Cintamani Stones Available


We have invested in Cintamani Stones which are now available for personal use or for burying to be part of the grid we are building around the world. They will be activated at the time of The Event. These stones are gem quality and some are also tachyonized by Cobra.

Hand-made Rockshift necklaces from Brazil, that were custom made for our stones are also available to purchase for an additional price. These are adjustable so that the stone can be worn at the solar plexus, heart or throat. They come in various beautiful colors.

Our quantity is limited and will be shipped out on a first come first served basis. The Cintamanis are sold by the gram weight. For more information, please call Lynn at 626-977-0087 or email:

Information and pictures of the desired stone size will be sent in response to inquiries.
See other pictures of Cintamani stones on our website here:

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