Cabal Attempts Coup, White Hats Counter by Mobilizing + Black Magic amplified by EMFs?

Cabal Attempts Coup, White Hats Counter by Mobilizing – 144k, BE ON STANDBY​ 

Unseasonal (some say unprecedented) strong winds accompanied by a winter storm (particularly in the US) suggest another huge energetic equilibrium shift on the plasma plane is taking place. A lot is getting rooted out & dismantled on the non-physical planes, including the grid layers between the earth atmosphere & lunar orbit. 

The intensity & forward progress of all this is being reflected on the physical plane by big investigations & prosecutions of the biggest [Cabal] banks (including Vatican Bank), and the unprecedented mobilization of [initially] US Marines, including their reserve units … … in response to another coup against the [White Hat point-man] US President.

This coup is currently in the form of impeachment, by Cabal agents, led by the CIA. It’s important to be aware that when any military mobilizes … it means a conventional cold war is one-inch-away from going hot. Similar to the Cuban missile crisis that triggered mobilization of all NATO & Warsaw Pact militaries. This literally means; soldiers eating dinner … shaving … and going to the toilet in full battle-dress with their assault rifle right by them – 24/7! 

Domestically … in the US, this would be a very lopsided affair, as the Cabal only has limited numbers of imported MS13 & ISIL fighters, against the US military & over 6 million US Militia, which can also be mobilized if required. 

The big worry is … China. 

So tune into the this week’s show to find out why China might be a real problem, and to free yourself of any fear or pain … also learn about:    

The After Effect’ …What is it, and who controls it! 

Knowing about ‘The After Effect’ phenomena is one of the most empowering things a Starseed can know, in such intense, transitional times … that can only strengthen & unify us all, far more than in the past! Also find out, what the 144k equivalent to the AR-15 is!   

Catharina & David from Medica Health.Org join us   

… to reveal more about EMFs [Electronic Warfare] and Black Magic. Are the two related?   Are EMFs (weaponized communications systems) a carrier for back magic?Do they ‘carry’ negative plasma? Or is the EMF roll-out by the Cabal just a way to weaken us against black magic? Find this out, and much more as I delve deep with Catharina & David from … and what to do about it all, as we strengthen ourselves & continue the build-up to the 144k Mass Meditation on 31st of Oct, Halloween … … for the energetic knock-out blow, to finally free ourselves & complete our purpose here!  … all on this week’s blockbuster episode of Ground Crew Command Radio (live every Wed 8pm EDT)

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