1st quarter takes flight

1st Quarter Moon – TONIGHT – Let’s BUILD the energies for the RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION at the LUNAR ECLIPSE


TONIGHT is the SECOND of our three meditations to strengthen, activate, and empower the quantum shift that is possible for humanity on the

Lunar Eclipse on January 20th/21st….


….IF we prepare properly….and energize the field with our LIGHT….


TIME: 10:45 PM Sunday (PST) / 1:45 AM Monday (EST) / 7:45 AM Monday (CENTRAL EUROPE)



***Even if you aren’t awake at EXACTLY the time of the First Quarter Moon, set your intention when you go to bed….
…….and re-energize it again in the morning when you wake up****


A lot of people think that this full moon should be extremely powerful – it has the opportunity be extremely powerful – our objective is to embed an intention into it at the new moon and re-emphasize it on the first quarter and then manifest it on the full moon.


To work with the Grand Square you have to assert INTENTION and MOVEMENT and so one of the advantages to working with this energy is that while the actual opposition to the Moon and Sun exists, it is open…. it doesn’t have any forward motion… in other words it doesn’t have its own frequency expressing….. and so it’s much easier to put INTENTION into the moon at that point and so the Moon-Sun opposition…. for a moment it is basically open to as much input as we can manifest. During the aspects of the moon…. the full moon, the new moon, the first quarter moon, there is a shifting of gears in each of those stages and so when that shifting occurs, the energies are most open to us and our imprinting our intention onto them.





To achieve a high meditative state we’re focusing on the heart rhythm… and focusing on centering it – connecting with our pineal glands– and then the intention has to be related to the LOVE we feel…. our internal connection to our highest state of love. A family member, a mate, a child, a parent, grandparent….
And so the intention of expressing that  love should be then to push that love to your loved one…. imagine them and project your love at them….and to them…. and as part of the Noosphere,  this has the effect of benefiting the entire field.  This is  a shortcut to achieving a high state of frequency and connecting into the global grid or the Noosphere.
The NEW MOON sets intention and that was done with just a few people. At the New Moon, we set the intention to remove the lies that keep people on this planet from experiencing true UNITY. Then again at the FIRST QUARTER MOON, we re-energize our intent…like someone training for a race.
We measure and check in to see how we’re doing with raising our vibrations a little each day so we can ANCHOR MAXIMUM LIGHT at the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE.
We make a plan for the last week….from today to the FINISH LINE. We plan to do something each day to raise our vibrations more and more …. so we can REALLY hold the LIGHT during the RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION.
By doing a little more each day, it’s like giving a top a nudge as it spins in front of us. Each meditation…and the daily raising of our frequency…causes the top to gain momentum and spin faster and faster…until we are at the MAXIMUM frequency we can hold at the LUNAR ECLIPSE one week from today!
…..and we’ll be sending out a daily email with a suggestion for raising your frequency a little higher each day until the MEDITATION at the LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 20th!

Let’s do this!!!!






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