SCIET Astrology Webinar September 21, 2019

Learn how and why Astrology works using Vibrations between material bodies! Use this link to join us on Saturday, September 21, 2019, to learn this practical knowledge.

The first ten respondents to register will receive a natal chart with a basic interpretive report. Use the form on this page to request your report.

As presented in the first two webinars, every object has a Point of Awareness at its center, and all objects are surrounded by layers of memory created by the one on one relationships between the surrounding Points of Awareness.

Both of these ideas are innovations to traditional Astrology.

SCIET Theory uses a concept that multiple values coexist and that matter is just one of these, with all of them connecting with objects in space, similar to a vertical antenna interacting with a full range of frequencies.

In the first webinar we discussed the Elements of Life, wherein we show that the platinum group of elements are used by cells and bodies for a communications capability able to manage the hundred trillion atoms in an average cell. To be clear there are two levels of spherical memory involved with cells and bodies, the first being the memories of the molecules, which can extend well enough for amino acids to grow and reproduce. This capability is pivotal to Astrology, for it is the spherical memories of matter that are the source of each person’s individual natal chart frequency.

All bodies in space have a Point of Awareness at the center, and it is this that is responsible for the many layers of memory that surround it. These layers join together to form larger groups that resonate with one another. It is this that is responsible for the power of Astrology.

Each body in space is surrounded with ancient layers of memory, from a simple stone to a planet or star.

The natal chart is a record of the moment of birth, and shows the positions of all the important bodies within the solar system.

DNA is made of molecules that resonate, but in addition to their molecular resonant value, they are each a member of a resonate instrument that has a cyclic song. In this way, the chromosome possesses a range of resonant values that relate to both simple molecules and to the planetary bodies as well. It is within this range that all the instructions for building a body are held.

The SCIET algorithm reduces all incoming information until it is small enough to pass out of the frequency range of the material world. Before it reaches this level it is broadcast throughout the body to all the DNA, and in this way each cell has a resonant record of everything that has affected the body to with only a few seconds delay.

At the moment when a baby separates from it mothers body, it becomes its acquires it own resonant identity, and this is the basis of the natal chart. All the bodies surrounding it begin their resonance at that moment.

The Natal chart is based on the integration of all information, all of the resonance that the body uses to adjust to its position in space. It is a pattern that continues for the duration of its life.

The Soul may enter the body at conception or birth or in between. The Astrological resonance enables the Soul to express its internal reality outward, and so each Soul seeks the appropriate moment of Birth to allow it a venue for its karmic journey. The consciousness of the body is formed by the interaction between the resonance of the DNA body with that of the Soul, which manages the interaction of the two sensory fields into one compounded field that is of a high enough vibration to interact with the Soul created consciousness.

SCIET Astrology integrates the material and spiritual (etheric) reality into a logical system of understanding, that can be understood by objective materialists.

The idea of instant action at a distance has alienated those educated in modern science since almost all of them are taught to disregard Astrology because it has no basis in reality. Without a way for the planets in the solar system to affect an individual at birth, Astrology cannot be real.

If you have asked a student of science if Astrology is real, they will tell you that it is not, but when you ask them if they have studied it, they will tell you they have not. They won’t because they are convinced it cannot be real. After all, they have studied PHYSICS!

SCIET Theory solves the problems that have plagued Astrology for hundreds of years. ever since Newton wrote Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica and laid out the laws of physics, based on gravity, mass, and motion, Astrology has been unable to explain how and why it works.

Now an explanation exists that is consistent with an array of other innovative insights that extend throughout the sciences.

Dane Arr
September 2, 2019

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