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I experimented with transmuting weapons attacks & it worked! TONIGHT on Ground Crew Command Radio

  Special THURSDAY episode of Ground Crew Command Radio   ... and that's a promise.   It's a simple 5min method you can do on-the-fly, when you're heart starts palpitating & 'getting slippery beats' (heart attack weapon), or when you can't fall asleep at night, and you're tossing & turning for hours ... (from satellite or  anti-gravity sphere/gizmo) ... etc.   And you'll get an important tip on one simple thing you can do, to get better sleep too. ...

Portrait of a handsome young man giving a piggyback ride to his girlfriend - Outdoor

10 Differences Between Healthy Sex and the Sex Porn Portrays   PS:  Don't be a hater because this is showing heterosexual couples.  Get over it.

Spring 2

144k Equinox Mass Meditation, March 20/21 – 2019 … MAKE THIS VIRAL!

Here are 3 (of MANY) huge reasons to join this 144k Mass Meditation this Equinox (Times & links are below)   1) The Cabal has made its expected attempt at ‘dropping the time-lines’ by infecting the grids & Gaia’s aura at this crucial Equinox period … with its first (and hopefully last) false flag … in Christchurch, New Zealand. It attacked the Kiwi city of Christchurch because of the name “Christ’ in it. It was a deliberate Satanic attack on Christ … Christ consciousness ...