SCIET Etheric Physics Webinars

It has taken decades of dedication and thousands of hours using inspiration and trial and error to arrive at what is being conveyed in the SCIET Etheric Physics Webinars. 

You will learn how the first action created all the points of Awareness and the pattern of this action remained as the formatting that enables every point  unique location in the Universe. 

This formatting is the Ether, the Creation Substance, the Fabric of Space and SpaceTime, it connects to  everything because everything originated from it. Only the Awareness is separate from it for it is the limitless, primeval vastness that is the mind of the Creator. You will learn that the physical universe is made entirely of Etheric Shells,Layersand Lattice, that all of it is spherical memory. I will introduce you to the three main mathematical innovations from which Etheric Physics emerges. The first one, the Harmonic Reduction Algorithmreduces incoming information from all directions toward a center point of awareness that is less than a millionth of its original value. And then it begins again until the information is at the level of the intrusion.  The second innovation, the Resonant Returnaddresses what happens when the original reduced information reaches the existing minimum size level, when it meets for the first time another value that is like it, and begins to resonate with it. It creates a common denominator value that returns to both. The third innovation, the Orbital Return, is what happens when the resonant common denominator value arrives at the Point of Awareness, which is where it becomes a permanent memory orbiting the center endlessly. These three innovations provide the basis for the creation of the Ether that surrounds the Points of Awarenessin all systems. Etheric Physics is based on these innovations, which then lead to numerous others throughout the creation. Orbital Return Valuescreate memory shells, layers and lattice around every Point of Awareness in every size range, It is these that fill space and are filled with information accessible to all that can connect to them. The Etheric Physics Webinarswill show that a logical basis for the existence of the Soul, an Afterlife, Multiple Dimensions and the ability to create and manage portals able to bridge the vast distances of space are not only possible, but can be created using the principles described in the webinars. Innovation like this is not acceptable in academia. If anyone would attempt to pursue a course of study to develop this course, they would be dissuaded with extreme predjudice. I say this because of some of its groundbreaking claims assail the most cherished beliefs in science.

  • The Universe is conscious and Aware, literally the Mind of the Creator
  • The Universe is created by going inward, it is not expanding.
  • The Hubble shift is not describing stars hurtling away from us at the speed of light, but shrinking toward their own centers, as we are also.
  • The speed of light is based on the age of the Universe as are other constants in the sciences.
  • Gravity is not a wave, it is the result of resonance between two bodies, the dominant one forcing the submissive one to change its frequency. Thin plates able to emulate gravity are probably already in use since all that is requires is to stimulate a frequency interacting with matter that is similar to gravity.

These and many others ideas are extrapolated from the simple rules that are explained in the SCIET Etheric Physics Webinars.

Below are listed the Etheric Physics Webinars scheduled for June 29 through December 7, 2019
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The Elements of Lifeis the topic of our first Webinar and it is meant to demonstrate the power of these ideas by explaining in simple terms the much storied existence of Tachyons, the Philosopher’s Stone, White Powder of Gold and the power of Chi Gong. We will touch on how these impact the existence of life and the ability survive death as an immortal being.

The Elements of Life Webinar Date: July 20, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

Repeated from June 29 so that information about the Webinars can be broadcast to more members.

The topic ofhow the Point of Awareness can enable you to influence planet-wide conditions, and affect situations from the inside out is the objective of this Webinar. The Soul, the Nervous System, Meditation, Grid Work and all efforts to project intention and energize prayer are done with the Point of Awareness that is your connection to the source of the universe.

Point of Awareness Webinar Date: August 24, 2019 at 11 AM PDT

Astrology is the topic of the Etheric Physics Webinar, and you will learn how it is based on the concept of a Point of Awareness that exists at the center of all objects and beings. In SCIET Etheric Physics this concept is basic to all materiality and explains astrology effortlessly.

Astrology Webinar Date: September 14, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The Soul, Past Lives and the accumulated knowledge of the planetlocked into the layers of memory that surround it are explored in this Webinar

The Soul and Past Lives Date: October 12, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The puzzle of the Pyramids and the power of Form Resonancethat they wield over matter and the energies that bind it all together are the subject of this Webinar.

Pyramids and Form Resonance Webinar Date: November 9, 2019 at 11 AM PST

The SCIET Functional Cosmologyexplains how the SCIET underlies every aspect of the Creation from the First Action to the present. This Etheric Physics Webinar is pivotal to understanding how the SCIET works

The SCIET Functional Cosmology Webinar Date: December 7, 2019 at 11 AM PST

We have a limited number of seats for the Webinars, so reserve yours early.

Single Webinar is 55.00 
All six Webinars are 270.00

All the funds go to Support the Efforts of the Prepare for Change Leadership Foundation

Below are listed the blog posts relating to the Webinars and encourage you read them before the Etheric Physics presentations.

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