Point of Awareness in the Mental Body

According many who have experienced it, going out of body was the game-changer in their quest for spiritual knowledge.

James Gilliland at ECETI Ranch

James Gilliland and Jason Quitt are two have who have said this, and both have really good credibility in this regard, James has been connecting with higher dimensional beings for many years and his home in the mountains of Washington is famous for sightings of inter-dimensional beings and craft. ECETI Ranch hosts interested people from all over the world and all say they have seen there what they have never seen anywhere else. But long before James lived in the mountains he began to have out of body experiences that changed his life.  More about James

Jason Quitt has written several books based on his experiences with OBE, and he offers sincere insights about what he learned. He is a graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness and a student of Algonquin Shamanism. He is a channeller of universal and dimensional energies of healing, he combines these methods and modalities of energy medicine, shamanism, and dowsing to assist those on their own personal paths of healing and enlightenment. See Jason’s website.

James and Jason discovered they have an ability to go out-of-body by accident, the first experiences were unexpected and surprising to them, so it is safe to say that they have a natural ability for it and it is probably part of their soul mission to do so.  Spontaneous out of body may be similar to what many people experience when they are in deep contemplation of some puzzle, which seems to solve itself with a vision about how it works or how it happened.  The see it and know it, but do not think they are out of body. This may be a property of the Point of Awareness connecting to the reality in spacetime and going there.

Long before James and Jason came on the scene a couple in Florida were teaching people to have Out of Body Experiencesthat seemed too simple and easy to be real. William and Diane Swygard taught people techniques that were popular at colleges and among young people in the sixties and seventies. In spite of how easy it is, the Awareness Techniques provided many thousands of people with real insight about their past lives and gave them an opportunity to communicate with higher dimensional ETs as well.

One of the things about the Awareness Techniquesthat made them successful was the use of “runners”, a second person who assisted the person who wanted to go out of body. When people became familiar this was not necessary anymore, but it helped get people started.

William Swygard

During this same time frame the military was implementing a program called Scientific Remote Viewing, which appeared to be similar to what the Swygard’s taught. Of course the military approach was designed to gather actionable intelligence and often had a number of people assigned to the same “target”.

In both cases the individual going out-of-body would focus on “being” in another place and/or time and report back what they could see, hear or sense in any way.

The Swygard approach had some aspects that made it easier to use than the Remote Viewing, the Runner would coach the person going OBE and ask them questions to monitor their experience and keep them from needing to make choices while out of body.  It appears that the OBE needs to use the visual/spatial capabilities to be successful, and thinking about it would pull them back to their body.

I found the Awareness Techniques to be easy and useful. Their simplicity and built in supervisory role of a runner offers a novice important benefits.

Combining this information with the ideas I have written an article, The Soul Explained by SCIET Theoryand its reliance on the properties of the Point of Awareness gives us a good place to develop an understanding of how the Point of Awareness is able to move out of the containment of the body to explore the larger world of shared mind. In the article about the soul, the explanation hinges upon the ability of the soul to choose a frame of reference, so to return to a moment you want to remember, you simply assume an attitude of being there. In doing this we regard our memories as a continuous recording of our daily sensory input, a sort of memory tunnel in which we at the center. And just like when you are reading this blog page, you always have a sense of being in your body at the center of you memories.

So how is going out of body different from being in body observing your memories? The answer is not much.

You are within a holographic environment of your own making, your own StarTrek-like Holodeck, in your mind, but when out of body you are still in the same environment as your mind. This may seem counter intuitive, but from where you observe in your Soul, is pristine mind, not memory. It is the reality that mind is fundamental to all SpaceTime that gives the Point of Awareness mobility, the same mobility it has when traveling down the tunnel of memory to your remembered past. The sense of self you have while in your mind is the core of your mental body, and it is that connection to the mental body that allows you to detach from the containment of the body to travel in the environment.  The initial steps to begin an out of body experience using the Awareness Techniques is specifically to detach the mental body from the physical. The mental body at the center of your brain/mind and what is at the center of your Memory Tunnel are the same, so expanding your sense of awareness beyond your physical body takes your point of awareness with it from within your head to within your mental body as it travels beyond where your body lies resting.

You can read the Awareness Techniques by buying it from Amazon or by searching  on Google where I found a number of sites with good information. I would suggest The Asheville Past Lives Project,their site offers information and support for those who want to use the techniques to see their past lives or travel the Universe as William Swygard writes about in his books. The link takes you to the original instructions, so stay and look around the site.

Whenever the idea of  having an out-of-body experience is discussed, the question about what is “going out of body” comes into my mind. The quickest answer is that it is the mental body. I first learned about this by reading the Lobsang Rampabook series in the seventies. This series of books were by an UK author who explained that he was a walk-in to an Englishman who agreed to host a Buddhist monk in his body after a head injury due to falling from a tree branch.  The walk-in, originally incarnated in Tibet and spending a lifetime as a Tibetan Monk, dedicated himself to writing English-language books about the metaphysical teaching he understood in Tibet. For me the most interesting topic was going out-of-body while still connected to his resting self by a “silver cord”. The idea of the cord is not mentioned in current literature about OBE.

Much later numerous authors began to write about being involved with Scientific Remote Viewing, and most of them had been involved with the Pentagon program developed by the Stanford Research Institute under contract with the Pentagon. 

Courtney Brown started Farsighted Institute for SRV in the nineties and continues to publish today.  In a book he wrote he discusses his participation while out of body in a type of congress for planetary civilizations. Something that could only happen if he appeared in his mental body at their meetings.  

Russel Targ appeared at the May 30, to June 3 Contact in the Desert Conference. He is an American physicist, parapsychologist and author who is best known for his work on remote viewing. His youtube video below illustrates his approach to Remote Viewing.

Other writings from remote viewers state clearly that they are visible and seen by beings in higher dimensions, and that this fact is a concern when they visit off world locations where they may not be welcome. 

The idea that we can be detected by others while OBE who may consider us unwelcome is important.

The ability to have an OBE is true for us all, but caution is necessary and some preset arrangements to cancel your presence where it is not appropriate is also true for us all. Although there is little written about the consequences of being annoying to others while Out of body, what is consistently said is that others can follow us back to where we are physical and observe what we are doing. If that would be a problem, the best defense is to not go and observe where we are not welcome. 

Understanding our abilities are natural and that common sense should guide our efforts to develop them is the best approach to researching Out of Body Experiences.

Dane Arr
July 1, 2019

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