The hope and dream of SCIET Theory is to be part of this great unveiling, a time when the true knowledge will reign.

SCIET proves past lives, which are proof of our immortality, what can be better?

Dane Arr
October 14, 2019

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