Image is from the film Prometheus showing an advanced scanning and treatment bed.  What a Medbed will actually look like is not presently known.

Holobeds are in Development

The Secret Space Program has many graduates, people who served and are now working to bring information from the SSP into the public domain. One of these men is Captain Randy Kramer, who was recruited to the twenty and back program and served as a soldier on Mars.

While his main job since he went public with his story of being in the Earth Defense Forces has been to share his story with interested groups in presentations to groups and on the Internet, the job that he feels strongest about is his Holobed Project. This project originated from his time in the Marines and his experiences with recovering from damage to his body while protecting his unit.

According to his narrative, he was able to regain full functionality of his severed arms and other damaged body parts after being treated with a holographic healing system. He says that this technology can restore lost limbs and regenerate the body using a combination of holographic projection and fluids fed into the body during treatment.

He is now working to build this technology for use by everyone. Please listen to his discussion about this and consider what it means to all of us.

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