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Dear Friends

We are on the threshold of the Event. Tensions and uncertainty are high and many whose lives are threatened by these conditions feel cornered and fearful. Sometimes they are light workers. In spite of efforts to raise our vibrations many of us continue to anchor ourselves with fear inducing tales of the wrongs being perpetrated on us by the genocidal global elites who have used control of the creation of money to buy almost every company producing the good and services we need everyday.

If you have been aware of the higher vibrations then you know that this battle is over. We have won.

We are indeed beings of light, dwelling in material bodies that need the support of the material world. What is happening now is a transition from a fear induced social paradigm to one that is love inspired, based on spiritual connection and full awareness of truth. It is a big change for everyone.

The Event will jump start the process for everyone, but just like moving to a higher altitude, adjusting to the differences will take some time. Similar also will be our need to move slowly into the many new abilities and perceptions. We can quickly run out of spiritual breath, as our accumulated conditioning from 3D is released and cleansed from our spirits and bodies. The tensions, uncertainty and fears will not just vanish from those who are suddenly made aware of the existence of the New Society.

The spiritual powers proclaimed by the higher realms can only be accessed when we have risen sufficiently to understand, believe and practice them. It will take time.

One of the things that will increase belief and acceptance is the introduction of practical new technologies to solve so many long standing problems experienced by humanity. Healing, food and energy will no longer require billions of people to provide them for the population. People will have a lot more time to learn and play, to grow as human beings and appreciate our planet and our Universe.

Manifestation by thought will be a daily and surprising reality for the many millions who have already attained a higher frequency of being, and this will set in motion a real quest throughout society to embrace these abilities. Most of us reading this site are already well aware of this.

Our role as leaders is now manifest. Those of us possessing spiritual abilities will be joined by many more who believe this is real and they will want to learn from us and work with us to make the New Society real in the lives of everyone on Earth.

The people who have joined together to create this website have worked for the last five years to awaken the population, and now are focused on gathering those who know to lead their friends, families and communities to the New Society. We must lead by example and openness, sharing what we know and taking the time to do so.

This task is not just spiritual. Earth bound logistics must be accommodated and mastered as we gather those who seek change. Our mission is to facilitate their access to the technologies and knowledge they represent, each of them a seeming magical thing according to what they have been told throughout their lifetime. Experiencing these technologies will do more to motivate them toward belief than any long winded conversations we may have with them. They are, after all, Humans emerging from a long indoctrination to accept massive limitations.

Prepare for Change Leadership is dedicated to this work and invites all who understand and appreciate its importance to join us in establishing a global structure to do it.  One of our main goals is to create a series of interactive forums teaching about the new systems and approaches to producing teaching materials that can be used by us to share this knowledge and awareness with others in our communities. It is a big job, but we, the Light Workers and Star Seeds, are the best ones to do it.

If this mission resonates with you, please Volunteer to lead your community into the Light.

PFC Leadership Volunteers

PFC Leadership is forming a new organization to meet the needs of the global populations adopting newly released technologies and methods being released after the Event. Our Global HELM Initiatives have numerous new functions and programs that will need an hour a week or more from talented and skilled members to move forward. If you can help, PLEASE VOLUNTEER! The form below explains each field, so choose the ones that reflect your intentions.
  • Please put your name here. We do not sell or share this list so put the name you want us to use when we contact you.
  • Here are 8 choices of a primary role to participate with the HELM Initiative. This choice will be used to connect with others with the same intention, but does not limit your participation with other aspects of the Initiative. The HELM Initiative seeks to connect consumers, producers and funders together so that the New Society can grow quickly to meet the needs of the our planet's people. Participate at the level that suits your interests and will enable you to contribute in a way that is fulfilling.
  • Choose the HELM group that is your primary interest, Healing, Education, Leadership or Meditation. The questions below offer a variety of Volunteer work needed to make a difference in our worldwide effort. It is extensive, because we are seeking to do many Forums and organize thousands of Local HELM Groups worldwide. It is a big job and will need a lot of help.
  • This should be your regular email account that you check everyday and use for normal communications.
  • This email is for use with your volunteer work with PFC Leadership. It can be a new email or your regular email.
  • PFC Leadership is standardized on WhatsApp because it is global and works really well. It has voice and text and you can edit and post photos and videos to send. It is free and can be downloaded at
  • This information is used to help connect you with others who are also volunteering with PFC Leadership.
  • Choose Yes or No that you want to participate in the Discussion Groups regarding proposed technologies and methods for implementation. You will be invited to the main Introduction List, and from there more focused lists will emerge.
  • Choose the type of assistance you can provide to help manage the regular Leadership Forums hosted on Zoom with Youtube live streaming. The choices are divided by preproduction, production and postproduction
  • Local HELM Groups are needed everywhere. Every region, nation, state, city and the neighborhood of those cities will need access and connectivity to the worldwide advance we will experience, The HELM Leadership Volunteer Role is asking you to assist at a level between the Local HELM Groups and the Global Forums. The Forum Level is the primary information distribution source and produces teaching materials to be used by all the levels down to Local HELM Groups. Since the website communicates in English, the Forums and the Regional Presenters will use English and supervise the production of Presentation Materials in local languages and support the Local HELM Groups with their implementation efforts
  • Because of Internet-style communications Local HELM Groups will be able to access the central information resources and be aware of what is available, but will need direct assistance to implement new methods and technologies. This role defaults to the City level, where every one interested can travel to a central point as a day trip. From these meetings Local Groups can learn and help each other with the many issues that will need to resolved. The HELM roles are the primary division of tasks, and guidance will be localized for these tasks. As we move into the higher densities, the role of Meditation will be pivotal since learning to implement conscious control required by some of the newer technologies will require practice and coaching.
  • Use this field to add any details about what you can do to help the HELM Initiative, make suggestions or ask for clarifications regarding the content of this form.
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