The Art of Triggering The Event, Draco Attempted Real ‘Alien Invasion’ in Dec, Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet ‘Timeline’ Agent + Planetary Liberation News Analysis

Our sights here at Ground Crew Command-144 HQ are firmly set on having ‘Lunar Eclipse’ type meditations…

…(in terms of numbers & even impact) every single month!

Our determination to achieve this goal is extreme, tenacious & unyielding!

2 to 4 more such mass meditations can knock-out all remaining physical & non-physical darkness.

And it’s up to you & me to see this through!

We’re yet to tap into our true power.

I’ll be going over the ramifications of predicted ‘series of mini galactic pulses/solar flashes’ throughout at least the first half of 2019, which some psychics are now receiving intuitive hits about … and what 144k Members need to do as a group, to handle this the best way …

… and turn it into a huge advantage for planetary liberation acceleration.

So … onto latest developments.

Blockbuster Interview With Ex Dark-Fleet SSP ‘Timeline’ Agent – Meta

Meta makes his second appearance on Ground Crew Command Radio for this week’s show, and now we’re glad we had those audio problems in the first interview (which was the main motivation to get him on again) … because this interview turned out to be MUCH better!

This time, he reveals:

  • a major military confrontation over an undisclosed city, 60,000 ft in altitude … took place last December … where Dark Fleet ships attempted to ‘breakthrough’ a portal from their underground bases to start an open ‘alien invasion’ … and thus cause a world economic collapse for the Cabal … make it easy for them to create false flags … and simply run & hide a lot easier. It was stopped, and Meta gets into the details of what happened, who was involved & lot’s more.

  • he shares info about the positive ET Group (not from this galaxy) that allowed him to ‘escape the Dark Fleet reservation’ by effectively neutralizing his implants, to become a double agent, working for the Light.

  • he provides a way to drastically speed up the karmic payback for Cabal members (and Luciferians), through a simple visualization process he teaches … and it involves that huge Galactic Confederation base GANYMEDE.

  • a riveting revelation on how he mastered the mental & emotional overwhelm that comes with alternate & parallel selves that exist on all other timelines … How he used this to heal, grow in power, to ACTUALIZE more of his BIGNESS and soul potential, (hint: it involves connecting to your oversoul, and the 2 ways you can do this. One is direct, the other is indirect).

  • discover what ‘timeline nodal points’ are … and how you have the power to go to other timelines to see … learn … heal … retrieve your other simultaneous selves in more negative timelines … and the crucial role your ‘oversoul’ plays with all this, to benefit your self that exists in this timeline

  • the primary role that positive ETs/off-world groups are playing these days, in relation to the Earth Alliance’s role.

  • … and we’re just getting warmed up!

So don’t miss on this week’s blockbuster interview that had to be pre-recorded just today, and went on for over an hour & a half!

You know I always try to keep’em within an hour & ‘condense’ the information. But there was no hope for that this time. The interview was just too awesome, and I didn’t want to cut it short.

At a phase of planetary liberation where new information is hard to come by, this episode will be a breath of fresh air for you (and very empowering)!

***If you would like to make a small donation to META and his courageous work in getting this info out to us, here is the link you can use ***


What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week

In the smaller than usual planetary liberation news analysis segment for this week’s episode, we get into:

  • why … (according to today’s chat with Thomas Williams), the usual ‘goons’ the Cabal has always relied upon in the past to remove threats to their power … are not taking the them up on any ‘hit’ offers

  • who Kim Possible is giving a certain amount of money to on a regular basis, and why

  • and how the answers to the above 2 points is confirmed by the Cabal’s attempt to take over Venezuela with Cabal agent President Guaido.

  • more signs of the higher timeline shifts (thanks primarily to our mass meditations & gridwork) as peace in Afghanistan & southern Philippines is finally reached.

  • and more Cabal bloodline family members feel more confident or safe enough to come forward about horrific child abuse & sacrifice revelations .. and remind us of why we fight this spiritual & energetic war!

… all on this week’s big episode of Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) …

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Let’s take charge & Liberate This Planet!

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