Pole Shift?

The two ideas of crustal displacement and a physical pole shift are unrelated except in their consequences.

Most of the speculation about such catastrophes has emerged from speculation about the cause of anomalous evidence at the pleistocene/ holocene boundary, usually said to be 12,900 to 12,400 years BPE.

The Earth Crustal Shift idea was based on the notion that the planet became “top heavy” from the build up of ice in the polar regions, as detailed in Charles Hapgood’s book, Earth’s Shifting Crust: A Key To Some Basic Problems Of Earth Science.  He proposed that somehow the crust could suddenly break loose from its moorings atop the asthenosphere and allow the ice caps to slide into a position on the equator where the rotational forces would allow a better equilibrium.

The second idea of a Physical Polar Shift is from  The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas maintains that the Earth will tip on its side and begin orbiting the sun with positions on the current equator becoming its axis.  This notion would require such immense forces that anything less than planetary impact would not be able to achieve this. A Physical Polar Shift would create devastation beyond anything imagined by its proponents, leaving the planet almost entirely without land-based life forms larger than bugs.

“It is Thomas conclusion of cyclic pole shifts of almost 90 degrees that flip the poles back and forth over millennia that Davidson identified as the key reason the CIA classified Thomas work. If the North and South poles flipped back and forth 90 degrees, there would be little evidence of previous pole shifts since these would be buried under thick layers of ice.”

The Michael Salla wrote an article Massive Pole Shifts are Cyclic according to Declassified CIA Document about the book classified by the CIA about the periodic pole shift but does not provide a convincing mechanism for this regular event, just cites apparently related data that it happens and lists a series of locations that were the alternating sites of the north pole.

Both ideas are speculation interpreting data but ignoring substantial historical references in ancient texts and more modern texts obtained from ET sources. The Epic of Gilgamesh speaks of disasters as do the Vedic Scriptures and Sumerian Tablets.

Although our planet has been hit by asteroids many times, these strikes lacked sufficient energy to shift the axis or cause all the oceans to spill from their basins and sweep the land clean of civilization and humanity.  The Great Flood described as the source of Noah’s tale could have been the result of asteroid impacts in the oceans, but what is described in the Sumerian stories is different. They speak a single man choosing to rid the planet of its hybrid creatures, humans and similar, by arranging for the regular visit of their Empire War Ship to enter the solar system from the south, passing Earth in such close proximity that its gravitational tidal forces rocked the planet and caused its oceans and some tectonic plates to move wildly as it passed. I have written about this previously in an article on this site titled How the Axis Changed and Antarctica Was Flash Frozen in 9400 BC

If we can explain the devastation of Holocene Boundary using historical references, speculation about recurring natural disasters should offer that information as part of their discussion.

Neither of the supposed causes for a future cataclysm are credible to me. The rotational energies that have kept the planet going for hundreds of millions of years will not yield to immaterial effects like sudden radiation from the sun or shifts in the magnetic core within it.

The writings about disasters on this scale say that the devastation left no evidence to testify to its truth, but much evidence does remain from periods going further back than what Davidson describes in the CIA classified book.

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