All Eyes On 144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd Sept. Let’s MAKE The Mass Arrests Happen!

Installed in the year 1410, the giant outdoor clock in Prague is the world’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

No show this week … for several good reasons I can’t speak about, except one … and that is the gathering & building up of our energies for another major confrontation during which our ‘partners in contrast’ will be doing heinous dark rituals on the 20th & the 23, (no citation provided, due to graphic details … and I refuse to link to such stuff from this sacred blog).


So all our focus now has to be on the:


144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd of September


Exact time & links for the official live broadcast & time-zones are below.




Find out what YOU can do right here, right now…


….to help trigger The Event!


A Lightworker’s focus must ‘primarily‘ be on the energetic battle & mass-transmutation ahead of us. That’s our assigned role. If you’re serious about making the Event happen ASAP … that’s the attitude & perspective to have.


It’s ok to be disillusioned & or jaded. [Energetic/Spiritual] war can be like that.


But I don’t need to tell you that ‘the big one’ is about to drop … if it hasn’t already … and the White Hats NEED our support!


Here’s why … and here’s what they’re dealing with……


The logistical challenges of:


  • rounding-up the over 51,000 people named in the sealed indictments…. 


  • nevermind the 1 million+ luciferians guilty of murder & pedophilia …..


  • all the while doing their utmost to insure it goes smoothly, without significant outages in goods & services…..


  • not to mention the still unactivated MK Ultra victims/super soldiers that haven’t been neutralized, and could be activated by the Cabal with a simple phone call and instructed to ‘run-amuck’ once the mass-arrests are triggered, (hint: mass shootings in every US city).


  • and then there’s dealing with up to 50% of the population FREAKING OUT when they start seeing the mass mobilization of law-enforcement & military in full riot-gear & battle-dress … thinking that Trump has finally triggered his “fascist take-over”. Courtesy of the Cabal [establishment/mainstream] media.


  • plus God-knows what else the Cabal will trigger to make the Mass Arrests a complete disaster.


… it’s mind boggling….


There’s LOT’S of moving pieces & MASS coordination of multiple law enforcement & government bodies the White Hats are wrestling with … to pull all this off, and because there’s so many people involved, it’s impossible to prevent leaks to the Cabal just before the shoe drops.


And so from the comfort of our homes, we need to throw everything we’ve got into this week’s 144k Mass Meditation, to put Gaia & humanity on the timeline where:


  • The mass arrests happen within the soonest possible time frame
  • It all goes smoothly … with no disruptions to goods & services (which can de-stabilize things -just what the Cabal has been praying for).
  • No mass shootings or demolition of power plants or water services occurs in any city, and all MK Ultra victims/super soldiers are found & neutralized.
  • … and that it’s all over finally, and America liberated….which means the rest of the world too.


As Corey Goode & Wilcock have been reporting … law-enforcement & military personnel have been practicing inside hangars & warehouses breaking down doors & interior building maneuvers & arrest procedures for over a year now.


Careful what  you wish for.


You may just get it.


I felt it very pertinent to include this old adage, because … if you think it’s rough now; wait till the Mass-Arrests!


Everyone has been looking forward to the mass arrests, to the point where they can’t focus on anything else.




If one thing goes wrong during this massive process of sucking the poison out of the host’s body … it could easily spiral into a huge disaster that will make what we’re already going through now look like a walk in the park.


I just want (and need) to make sure you & I are on the same page with what we’re dealing with here.


This is not a message of fear (… though unresolved internal issues could interpret it that way).


This is a heartfelt message & call-to-arms based on clinical realism … and shining our transmutational LIGHT on the possible negative timelines to transmute them out of existence.


Timeline wars are VERY real. Let’s make sure this is the very last time Gaia’s timelines or Gaia’s grids will ever be hijacked.


That’s the focus of this upcoming 144k Equinox Mass Meditation!


Keep your powder dry … and get ready to stand your ground.


…. because YOU’RE just as involved in this as the White Hats.


To give you a taste of what it’ll be like during the mass arrests … There’ll be daily 144k mass meditations throughout the 3 to 14 day period … depending on how smoothly & orderly it all goes.


So make sure you start stocking up on water & canned food, enough for 2 weeks, if you haven’t already. (This equals your vote to trigger this NOW.)


As Alex Jones always says … “if you’re receiving this transmission, you ARE the Resistance”.


I couldn’t agree more.


There’s already been a delay…..


… with the ‘National Emergency Test Broadcast’ being delayed till Oct 3rd, from the original Sept 20th date.


This just goes to show it’s up to us to shut-down any further delays & negative timelines to the mass arrests, through our energy work/mass meditations.



144k 22nd/23rd of September Equinox Mass Meditation – Details


Day: Saturday night(USA)/Sunday morning (EUROPE)


Date: September 22 (23rd)


Time: 9:54 pm EDT (US) (the 144k will start at 9:15pm EDT)       –     1:54 AM GMT


For your time zone, click here & scroll down to your city/town (alphabetically listed):


At the time mentioned above (9:15 EDT, and the times listed in the link above), click this Ground Crew Command radio link to join the live broadcast of this 144k mass meditation … And I’ll see you there!



Onwards to Victory, Freedom, and Love!



                                                                                                                                                  – The Unknown Lightwarrior




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