Decree of Sovereignty of Mankind

All sentient beings and souls from the entire universe who decided to be on Planet Earth incarnated or not, are under the immediate protection of the Alpha 12 Space Fleet Command.

The Galactic Pleiadian Delta Security Force is taking care of our physical integrity, safety and ensuring that all statements of the Galactic Codex are being fully respected.

Our FREE WILL to BE here during the Planetary Transition or Ascension must be respected. Interferences from the dark ones are nullified and void.

The negative intentions to take out key persons or groups is nullified and void, from NOW on and FOREVER, on ALL PLANES, on ALL DIMENSIONS, and on ALL TIMELINES.

Anyone who will try to attack humanity, who will try to stop ascension transition or who will try to send negative attacks is being threatened by extinction. The time to play games is over. The time for negotiations is over. Anyone who will try to go against the desire expressed and manifested by the CREATOR of this UNIVERSE, Archangel Michael/Micah, and by the PRIMARY SOURCE must be taken out of this Planet NOW.

All the Felines from Sirius race and all Positive Groups have explicit guidance to remove any reminiscent of any dark entity in this realm.

This decree is valid from NOW on and FOREVER, on ALL PLANES, on ALL DIMENSIONS, and on ALL TIMELINES.

So BE IT and so IT IS.

I’m Commander Ukeron,
One of the guardians of the Galactic Codex in this reality,
Stationed at the Space Fleet Alpha 12,
From the Galactic Pleiadian Delta Security Forces
From the Jupiter Command & From the Ashtar Command


* The Galactic Codex:

* SURFACOM and The Galactic Federation of Light:

* FM 144 – Major Planetary Update – Part I:

* FM 144 – End Game:

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