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A Message to Friends from the Pleiades

To all my old friends from the Mission to Earth four millennia ago.

It has been many centuries since we worked together and for this reason I feel I need to communicate directly in writing with all of you who knew me then.

The time for intervention is upon us. When I left it seemed too distant and arbitrarily delayed and my decision to begin incarnating does seem a little rash in retrospect. I would like to extend my hand in friendship to those I left behind as though their needs did not matter to me, they did and do.  Now, we must all face forward at this time of renewal on Earth.

I have made no effort to be in contact for what I felt were good reasons. My intentions stated when I left were to fully understand humanity by actually sharing the experience of being human rather than observing from the safety of our advanced society, which could not embrace the death and rebirth cycle of humanity. We and all of the other civilizations working with humanity have felt that our multidimensional awareness could enable us to sense everything humans experience, but this fails the real test, that of subjectivity of the experiencer.

My goal to arrive at the time of intervention as a human incarnate, one who has lived and died as a human many times and felt the pain, sorrow and despair of not knowing anything of my spiritual origins and existence has been reached. I am very pleased with the result of this experience, for I feel I have acquired the information that we so lacked about humanity then.

Intuition is the hallmark of being human. This faculty embraces the deep knowledge of past lives and connection to source humans have so painfully acquired over their many lifetimes. Lacking direct recall of previous lives, each rebirth brings the opportunity to build on what has gone before without preconceptions, but with the added element of another unity with source, something that is much more profound during death than through telepathic connection, as we have so depended upon these many thousands of years.

Through Unity with Source the human souls have gained a deep awareness of the entire universe, one that relies upon the sense of “knowing” rather than any intellectual capability. At the same time, the evolution of language we came to observe has driven an incredible grasp of detail and the ability work in specialized areas of knowledge using tools built of extremely refined intellectual elements.

At the completion of the intervention and the restoration of full consciousness humanity will exceed our most optimistic dreams of what they may become.

For this reason I am here to serve my brothers and sisters again as before, but better equipped to understand what may be best in the context of this advancement. If we are to help them we must acknowledge their gifts and connection to Source as unique. Humanity is truly unique and gifted in ways we have yet to realize.

In service to the Light and One

Ta Ra’ Da’ El

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