All Eyes On 144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd Sept. Let’s MAKE The Mass Arrests Happen!

Installed in the year 1410, the giant outdoor clock in Prague is the world’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation. No show this week … for several good reasons I can’t speak about, except one … and that is the gathering & building up of our energies for another major confrontation during which our ‘partners in contrast’ will be doing heinous dark rituals on the 20th & the 23, (no citation provided, due to graphic details … and I refuse to link to such stuff from this sacred bl ...

broken cup

“Sorry” doesn’t fix things and I’m not sure why we think it does.

Today, one of my students called another student a name. He immediately said sorry. Instead of the other student saying anything, she walked grabbed a cup and came back to the table. She smooshed the cup and said “sorry”. I could tell the other child was confused. She then said “I hurt the cup, but I said sorry. Did that fix it? No, so you saying sorry doesn’t fix what you said. Just don’t say or do hurtful things.” I feel like I’ve ...


Who’s watching us?

Who's watching us? In the age of smart tech, privacy is a definite concern. Here's the download on who has your information and what they're doing with it.