Who is Responsible? Opinion by Dane Arr

Who is Responsible?

Who is Responsible?

Yes. who is responsible for what is happening on planet Earth?

If we listen to the voices shouting at us from digital screens we must conclude that it is the rich supporters of Donald Trump. The constant bombardment of blame narrative is meant to overwhelm our ability to reason, ask questions and think. Basically, to force us to adopt their point of view.

Investigators always say, “Follow the money.” when they begin to look into a complex crime, for they know that anything organized must be funded, often well funded, in order to complete all the tasks needed for it to have happened. Another term equally used is “Who benefits?”, or in other words, why would anyone invest in making the crime occur.

Only a little thought leads us to the banking community, whose constant efforts over the years to gain unchallenged control of the global money supply has put them into a position to buy the thought leaders in every profession and in all parts of the world. Once the thought leaders are in their pocket, taking over the rest of society is simply an unchallenged program to purchase control of every institution that employs people.

Corporations that sell stock are the easiest, they only need to buy enough the stock to gain control of the boards of directors, and with the use of “index funds” they can subordinate the voting rights of small and even institutional investors to their absolute control. In this way only six large index funds control almost all of industry worldwide.

Nonprofit institutions are a little more complex, requiring a longer term commitment to use the charitable grant process to slowly weed out any people who may oppose their control, but over less than ten years they can have as much control of these bodies as they do of those that they “own”.

Governmental institutions require them to invest heavily in political control, but this has many side benefits that make it more rewarding than almost any other investment. You see, once they can gain influence over a candidate, it is a short trip to completely subverting any independence that the politician may have at the outset.

The cornerstone of their efforts to gain total control of society is to take over organized crime, its large and dominant groups are relatively easy to coopt since they can be culled like cattle in a corral, and their subordinates either swear allegiance to the new boss or are executed with no public outcry. After all, they are criminals.

The control of the government makes taking over criminal syndicates a piece of cake. Each and every government has military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies that are charged with defending the nation, opposing criminal activities and protecting the government from corruption. These entities are often the only armed forces existing to oppose the power of criminal gangs who feel empowered to lie, cheat and steal anything they need to accomplish their objectives of unchallenged power.

With control of the criminal syndicates the banking community is free to use any level of coercion through their legitimate venues of power, knowing that they can back it up with character assassination, blackmail and murder.

Political control is the ability to control the public narrative about almost any topic. The corporate media is only the most obvious tool, as far more pervasive and subtle tools come from the ability to control all the large institutions. The rise of political correctness is amplified by the use of the term “conspiracy theory” to label any information about them and their illegal activities. The term is burned into the minds of all institutional subordinates and the basis for their total exile from the institutions they depend upon for the families security and happiness. It is mind control at its simple best. Talk about this and you will be fired.

Once the organs of intellectual control label an idea a “conspiracy theory”, the minds of these institutional employees slam shut like the steel doors on atomic blast shelters. They will not let a conversation destroy their lives.

Who is responsible for this, is it the individuals who are obedient, the bosses who demand this conformance or the policy setters at the highest levels of these institutions?

When there is discussion about the failure of society to adequately regulate itself, to preserve open discussion, to enable the free exchange of ideas, the media points at the man in the street, the one with no power as the one responsible, for it is they who are compliant and thus responsible for the entire situation we find ourselves embedded in.

The ability to blame the victims for their problems is exactly what the banking community has spent untold trillions to accomplish.

The VICTIMS are responsible for everything wrong in the world and should pay the whole cost of solving it. By making Global Warming about CO2, they will soon be able to say that simple breathing is destroying the planet. To save the planet you must be eliminated because you are responsible.

Any discussion of anyone else being responsible is a conspiracy theory. Talk about it and you will be banished from your job, your church, your schools and lose your pension as well.

Now you know who is responsible.

Dane Arr
April 24, 2019

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