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The Point of Awareness

Our community of scientists studies consciousness and has a very difficult time resolving where the “I” is in the anatomy of the brain. They wonder how the observing self is able to be in the brain and how consciousness works with the nerves and how memory is retained. Studies of the brain as it performs complex tasks or experiences dramatic events have not shown where the observer resides. Limiting their research to materiality and what can be done in that context they are continually blocked. They call it the “Hard Problem of Consciousness”, hard because it does not seem to have an answer that fits within the scope of their investigations. 

It is not so difficult when you remove the restrictions and analyze the experiments conducted over the last fifty years on plants and animals reactions to being threatened or harmed. When a mother is widely separated from her young she will instantaneously react when her young are hurt, even when thousands of miles are between them. If you read the comments about these experiments lay people conclude that space itself must be the conductor of consciousness since everything else has been eliminated. Lay people do not know that physics does not allow this, so they readily come to this conclusion. Ignorance is bliss or in this case, dramatic insight.

So the “hard problem of consciousness” can be solved by casual students of consciousness but not by its scholars. This may be the truel hard problem. The scholars of consciousness are locked into the physics of matter with no where else to go for answers. They are swarming around ideas related to quantum science but the distance involved in the firing of synapses is far more than can be attributed to quantum events. The real issue for the scholars is the lack of a suitable model of physical reality to describe how the brain works. Locating the observing self within the head cannot begin when the basis of memory is still undecided. The SCIET provides answers that cannot be accepted without providing a substantial body of work explaining how it is involved with the body and what it does. There is no time for that, they will have to continue in their backwater eddy while others without their restrictions move forward with logical explanations.

Science has many fronts and the work of many Psychologists and Psychiatrists focus on the subjective studies of survivors of near death experiences for answers that can illuminate what the observing self is and where it resides. Reports from clinical studies of NDE (near death experience) consistently state that during the time when they are considered dead, people remember the conversations of those around their body. Frequently they tell of being floating above above the scene watching and listening to what is being said. It is their reports of actual conversations that makes this worth researching.

The question of what has left the body remains unanswered, but those who dispute the existence of the soul say that it is the mental body that has left and remains in existence because the body itself with all of its cells remains alive in some sense. The answer needed to satisfy the scientific community must include a full explanation of the immaterial reality that supports all the parts of consciousness.

On this site I have written an article about the Soul, and it explains how all our experience streams into our long term memory in a way that is similar to how the path behind us vanishes into a point of convergence some distance away. Indeed, we are aware of our entire surroundings and which ever way we face we maintain the whole view from one peripheral side to the other. All of this information streams into our being through our sensory systems. More than that we remember what we were thinking and feeling while we walk along, the scents, the feel of the air on our skin and light from the sun, it is all part of our streamed long term memory.

I have described how the SCIET is a continuous compression algorithm that renders all incoming information into smaller and smaller sizes while maintaining all detail in proportionality. The one thing that is not explained by the SCIET is who is observing this stream of information and how this observer can move back and forth in time from the present moment to one in childhood or even in a past life.

Right now you are reading this, aware of sitting in a chair or standing with your phone in front of you, all the while aware of the entire space around you, ready to react to anything that may require you be in a different place. You are behind your eyes and between your ears, living inside your head, but science cannot find you. The internal sensory components of the brain, the ones that receive the information from all your nerves don’t have a seat for your internal self to sit in like a pilot guiding a flesh ship avatar. You are there without leaving a trace of doing so. 

The SCIET can model the nervous system, using the built up layers of memory that surround all points of awareness to craft a resonant model of your interaction with everything you encounter. In spite of being able to do this it must depend on what cannot be modeled to make it all work.

The Point of Awareness has been called a fragment of God by many who write about the Creation, but it is not a fragment at all, it is more like a doorway to the original state of mind that existed before any other thing, it is your connection to Source and it is LIVE at all times. I call it the Point of Awareness because it is just that, the essential you, observing your experiences whether as they happen or as you remember them. It is not your memory, it is YOU.

You can imagine if as you have everything you have ever done stored behind you, ready for instant recall or rearrangement. I have called it the Memory Tunnel, illustrating it with a person in the middle of tube of images going back to a vanishing point. Of course, the idea that there is a litle you surrounded by thousands of lifetimes of experience defies logic, since you were a different you in every lifetime. Your body is part of your sensory input, it is like the trees of the forest as you pass by, like the surrounding walls of your house. You are inside of it and know everything about it, but it is not the observer, it is not YOU.

You are part of the Universal mind, you can be anywhere in that mind just by deciding to be there. You are free to imagine that you have your body with you, but you can also imagine you are someone or something entirely different. The space of our creation is separate from you and your mind, for you are from the original state of being that created all that is. 

It may be useful to imagine the mind as a sea and yourself as something floating on it with a pipe to the sea below. The water in the pipe is the Source and it is emerging from your being as you, it is connected to the Source at all times and you can travel down the pipe into the sea whenever you want and reemerge anywhere in the sea.

We all wonder about past lives, and some of us can actually remember being there, looking out through different eyes at a different world in another time. In the memory tunnel analogy, this phenomenon is simple to explain. You simply travel back to the moment when you were that person and connect to the actual experiences of that moment, just like it was when you lived at that time. We call it a memory, but doing it actually recreates that experience and you can add new knowledge to that life, knowledge from your present life that is experienced as a vision of the future or even contact with a spiritual guide. This can change that life, but you will have already integrated that change, so it will not be detected by you. Simply stated when you return to the past within your Point of Awareness and look out through the eyes you had in that past, YOU ARE THERE! It is not a memory, you are at that time, reliving that moment.

The act of seeing through your ancient eyes is felt by you at that time. In this life, you may have moments when you experience the sensation that the moment is filled with significance, even though there is no reason to think this other than the vague feeling that what you are seeing is already a memory within you. Your Point of Awareness in the future has returned to look through your eyes again, to revisit this moment.

It is therapeutic to revisit past lives that were traumatic, for in doing so you can heal the rift in time, the tremendous pain and suffering that exists because of our ignorance of our spiritual being. By returning from the present to that time you can provide reassurance to your past self that you will exist in the future and be able to right the wrongs of the life. For myself I revisited a life as a native American in the southwest where I died of injuries as our tribe escaped from the US Calvary. As I died I felt tremendous grief about the fate of my tribe, I was certain that the hoop would be broken and that our lives would not be remembered by anyone, we would not be ancestors at all. When I remembered this life I felt a certain joy that our tribe had been reborn as I had in new bodies with access to the memory of being members of our tribe. I had carried this pain with me into this life without knowing it, and its integration into my current life was felt by my dying self in the past. I heard the cries of joy as I realized this in the past. 

Dolores Cannon wrote a book, Conversations with Nostradamus, about the sessions she had with a client who was Nostradamus assistant. In the book the client reacts to her suggestions and questions from the present and shares them with Nostradamus while with him in the past.

Our life streams are through time and remain a part of the time in which they were created, so anything we learn in the present can be shared throughout our lifetimes. We are not our bodies, we are the observing self inside the lifestream that connects the present to the Source and every moment in between.  You are a Point of Awareness riding the life stream to where ever you want to go.

Dane Arr

August 13. 2019

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