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Fire and Love brings True Fire

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fire & Love brings True Fire.

Fire is a spark of Light that outshines all darkness.

Fire is visible in the shadows of day/night; fire is material combustion; fire is excited materials looking for more materials to keep itself alive until exhaustion.

Fire is Light; Light is knowledge; knowledge is mathematics; number is RA; RA is Egyptian/Greek base; number comes after art, but art is also number. (I.E. Leonardo da Vinci)

Consciousness & Healing

Love IS without words! Love IS organic nature since all birth (all animals have a sweet tender G spot); Love IS pure ignorance/innocence; Love is Faith and Belief within/without mMind; Love is adventure; Love is compassion or empathy for our sisters / brothers; Love is Light. 8


A key is a frequency that matches another frequency to unlock said pattern or hole.

A key is a pattern that matches created pattern of external entry of said hole.

A hole is a hollow, hol, PIE nature root *kel place of origin that is concealed, covered or saved.

How does a key of 8 insert into a key of endless circle repetition OR o to make a difference in our world?

Does 8 need to divide itself to small o?


Changing the world from the outside does not work..

Only from within we are changed. As a grouping of within, same holds true does it not?


If our world Gxm equates to 100 minds and those of both Truth/Love G equate to 10 minds, do 10 minds change the 100? Yes and No.

If Y ripples sings, but X ripple sings and is worshiped or worked for more by contemporary standards.

In our past, money didn’t have the power to what is today. Conscious power had its magnificence. Money has somehow become King through enslavement of hierarchy of mathematical architecture.

If the 100 would lose their family and life story for working or worshiping said amount of lifespan to protect W, rather than OUR family out of compassion, then how will 100 change, even if 10 have brought the keyhole to Life? 1 vibration has the potentia to sing through space/time, but without adaptation, evolution or balance of both inner/outer present ‘total’ mind/body symbiosis, how will G wave of Truth be accepted, but rather disapproved out of personal hueman compassion and greed?


If Mmind is more powerful than body. (Which is Trueth)

Heart has not the ‘actor-ship’ or experience.

Then how does Mmind/heart make a difference in the world, even if on FIRE?

Heart + Mmind creates an 8, left/right?

If Mmind is perfected through numbers or words, it is knowledge.

If Heart or Love is perfected, it is through art and movement, it is feeling or empathy for others; aka dancing.

Each Heart AND Mind creates two separate vortex or vertices within, but also without.

If that Heart AND that Mind creates symbiosis within itself, but without the external world, how does that perfection make a difference in Our world?

You or I have clarity through Heart AND Mind, but the challenge doesn’t stop here, people or a grouping of minds like the matrix also is a conscious heart and mind.

There are more hearts and minds, rather than Heart & Minds.

We must change our world from going within, correct?

Not only going within & perfecting ourselves, but also going within others (matrix) aka Trojan of Love/Light.

If quantum conscious idea (business or art A) creates.

It hires limited number of people to support and keep its art A afloat. (ego)

If idea A is good to its mental providers / workers, then idea A prospers.

Idea A only needs to support physical layers to support the physical creation, material or ego.

Then, by doing so, idea A creates with its ‘resources’ as a group to be content on the outside reasoning’s.


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Namaste. Love & Light always. Many many blessings.

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