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The Moment of Awakening – January 20th/21st – at the Lunar Eclipse – Astrochart Reading!

This Eclipse is a BIG WAKE UP CALL for tens of millions of people on Earth.  The astrological chart for this Eclipse shows that during its transit an incredible number of aspects will be triggered in all people on the planet. In practical terms the effect of this is create a mass experience of "connecting the dots" leading to a global Eureka moment. Complex issues will become clear, and what has been hidden will suddenly be easy to see.  Pallas Athena is conjunct the ASCENDANT for this ch ...


SHARE THIS – RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION – LET’S GET CRITICAL MASS!   For the groundbreaking interview with COBRA about this meditation - with transcript, CLICK HERE   To Join The 144k Click Here:    


Cobra Update for Jan 14, 2019 – Return of the Light Meditation Interview

Monday, January 14, 2019 Return of Light Meditation Interview The energies of our Return of Light Meditation are already building up and this might be our most successful and powerful meditation ever. We are co-creating history. This meditation has the potential to set the course of the gamma timeline. The time is now. You can listen to this Cobra interview that delves deeper into the ener ...

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Bigger than Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse? DROP EVERYTHING; Latest from Cobra -Jan 20th/21st Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation Briefing

With the unprecedented 20+ astrological aspects aligning on the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse... ... never-mind the THREE Stargates (actual Plasma tubes) to Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Galactic Center....all connecting to this Super Moon.... ....that also happens to be on a Lunar Eclipse path ...  that so happens to cover ALL of North and South some... I already knew this was going to not only be the biggest thing that's happened to this planet in a very long time ... . ...

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EL GUERRERO DE LA LUZ DESCONOCIDO Vamos a entrar en ello. Bien, Cobra, un amigo astrólogo se ha estado volviendo loco, cuando trató de evaluar todos los aspectos más altos de lo normal con este Eclipse Lunar, son 20, como dijiste en tu blog ... Luego se asustó aún más cuando También hizo la lectura numerológica del Evento del Eclipse Lunar, y la combinó con la Lectura astrológica. Dijo que este año podría ser el año que todos hemos estado esperando. Así que, sin ser sensacionalistas al re ...