plasma wave

Today is the BIG MEDITATION – Happy Solstice!


Can you feel the LOVE streaming in from the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN today?
In just a few short hours….
2:23 PM (California)
5:23 PM (New York)
10:23 PM (London)
11:23 PM (Paris, Berlin)
…we will experience the exact moment of the December Solstice…..
It has been said that a huge plasma wave is expected to come through our SUN streaming from the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN at the exact moment of the SOLSTICE…..

WHAT will YOU be doing at the EXACT MOMENT  of the SOLSTICE?


Set your intentions…..and lets anchor MAXIMUM LIGHT onto the planet during this beautiful window of opportunity!!!


If you’re considering joining the MASS MEDITATION with the 144K Army of Light, here’s how you can participate:


Time to log on to the live broadcast: 4pm EST (New York time zone)

Solstice peak: 5:23pm EST (New York time zone)

Click HERE to Join the Meditation

Victory of the Light!


More Ways to Celebrate this Solstice:


ONLY 3 Days Left Until the SOLSTICE!

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