Ground Crew Command Radio: Why All Future Planning Agencies & Prosperity Funds Will Fail … without The Lightworker. 11/11 Meditation Report + Jared Rand

Due to the extreme 3D & energy clearing workload …. this’ll be the shortest Ground Crew Command episode article ever.

Yes … things did shift, we did go through the Pleiadian 11/11 portal thanks to all the mass meditations on the day, with many meditation groups celebrating the 11/11 in their own different ways.

What the 144k Group discovered with its in depth & advanced meditation was quite revealing, and I will be getting into that on this week’s show.

And thank goodness … because we still had a bit to go, in terms of ascending the planet to a much higher timeline where major instabilities in world economies, currency crashes & societal upheaval are not part of the scenario.

The physical indicators for this are showing up everywhere.

People have written in to me with their experiences, but I simply haven’t had a chance to get to them. Which I’m not happy about. But I promise I will get back to you soon if you’ve written in lately.


Jared Rand Joins Us

Although Jared’s Mass Meditations are quite different from the 144k Group … I consider him a hero.

  • he’s made things happen, in terms of meditation numbers

  • he brings people together every day, and inspires them

  • he stands firm … for freedom & liberation, and doesn’t fuss about the details of the mind

So he joins us this week, to discuss unity in the community, the current situation, and give his perspective on things.

What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week


Planetary Liberation news analysis will be shorter than normal for this week … because of overload. But one thing I will definitely discuss is the – whys & the hows – of future planning agencies & prosperity funds releases will wind up back to the same usual suspects within 50 years … if Lightworkers don’t take (or continue) certain actions.

What the Earth Alliance / White Hats are planning & having growing consensus on to transform life on earth IS real … IS very well intended … but in will not ‘hold together’, without us.

Tune in (link below) to this week’s episode to find out more on this, what your true responsibility is … post 11/11 landscape, and how to move forward for final liberation.


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The Unknown Lightwarrior


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